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Things that fly!

9 Sep 2009 at 2:03am

eagle king george

heli steep island

heli picnic

I have had so many heli flights on this trip I feel like I could fly one of those things. Rainor our pilot is a legend and will put the heli in our shots when ever we want. The pic of Steep island was pretty cool with him hovering just in the shot. Michael was on the heli taking video of us on the hill. Expect to see that on Vimeo soon.
Two days to go, what a bummer.

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  1. Christian says:

    Had a good look a Marks blog his shots are looking great…. Who is the fat guy at the dinner table.???

  2. Brett says:

    two days to go for you, but I’m still betting you will rant on for ages about how great it was. Meanwhile the rest of us are still in our day jobs, busting it over our keyboards/desks/whatevers, and NOT enjoying ourselves in the great outdoors. Sigh. I guess jealousy and envy are sins, right?


    Love the eagle shot, and that Steep Island shot rocks !

  3. muzz says:

    Glad to see that Mike’s 5D2 wasn’t included in this series as it sounds like it could end up flying out the window of the chopper! Fletch you are literally going to come down to earth when you get back – how do the words “cold”, “grey”, and “wet” sound? You have pulled so many fantastic shots out of the trip that you should be able to dine out on them until the next trip. I bet there just won’t be any room for that Kelby character even if he decided to answer his emails, although could this change as the Great Nikon Alliance is forged????

  4. Excellent pictures Christian! All three are fantastic. I do especially like the Sea Eagle and the Steep Island shot of the helicopter. Yeah, bummer about only 2 days left on the floating hotel … try to spare a moment to think of us poor buggers not able to get away on True North 🙂

  5. Tim Wootton says:

    How the f#*?k did you get a moving helicopter into a stitch??

  6. Those heli shots are brilliant. That pilot has a quite nice job. The photographer; not too bad either!

  7. thomasparkes says:

    Brilliant Sea-eagle shot CF, nature exhibition coming up.
    Steep Island chopper shot is great, very envious.

  8. Nick Rains says:

    Hey Christian, say Hi to Rainor for me – you are right, he’s an excellent pilot and really gets photographers’ needs. How cool was that landing on the rock ledge at Eagle Falls!

  9. Joshua Quirk says:

    That Sea Eagle one is amazing.. if only we had some of them down in Rockingham. All we got is scabby seagulls begging for food.. probably wouldn’t be as majestic as this shot! Sweet stuff Christian

  10. Kirk Hille says:

    Sound like your having a great trip Christian looks like you seen a lot of great places to photography as well

  11. Andrew Fuller says:

    Love all these recent shots mate! That sea eagle one is phenomenal!!!

  12. stakky says:

    Yuh… stuff this photography crap i want Rainors job. If i was on the true north id be all over that chopper, literally i cant keep away from them!

  13. Tommy P says:

    Is that eagle shot taken from the chopper? nice work btw fat guts…

  14. truenorthmark says:

    Hope the transition into ‘real life’ has not been too hard for you mate!!


    True North Mark!!!

  15. Anne says:

    I love the bird picture! It looks like it’s out of an adventure movie!
    I have another advice to ask… I would like to self publish a photo book, printed in Offset… Can someone recommend a printer or self publishing company? They are heaps out there, but how to choose?

  16. stakky says:

    i’m sabotaging your post to make room for mine!! quick everybody! over to my blog for pics of rottenest and free BYO beer!
    He he take that Mr 30 000 hits in one day

  17. Clint Baker says:

    just catching up on all ur posts…. moving to nikon??? we would be glad to have you!! i knew u would come around soon enough hahaha

  18. Alireza Shakernia says:

    Great Shots, I added your photblog to my links, if there is no problem!!!




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