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14 Sep 2009 at 11:42am

Can I tell you something about having an opinion, as soon as you have one there are always people willing to challenge that opinion. I guess I created this debate about some hot Nikon gear coming out, and I didn’t lie about it. Wether I should have mentioned it, that is something I should have thought more on. In the end people love to have a go at someone, shit I’m as guilty as the rest.

My comments were aimed at Canon for something they did that pissed me off, there I said it. Part of me knew it was going to bite me in the bum and it did. I have people in Canon pretty disappointed with what I posted. It is a shame they didn’t give me a pat on the back when I was talking up the 5D2 and the range of lenses and printers that I have bought over the years.

I am just about done with this blog and the whole photography crap. I have lost sight of the big picture, to create the best landscape photos I can. I hardly have time to do that now. I’m always blogging or emailing, it has to stop one day.

You know the shit that goes on between photographers, wholesalers and camera manufacturers, what a load of crap. Why does it happen, because we are all trying to make a living from this capper. If all we wanted to do was create beautiful images how awesome would it be. It’s all about money, and don’t worry, I’m trying to make money too. We are so consumed by it we become greedy and protective of our markets.

I think I need to go back to my early days when working up an image was something I had time for.

p.s. don’t worry I’ll regret saying this in the morning and have to start sucking up to people again. More friggin politics!

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  1. Sandy says:

    Hey Christian…sounds like you need to get back on the True North 🙂 We all love to hear what you’re up to so I hope you don’t can the blog…but you’re right….it should be about the pictures. Doesn’t really matter what tool you use to get it as long as you get the same feeling when you see the final image. Politics is just that…..politics and guff. If you start buying into it you abandon the reason you started working for yourself in the first place. I’m sure your pics would be great no matter what the camera you are still the creator behind them all. You could always try the camera on your mobile 🙂

  2. Not good to hear you have had backlash, Unless you are getting gear cheap from Canon I dont see why the feel you should have some kind of aliance with there product, Instead of being dissapointed they should do somthing about it Nikon have stepped there game up and there is no denying it, There are also alot of people on the Internet who spend most there time argueing about Camera gear rather then going out and taking photos, it must be a different scenario when your making a living from it.

  3. Hi Christian,
    I am sorry to hear you copped some flack about what you posted a while back re Nikon, in my opinion, a camera’s simply a box that captures light, in the end, were all doing the same thing, stuff the logo on the top, where’s the spirit of photography gone, its turning into a big debate over who has the latest gear, jack of all tool’s is my approach, am to shoot all.

    Would just like to say i’m a major fan of your photographs, simply stunning. I did a couple of photo courses with Tommy Putt last year in Buller and the Blue Mountains, and he raved on and on about you (infatuated is the word 🙂

    If its not too much trouble, do you think you could have a quick glance at some of my work on my site (www.brookewhatnall.com), and let me know what you think, feedback from a pro is always valuable.

    Keep well,
    Brooke Whatnall

    P.S, Love the shots from your recent trip, especially the shot of the cruise ship out in the water, still can’t figure out how you made the shot so clean…:)

  4. truenorthmark says:

    At the end of the day mate, you felt that you needed to make a point. You have done that and I don’t think you should look back. You have done heaps for Canon over the years and rather than having a winge they need to see your side of the equation.

    Your blog has also been good for you but there has to a balance and if it is affecting your workload, then simply allocate a certain few hours a week for the blog and be done with it.

    Your fans will understand and they will still drop by to see what you are up to.

    So have a relax and get out in the morning and do what you like doing…taking photos mate!!!

    The rest of this stuff will sort itself out.



  5. thomasparkes says:

    I think Canon may forget that you are a marketing machine.
    Look at how many 5D mkII’s you have sold to the blogging fraternity.
    Also look at how many PTGUI licences you have sold, people will follow you wherever you go.

    You look where McDonalds, KFC’s, Domino’s etc open up right next to there competitors. And business in most cases does better. I don’t think any harm was done by the comments made, I think Canon may extend that edge, I think Canon may need a little sticks and stones.

    The work life balance scenario is hard when you are self employed, I struggle with it sometimes, but a lot of my work is a hobby to me so its not to bad. Just got to keep work in perspective life.

