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Welcome to the new CF Blog

15 Sep 2009 at 7:19am

Thanks to everyone for such awesome comments, I was quite humbled by the support everyone has given me and it almost bought a tear to my eye. I was ready to chuck it all in last night but realise that would be like saying goodbye to my friends. Even though a lot of you I haven’t met we all share a common interest in photography so we will always have something good to talk about.

The blog is pretty hard to keep up with and this is part of my frustration but it goes with the territory. I enjoy looking at everyone else’s blogs when I get time and as you know these things take time so please don’t think I don’t see what your all doing. Posting comments is getting harder to do so remember I’m still out there checking for new awesome images to inspire me too.

I’m proud of this community we have and welcome anyone else who wants to be involved. I am going forward now with a positive outlook and to offer more great images and posts to keep us all enthused about photography.

Now once I get things under control here I have a photo comp to run. I have booked the cabin on True North for the Sydney trip as first prize next year but want to get it up and going asap. So now is the time to get out and shoot, your hard work could get you on the trip of a lifetime. I’m thinking about booking on this trip myself. Now if there are any companies that want to throw up some minor prizes for free publicity let me know.

thanks again everyone, oh and Canon and I are friends again!!


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  1. dave bettini says:

    Phew! Welcome back mate.
    We thought we’d lost you!

  2. Sean Stak says:

    i’m hell glad i found this community as well

    You should ask canon to donate a couple of cameras for 2nd and 3rd prize.

  3. wow! Don’t check the blog for one day and all hell breaks loose! CF, glad to read you aren’t giving away the blog and have a new positive outlook. Looks like you had a sh*t welcome home surprise from your suppliers. Disappointing to hear. Suppliers really should take note that it is a consumer market, so listen to the consumers.

    I have had one of your books on my book shelf for years and has given inspiration many times, yet in only in the last 6 months I have found your blog and seen how active you are at giving to the photographic community. It would have been a real shame to see that come to a sudden end.

  4. Andrew Brown says:

    Good news mate, we all value your time, contributions and sense of humour….oh and you photos aren’t too bad either…..

  5. mervfrench says:

    Your like Aunty Jack, you know , “Farewell Aunty Jack we know you’ll be back……

    …..I’m Baaackkkk… well make up your bloody mind ” ..he he he…

    Ok let’s get back to where it all started, welcome back.

  6. danproud says:

    gee that’s a relief to read. Sounded like you were suicidal on the last blog post! Like everyone else, really appreciate your contribute to the photography community in Aus!

  7. Simon Blears says:

    Christian, sorry to hear about your spat with Canon, but you looked pretty happy on the flight back to Perth – sorry for confusing you with your betetr looking brother (bet it’s usually the other way around), don’t know what I was thinking there. Anyway, chin up, it’ll be alright back in the gallery and just keep on doing what you do best. A lot of us respect you for what you’ve done, keep up the good work.

  8. that’s very good news Christian.
    tuning here and seeing your latest images and hearing the wacky stories that go with them is always a thrill.
    very glad it’s going to continue!

    now show us you’re serious with some new images 🙂

  9. Christian says:

    thanks again fellas. Dave, you could say I’m a born again Christian!! Ken will be happy!!

    Watch out Merv or I’ll rip your bloody arms off!!! hehe, I think Stakky will have to ask his dad about Aunty Jack!!

    I think the blog was on the brink of suicide Dan!!

    Sorry Simon, I knew the face but didn’t click to the name till just now, as for calling mr Michael that happens all the time, our nan would call us Chrissymike as she never knew who she was talking to. I was happy on the plane till it landed into a rain storm and reality!! oh how I wish to be back cruising the Kimberley!
    Stephen, new images on the way.

  10. James says:

    Well all I can say is that I love the header.

  11. hehe a goodie hey James!!

  12. truenorthmark says:

    Welcome back Cotter and looks like you have a new good header mate!!



  13. Norell Carter says:

    Hey Christian. I’m glad to see you’re putting your shoulders back and your chin up high! Your work is truly inspirational, and you have personally inspired me to take up photography which has been my saving grace in this crazy, busy, and sometimes political world. When I’m photo shooting though, the world stops! (or at least seems to – even just for a brief moment). How good is that feeling! And the buzz after you’ve finished working on your favourite shot….You just can’t explain it! It’s addictive! Keep up the good work Christian and thanks again 🙂

  14. Eugene Tan says:

    CF, keep at it – your blog is greating – your images are hot – and you have a very personable way of writing. I know that is soaks up a lot of your time – in the end its very rewarding (I think). I’ve been running a photo blog for 10 years – updated daily. I have 30,000 daily unique visitors (no medal please) which keeps me super busy. My point is I get bombarded with emails/comments…all voicing strong opinions etc…some good some bad…some from places I didn’t know existed…and how they enjoy seeing images…and that they brighten their day…can’t go wrong there. Just take it all in your stride. uge (no need to reply)

  15. haydnjones says:

    I enjoy checking your blog, learning different techniques, angles, settings, editing. It make me want and go out and take photos. Unlike you i don’t need photography to put food on my table and i can understand how the political nature of this field can effect you. Any work place there is political crap that goes down you want to quit.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  16. Dave Catley says:

    Wow, I know I haven’t been around the blog scene for a while but I never thought I’d have missed out on so much controversy !!

    Glad to hear that things are looking better for you Christian, seeing you leave the blog scene would be vey sad after all the effort you put in building it into such a community 🙂

    I fully understand what you mean about it all being to hard sometimes (I’m only in photography to get away from all that crap) and really sympathise with all the drama you seem to have attracted just for having an opinion.

    Have you thought about hiring someone named Christian to post on your blog for you while you get on with the fun stuff like working on images (I won’t tell anyone, honest).

    P.S. If I’d realised re-designing my own web site would take this long I might have have thought twice about doing it. How come I can do other peoples web sites in a week and mine takes me months … Anyway, back to the html, css, javascript and asp, nearly there …

  17. Hazel says:

    “The arrival” 1976 Abba but you could say Bjorn again Christian.

    Keep showing us your stuff its bloody fantastic !

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