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The new header has to be worth 10,000 hits!

15 Sep 2009 at 11:22am

I think I have found a better way to reach a large audience, might have to ask Ken if I will be sent straight to hell for impersonating a Christian!!! Well the title isn’t incorrect it just depends on how you read it. I like christians, but I couldn’t eat a whole one!!! Man, am I setting myself up again??? Just joking as we all know,……… hopefully!

Here is a compilation I knocked up a little while ago for a local Bottle shop, being a good Christian I don’t mind a drop of red wine. Still I didn’t sell the concept so I have been sober ever since!
maris concepts 2

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  1. LOve the Milla Milla falls header …

    you could always add that fish sign to your pages, seems o work for a lot of businesses … And yes I could eat a whole one … Slow roasted over hickory charcoal after being marinated in a little dry rub for 36hrs ….

  2. dave bettini says:

    Here’s another hit from me. 9998 to go!

  3. wayte27 says:

    Hey Fletch, I didnt bother commenting on your state of mind, you got enough hits for that post!
    If you have got this far after selling a video store you must have rather thick skin and extremely broad shoulders. Love the header, Lover everything you do for the arts, general public, tourism, and those of us who just want to capture light.
    Your master classes, online lessons and guided travel shoots are worth gold !
    Well done for speaking your mind and sharing your opinions, if you didnt, well then you simply would not be the Master of your craft.
    Best wishes
    Regards Adrian

  4. new header is sweeeet! I only got the born again joke after mentioning Ken Duncan hah bit slow….

  5. LOL Neal

    Thanks Dave, oh and p.s. I saw your Kimberley book in Kununurra at the local bookshop, top stuff mate, guys go buy one it is brilliant and you will be supporting a fellow landscape guy who is a gentleman to boot. I’m sure he will send you a signed copy if you ask. Check his link in the sidebar.

    Thanks Adrian, I don’t know about broad shoulder, I get a bit upset at times with things but have alway managed to bluff my way out of situations. Ah the old video days, now that was a good past time, watch movies all day, eat pizza and drink beer, luckily I only did that for 6 years Hehe I could have got used to it. Kids don’t try that at home, sorry I mean Stakky.

    The more we talk about Ken the more hits we all will get so lets talk him up Will, Ken, Ken, Ken, Ken.

  6. truenorthmark says:

    A new and revived Christian!! Is the world ready for that!!

    Nice work on the bottle shop too mate…really nice work.



  7. yup love that header too.
    i think i even prefer this crop to your original full sized image.

    nice collection of vineyard images too.

  8. mervfrench says:

    Oh thank God, I don’t believe it, he’s normal again !!!!

    Oops, more christian name dropping , its catching.

    Can I get one of your new life enthusiasm pills ….I need one !!!

  9. Dan Scott says:

    Hey Christian, good to see you enjoyed you holiday, although it looks like you may need another one quite soon. I know it has all been said, but the fact is that you have had quite a big influence on so many people its quite an impresive feat. I remember many years ago when I first saw your work, saying how I wanted to take photos like you. Not there yet, but we always look up to some one, and just by your blog its pretty clear that you are that person for heaps of others. So on that note I hope you keep churning out those awsome photos for a long time yet.

    Also the header is rather amusing, I dont know why, and not saying that you are doing this, but taking the micky out of christians is somewhat entertaining. I guess thats why im going to hell. By the way if you added one of those lame light halos around the words like almost every bible you may even get more hits. The photos awsome aswell. I think Im done.

  10. stakky says:

    You didnt wait long enough for it to be a truly dramatic and/or emotional return!

  11. thomasparkes says:

    I agree with Stakky, a ‘resurrection’ on the third day would have been more beneficial. I think you need a white robe and a halo to go with the Born again Christian header at the waterfall, photoshop it in.

  12. damn it I knew I should have gone to Sunday school, didn’t he come back a day after the event? Ah bummer, well in my defense, I didn’t get nailed to the cross only reprimanded a little so I found it easier to make a comeback!! Still I was pretty dark last night and it feels like four days or so that I fell into a hole. Wow it was only 24 hours! man time fly’s when your depressed!