  6. Shame to have to come home to shit like that when you have ben on such a high. Tall poppy syndrome is rife in Oz

    Forget the namesayers and garbage of politics, life’s to short to spend time on them, keep taking your killer pics, they will always speak volumes and make there ears bleed 🙂

  7. muzz says:

    Hey CF, personally I found you because I reckon you’re a shit-hot photographer – the megablog, the sparkling sense of humour, the witty repartee and rock star looks were just a bonus. I like checking out your blog but I can see these things take on a life of their own and you have to keep in touch with all the bloggers who keep in touch with you, so the more people who like your blog, the more work it becomes. I don’t think anyone here is going to diss you if you wind it back, particularly if we still get to check your photog work out elsewhere. As for the multinationals, surely they expect a little hissy fit from their creative genius clients every now and then – they need to get over themselves.

    You can’t be all things to all people so take some time, get your mojo back and move in whatever direction takes your fancy. Hey, we can always migrate to Stakky’s blog if we get desperate.

  8. Marc says:

    Politics is never fun. I do hope that you can put up more of your own personal work here nonetheless, as your landscape photos are truly inspiring. My personal field is wedding photography, but your work helps me to relax and take a break from the stresses of my own field. Hopefully when the politics of the day are done, you can keep people like me in mind when you put the camera to your eye; the fans that truly appreciate your work, no matter what gear it was created on.

  9. Andrea Marcou says:

    It doesnt matter what industry you are in – there will always be politics and thanks for saying what most of us are thinking. I have been a Canon user since the early eighties and the last year or so I feel that Nikon have pipped them at the post.

    Don’t kill the blog – we love it. Things could be worse… you could live in London, then you would be really pissed off!

  10. Sorry to hear you copped some flak over that post, I think the controversy of it all escapes me.

    Mate, we all love the blog and hope you don’t stop blogging! Just allocate say two hours once a week – it can start to be a big time consuming monster and it’s easier if you have some allocated time to do it.

  11. Steve says:

    Dude, kick back, have a Bundy and Coke, and keep making those images we all love and stuff the political nattering nabobs. Seriously, when did those companies ever make such a lasting positive impression on people as you have made with us around the world? I’m coming all the way from rural New Hampshire, USA to Dunsborough, WA to visit you next year, that’s how much of an impact you’ve made on me, so don’t give up on your passion just because of some jerks.

  12. mattlauder says:

    Fletch it is a shame that people sit back and don’t pat you on the back for the terrific work you have done and all without acknowledgment but when they watch you make a slight harmless comment they come out the of dark swinging.
    Mate at the end of the day a camera is a camera and if Nikon will respect the work you can do for then so be it and Epson made great printers as well.
    Kick back relax and post when you can, spend your time shooting. All of us frequent posters on the blog and those that watch and read in silence will understand. It’s a bummer that you have a post like this after such a great time away.

  13. Andrew Brown says:

    Your brand, your images, your blog…free country.

  14. truenorthmark says:

    Your fans are talking to you CF!!

    You should be proud at the following you have generated. They love and admire you from all over the world.

    I really liked reading some of the comments above. They come from the heart and are well thought out and they are coming from far and wide, which indeed shows the real power of the blog and the internet.



  15. James says:

    Its a pity, the more popular you get the more opinionated people get. I’d say most of us here don’t realise what goes on between wholesalers, photographers etc, it sounds like an episode of the West wing.

    I still love going to your site and looking at your photos, thats much more fun for me than reading the blog. The places and the light, they are all fantastic shots, not really a bad one among them all.

    You’ve built the most amazing portfolio, galleries and brand all from taking photos, so I agree, thats the thing to focus on.

    I’m sure everyone appreciates the blog and the reply to emails as you’ve always taken the time to answer mine.

    I think you’ve answered what you need to do in your post. Hope all goes well and you can get back doing more of what you enjoy and less of what you don’t.

  16. dave bettini says:

    Just stay true to yourself mate and everything else will sort itself out.

  17. Sean Stak says:

    I think this is a load of crap really, widdle canon all hurt because Uncle Fletch favoured nikon on one topic, who really cares!? Itll blow over soon. Photographys An art not a frikken advertisement. What your saying is damn right.

    On the blog topic, its not that big either… Instead of blogging all of this extra stuff you could just stick to scapes, which would give you a bit more time to create them.

    And Im with everyone else here, you are da man who got me into photography and put me where i am, so get over this consumer mess and get back out there producing this incredible stuff

  18. truenorthmark says:

    Well said young Stakky!!



