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30 Nov 2009 at 8:03am

Benny from Team Digital has sent me the latest suite from NIK software, yet to put it all to use but have been using Silver Efex Pro for a while now and if your into Black and white, it is the only way to go. Brent Pearson is another guy who uses it. This image has been tone mapped with photomatix and stylised using Silver Efex Pro. Ok it isn’t a pretty landscape but I like it just the same.

I will be doing some reviews on the Nik suite soon. All accounts are it is an awesome bit of kit. On sale now!! Hey we love spending money right???

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  1. mervfrench says:

    You might as well go all the way and start using Aperture as well , Pete Hodgson swears by it, and I’m giving it a try.

    The Nik software package is something else I’ve been meaning to get as well , ah so much and so little time !!!!

  2. truenorthmark says:

    Nice one CF!

  3. Aperture is not recommended by the great Les Walkling so I won’t be using it!
    I worked this image up the night you were over Markie, just hadn’t spunked it up in silver efex at that stage.

  4. hodgy1 says:

    I just finished trialling most of the latest NIK software package and bought the full set for aperture last week, It’s straight forward to use and quicker than PS if you know how you want the end result to look. the U point technology is amazing and is really good when hooked into Aperture 2 . I know I sound like a bloody salesman but I love it.

  5. Danny Scott says:

    Hey Christian, cool looking pic, I quite like it. Ive used silver Efex, Its one of the best bits of software ive used, nice and easy and the results are great.

  6. don’t know Merv, I forgot, I just know Les had some issues with it and that was good enough for me. He could tell me my photos were crap and I would believe him, I think he is the messiah !!!

    Pete, glad you like the Nik stuff, keen to give it a whirl myself. Aparently the sharpening plugin kicks arse over photoshop.

  7. mattinman says:

    I nearly parted with the coin for Nik Effects stuff at PMA, and gone the whole package. The demo they were giving was amazing.

    I don’t suppose you could ask Les what his issue was. it could be something that’s been patched and is no longer an issue?

  8. truenorthmark says:

    He’s not the Messier…he’s a very naughty boy!! 🙂

  9. Brent Pearson says:

    Hey Christian

    Yup, I love Nik stuff and use their sharpener product and SilverEffex Pro. It is in my mind the best B&W converter bar none.

    As mentioned above, if anybody is going to download the eval, make sure you understand how the control points work (u-point technology). It’s awesome for fast adjustments.


  10. Hi Christian. I actually really like these sorts of images. Hehe, you’ll have all the australian landscape photographers using this software soon.


  11. dave bettini says:

    Been using parts of NIK software for a while and yes it is a great product! Look forward to checking out their new suite.

  12. teamdigital says:

    If you are wanting to see what NIK can do, we have a Imaging Session on NIK Software. On Saturday the 23rd of January 2010 10.00 through to 12.00.
    The rest of the program will be set over the next few weeks.
    Hopefully you all can make it. There will be limited numbers so book early.

    To book email ben@teamdigital.com.au

  13. Paul Jarvis says:

    I suspect les’s issue would be based around aperture’s colour space. As it uses an unstated colour space, we can only assume that it has less gamut than pro photo rgb therefore clipping colours in the most saturated areas. Given the techniques he uses and teaches like conversion to dcam3 etc it would be pretty much essential to keep as much gamut as possible.
    Aperture is a great app but like all things on a computer, different strokes for different folks. If you want super fast workflow, aperture is a winner, if you need maximum gamut (and have the hardware to see it and utilize it) then adobe camera raw set to a broad colour profile wins. Don’t get caught by the sales pitch, do your own research for what works best for you.

  14. Paul Jarvis says:

    Btw, the full Nik suite is on my demo Mac Pro in the showroom at PRA. Come and play! Bring your images and try it for yourself. Try the wide format printer while you’re at it!

  15. Christian says:

    yep that was it Paul, the colour space, its all coming back to me now. When you attend one of Les’s workshops be prepared to get your mind altered on lots of things!

  16. As you said Christian, those Nik Software boys did a great demo at PMA and I bought the full suite from them. One of my best software purchases all year. Just need more time to play with all the features!!!!

  17. mattinman says:

    Hmm, thanks fro the Aperture info Paul, can the pro labs handle the dcam3 colour space for those of us that can’t justify expensive printers to control our whole workflow?
    I like Aperture, it’s a great piece of kit and you can alway export your RAW to tiff photoshop and do thy (colour space) worst! One day I’d like to cast my over some of these images printed in different colour spaces and pass a draftsman’s eye over them, the proof is in the puddin’.
    Fletch, any chance of sneaking Les up to Karijini as an extra on the iTNFP convoy? make a great surprise…

  18. mattinman says:

    Fletch, last time I spoke to you you were going to try and set up a course down your way in WA on this… Any updates?

  19. Paul Jarvis says:

    using your edit export presets you can assign any colour profile you wish when exporting from aperture to file (tif psd etc)
    this limitation is just between aperture and Photoshop using aperture’s edit with command.
    The way that toy suggested is a fine work around as aperture only assigns colour apace upon export of version.
    Good question about the labs, it’d be interesting to hear Paul from fitzys view on it. They’re running regular wide
    format Epson inkjet machines so I don’t see there would be any issues unless their workflow is strictly a lesser colour space which I doubt would be the case.
    Smaller labs with Fuji frontiers etc would be a different story though as they usually are preset to run in srgb… Or when the operator has tweaked them adobe rgb. Still not the gamut of spaces like that of dcam3 or pro photo rgb.

  20. Paul Jarvis says:

    You’ve gotta love the iphone’s spell check (you became toy)

  21. mattinman says:

    That’s a Top Gear Top Tip, I didn’t know Frontier Printers were srgb. Spell chequers, aunt they brill?

  22. Paul Jarvis says:

    If you’re interested in what the frontier does, have a read of the article on this site:
    In visual terms, this is interesting:

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