  13. Tony Middleton says:

    haha – good to see some fletch humour back.
    It reminds me of one of my friend’s favourite quotes…

    “so many christians… not enough lions!”

    I was looking at Dave’s book on his site last week and thought that I’d love to get it when I get some spare cashola – top work I’m sure Dave !

  14. kirkhille says:

    Love the new Header Image Christian ,
    Sorry havent been online as much so missed the whole politics incident but as you said photography is about making the best image you can not about whos got what gear .

  15. dave bettini says:

    Hey Christian. Thanks for the plug on my new book! It’s not yet listed on my website but for those who are interested they are $50. And for those who are really keen you can also get a copy of the Pilbara book for an extra $40. That’s $10 off and that way you’ll have the set! As Christian said I can be reached in his links panel.

    Thanks again Christian!
    Cheers Dave

  16. no worries mate, hey when are we going to see you on farmer wants a wife?? hehe, that would be some good publicity for your photography and you might find someone to share the sunsets with. 🙂

  17. dave bettini says:

    I have a girlfriend mate! So if Kim’s was on the show it would only last one episode cause I’d pick her right away! Awwwwwwwh.

  18. you sly dog, I didn’t know that. Mate you are a true snag!!!

  19. SimonB says:

    I have David’s book and can highly recommend it (sorry Christian, but I have some of yours too [hmmm, that doesn’t read right, but hopefully you can work out what I mean])

  20. mervfrench says:

    Hey Dave …you need to start a blog mate, love to see more of your work.

    Agree Christian?

  21. muzz says:

    Christian Fletcher……..he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

  22. Yea Merv I am thinking about revamping my website and at the same time might consider a blog. Not sure if i can beat your helicopter though!
    Thanks for buying one of my books Simon.

  23. Christian says:

    Dave go to wordpress right now, it takes 2 minutes to start your blog, get posting as it is free advertising mate. You will get a great following and it is a cool platform to sell your new products, or old ones for that matter. Ring me if you need help setting it up. Don’t be like Paul and keep promising to do it, go now and do it, we will wait right here.

  24. Christian says:

    don’t worry Simon, everyone gets a free plug on this blog, we can all share the love!!

  25. Tony Middleton says:

    The pressure is on Dave now – I’m not laying any hard earned down on him setting one up tonight though… 🙂

  26. mervfrench says:

    Nah I’m not waiting for him either I’m off to bed…….but it better be up in the morning.

  27. KhenG says:

    Christian that looks awesome, I really like the colour tone of the images. Very very nice.

  28. dave bettini says:

    Merv I’ll have something up in about a fortnight. Can you wait that long?

  29. mervfrench says:

    A fortnight , fletch reckons you can do in 2 min, I would have said 5 ….oh well I suppose Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    Is this just some sort of a big build up thing?

  30. Has been a few times I will click on Daves link hoping its been changed to a blog 😛 come onnnn!

  31. In his best Edward Van Halen Voice “C’mon Dave”

  32. matthewinman says:

    Like the new header, good to see you well again, a good does of TNFP was sure to cure even the swine flu. Does this mean that Karijini is still on, I was a little worried about that.
    If mentioning Ken a little more will help the hits then I can add that Ken’s new Gallery in Melbourne is worth a visit. It’s in Harbour Town with a view over the Melbourne Eye (or whatever it’s called). It’s worth it just to see the wheel being taken apart, it be looking like a cloud munching Pacman!

  33. Hey CF I dunno about more hits with ‘christian’ title might mean more spam too eh? lol I don’t really understand the thing with blogging and hits and its necessity? Am I missing something I’m sure if blogging for you(although you enjoy it) is limited by time us loyal fans would be happy to read it weekly or monthly.I’ve been bloody hopeless with the blog thing..it is time consuming:)

  34. stakky says:

    picked up a copy of Dave’s book on the PIlbara not long ago. Got some 5w33t stuff in there so for those who haven’t seen it give it a gander. Ah i wanna start working on a book as ridiculous as that sounds… give it a few years maybe.

  35. philback says:

    hey cf ive put the photos up on my blogg check them out and see what ya think
    p.s love the new header mate you should get a few hits from that

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