  19. Rod Thomas says:

    If Canon have got thier knickers in a knot, its their own fault by the sounds of things. I echo all the coments above mate, killer images and also love the blog, but if it HAS to be one or the other, then do whatever makes you happy NOT EVERYONE else… if that happens to be making pictures, then they can look at your images on the website… its not any harder than checking them out here ! ! !
    As for politics, there is heaps of that shit, and I guess I have been guilty of it as has everyone, but after stumbling across your blog and then the blogs of others, I have laerned lots about photography and the politics side of it has fallen away…. I am trying to make better images and worry less about whatever others are saying… your tutorials are sweet and so are your images, you will have a throng of millions follow you whatever you do…
    On a side note, awesoem to hear about your TN experience, can not wait to get to PNG ! !!

  20. Leigh says:

    Christian, maybe it’s time to go back to the Bronica and colour neg? You got great results with that combo…

  21. Brett says:

    Huge shame that free speech like this, simply expressing an opinion, can be taken in any way other than constructive. If anyone was to look at those posts and comments afterwards, it should be to look at the areas where each vendor can focus on improvements – perhaps for both of them there were pointers where they can maintain/extend their “lead”, as well as where they can catch up – of course only if they choose to.

    Hope the light of day doesn’t lead you to reconsider or regret what you’ve done any further, because at least from my point of view there’s nothing wrong with healthy discussion.

    I have to say the main reason I follow your RSS feed is the fantastic images that are the work product of all the things that are “you”, and honestly the things you were doing back in the film days before the DSLR explosion are still “you”, although the creative aspects of how you get there might be different – as someone else called out, at the end of the day the camera is just one of the tools in youtr toolbelt when it comes to making landscape photography, and really they’re interchangeable, they all have the same basic function.

  22. Brent Pearson says:

    Hey C.

    I remember you and I talking about the pros and cons of being a pro… there are lots of pros, but unfortunately this sort of crap highlights the cons.

    I say screw Canon!!!! and screw Nikon if they don’t take a customer-centric view of the world. Arrogance has been the downfall of many companies.

    I must admit though, I still love the fact that photography is my passion and not my profession. Sorry to hear that it is getting you down.


  23. Ric says:

    I am a silent blog water of the CF blog – I have been since Feb 2008. I only comment when I think it is really needed, as out of respect, I try not to abuse Christian’s good will in terms of selflessly giving-up some of his time for a complete stranger. Without fail I visit this blog at least 5 days of the week (CF’s blog is my default homepage at home and work). I don’t come here to read what people have said nor post any questions – I simply visit to seek inspiration from CF’s new images. I have CF’s work all over my crappy rented tiny house – every wall has an image of his. Like many others, I bought Canon, I bought PTgui, Noise Ninja, Manfrotto, (the list goes on) all because of Christian. In preparation before every shoot I go on, I study a booklet of my favourite CF images that I have made in order to understand how he masterfully uses light in his work. You are an inspiration to a lot more people than what you think, and photography aside, I think you have been the reason for making a lot of our lives better by inspiring us to get out there and witness some of the unbelievably beautiful places you have photographed. I would never have visited places like Karijini all the away from VIC (and then gone back just a month later again) if it wasn’t for you.

    You have certainly enhanced my quality of life. Just thought you needed to hear this.

    P.S. I’m also willing to switch to Stakky’s blog although I secretly despise of him because his work is awesom and he is only 15 !%$#!

  24. Hey Christian,
    What you need is a holiday, like a trip on True North or something like that. Or why not come to Antartica with me in November – there’s not internet connection and you can leave the blog behind!
    We love you Christian.
    Well, maybe we like you…
    Err, I know you!!

  25. Tim Donnelly says:

    Hi Christian…your shots speak louder than anything anyone can say or words you may write (not that we don’t love your writing)! You are a true inspiration for so many people and an outstanding personality to go along with that. Hope the legend continues!

  26. stakky says:

    hey its Peter Eastway!! Hey mate reckon you can get me featured in some magazine or something?

    If CF decides to take a break from blogging, ill do my best to keep my blog stocked with new shots for those who really need a weekly landscape and camera gossip. Its never gonna be as established as this place though… so dont give up entirely Fletch!

    Oh, and if some canon guy is reading this, ill just reinforce that im not against canon in anyway, i still currently and probably always will use and recommend canon. That 400d has done some good stuff for me.

  27. mervfrench says:

    Bloody hell Stacky …..your unreal !!!

  28. stakky says:

    i dont get it… was that sarcasm Merv? did i say something?

  29. Yeah Christian I think you have done alot for the photohraphers on this blog and elsewhere, isn’t many Photographers in your position who spend the time chatting and talking about your photography with the amatuer’s who highly regard your work, I know you have influenced my photos in a huge way and would be saddened to not see any photo updates at all, maybe a short break is in order.

  30. muzz says:

    OK Christian, it’s time we asked the question – is there anything we can do to help? You’ve been a huge help in so many ways to so many of us here that if there’s anything we can do, just let us know and I’m sure you can consider it done.

  31. you all just have Muzz, thanks for the support, thats all I want. I’m surrounded by mates so everything is great, cheers for that.

  32. Donelle says:

    Gee my computer goes on the blink for a few days and I miss Fletch having a mid-photo crisis!!! I say stuff the lot of the big companies Fletch we are all just a number to them.They dont really care about us in the end its only the money that they can make from us / you that they care about!! I hope that my late post finds you in a better frame of mind!!! And if I have to read someone elses blog I will stick with Merv’s, Sorry Stakky I like the photos of Mervs sheep!! lol

  33. Tony Middleton says:

    hey Christian,
    Your blog is great and I can fully understand how all the politics crap could get you down from time to time. The internet is fantastic but is also evil, just as it can bring you smiles and a thousand other things it also has some major downfalls in social behaviour. I go through phases myself and currently have been a bit uninspired with my own blog and weighing up it’s value/time (probably nothing – lol ). But I know that I will conitinue as I like to see some my work there myself.
    So I’m sure this is just a phase atm and you will be back posting some awesome images before we know it.

    all the best !

  34. No politics where we are going in a week’s time CF. We are going to have a blast. 🙂

  35. Dylan Fox says:

    your images are the reason i started this landscape gig 3 odd years ago now!
    enough said i think! 🙂

  36. Hi Dylan,

    I’m the same as well. I changed to landscapes after walking into Christian’s gallery 2yrs ago and being absolutley floored by his work.


  37. Hey CF You know it just makes me think more of you for writing this post because your honest.I’ll have to read further to find out what you’re having a grump about (scared now as I still have my sights on a canon mrk ii)Its humbling to read that even the big fish such as yourself struggle with these things.Thanks mate for being straight up. Cheers Jules

  38. I rarely reply to these sort of postings, but I think one comment is worth making. I’m personally not a Canon user, I use Nikon and have for 20 years, but I think Canon too make an excellent product. However, in this case they should remember that first and foremost you are a ‘customer’. When you start pissing off your customers, you don’t keep them as customers for very long. A rule of customer service says that if you have a customer who is unhappy, for whatever reason, understand that reason and if possible remedy the situation. Doesn’t sound to me like they are a company who takes customers very seriously ….and that will bite them. Tony K

  39. Hazel says:

    Never be sorry for an opinion. And you men don’t half get your knickers in a twist over your equipment haha. Its just a box with a hole. And when I look at one of your images Christian I would never think ummmm I wonder canon or nikon. I usually just think wow. Stuff um!

  40. Tom says:

    Damn Christian – thats some heavy stuff. I feel a little guilty as a few weeks ago I sent you a general email asking some questions about the professional photography capper – you took it in your stride and replied back with some good advice….thanks.

    However reading your post has put caution in the wind. I am seriously considering giving up my day job and focusing on photography full time….I may cut it, or I may not….and it may take some time, but if after a year I find out that Im not cut out for it, then im sure i would have enjoyed the journey regardless. The reason I am considering concentrating on photography is because I love it….I love the artistic element, I love creating something, capturing a moment in time, putting my own spin on the world. However after reading you post my eyes opened up a little….maybe shooting for a living, if i would be lucky enough to break it, isnt all fun and games. Maybe life and money takes you by the hand and steers you down a path you didn’t think you were getting yourself into. And then I’d be back at where I am now….earning good money (or maybe not so good money if im a crappy photographer) and doing a job which has me tied to a desk and kissing arse, rather then following your passion. For me, the positives outweigh the negatives…..i’ll give the capper a real crack in the next 12 months…..wish me luck!

    Im glad to see you stuck it through and will continue the blog and your career. Your shots and kind words give a lot of us, buddying photographers, a lot of inspiration.

    Ok enough of the heavy stuff and back to the photos. Do you have any plans on displaying your work on Kodak metallic paper (I think its Adura?) and framing in acrylic frames? I’ve seen some work by a Bondi photographer (Uge from Aquabumps) finished in this way and the final product looks amazing….


  41. Carol Nelson says:

    Love your honesty
    Muchos Kudos

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