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True North Rotto workshop Extravaganza

27 Jan 2010 at 6:42am

Well the Rottnest workshop is over for the year and I think it was a great success. There was a great turnout for the day and the speakers, the crew, the food and Boat were awesome. I had a fantastic time and hope you all gained a bit of information and motivation throughout the day. A big thanks goes to my good bud Markie Stothard for having the vision to believe this could work and for having the perfect platform to hold such an amazing workshop. Nothing like a 50m luxury boat to “Go wild in Style” The day went pretty smoothly and when I left at 10pm the staff were still working cleaning the boat. They work so hard and you should see what they do on a True North cruise. Hopefully a lot of you will soon experience what it is like to travel on this amazing vessel, to some amazing locations and be treated like kings.

Thanks to Tony Hewitt, Nick Rains and Glen Cowins for putting on great talks, my wife said Glen was the best, we are now filing for a divorce!!

Now don’t forget the sponsors, Benny and Trevo from Team Digital and Paulie Paul from Fitzgeralds. These guys have given you some stuff in the show bags to chew over and make sure you support them as they have supported us and the photographic community at large.

Also to Muzz for organising the best video ever, I was blown away and so humbled by the effort he and the others put in to make a awesome video and probably the funniest thing I have seen in years. Thanks to the crew that submitted videos, I think Merv’s accusation might have some truth in it. As for Tommy Putts, that is definitely true, go the pink feather Boa !! Brent your much too kind and the line at the end re Nikon was a beauty! Cheers for that. Tony, you will need more than a wire cage to hide your secrets from me, you are an inspiration. As for the others, Peter Eastway, Ken Duncan and Peter Lik, I’m sure given more time something could have been done to personalize the messages a bit more but being the best in the game we have to agree you probably are too damned busy. Pete, do you know the story of Pinocchio??

Thanks to everyone who came along to share the day with us.

The photo of True North was taken by Jon Davison What a great shot!

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  1. Tom with the pink feather boa... says:

    Well done Fletcher and crew for what I hear was a marvelous day! Shame I missed it, but then again, I understand everyone got a bit of a look at me anyway 😉

    God help them when they meet the real Tom Putt!

  2. Dan Scott says:

    Christian, It was a great day, thanks for taking the time with Mark to organise. It turned out great, the speakers where excellent, I learnt a bit from each one of you. I dunno if it was the boat rocking or just staring at you for 45 mins but I started to get a bit woozey by the end of your speach lucky we headed ashore just after that. All up I had a great day, and look forward to the next big event.
    Thanks Again

  3. Irena Prikryl says:

    Christian, thanks for the opportunity to be part of such a great workshop. I am even more motivated to get into the magic of photography! It was great to meet Nick Rains and I am looking forward to his first workshop in Brissie – I’ll be there…

  4. mervfrench says:

    Great day had by all I’m sure.

    My sea legs were worn out by the time we got in and I was glad to hit terra firma. Was it that the quells had worn off , did I get a dodgy oyster , was it the corona, was I just overcome with the whole day or overcome with Tom Putt ( wish I wouldn’t have said that ), but it was a great day.

    Congrats to all involved.

  5. It was because you were drinking beer all day and went to the pub whilst we were all out taking wonderful pics!
    Thanks for the great show Christian and Mark. Kim reckons Glen was the best to!
    Cheers fellas

  6. Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!!!!
    Thats the only thing we didn’t do. Now its done!
    What a day and what more can you say. Great people great place great day.
    A huge thanks to all the speakers and those behind the scenes.
    We learned a few more things about our hobby and thats all you can ask.
    CF your storeys and wit never ceases to put a smile on my face 🙂
    Tony, Nick and Glen … great job!
    A BIG thanks to all the crew on the boats and behind the bar. Abbey, Nitty and all those who made our day a memorable one.
    Thanks Mark you are a legend! Keep up the good work team ….

  7. SimonB says:

    Yes, thanks to all for the great day. Excellent value and I learnt stuff too, which is always a bonus. Christian, I’ve emailed you some pics of you looking embarrassed 🙂 The video was great – Tom, I loved the ‘on the bed’ segment, took me a while to go to sleep and Merv, loved what you did with the logo!

  8. Stakky says:

    sounds like it was a real awesome cruise!, hoping to see some pics up soon enough

  9. Dave Catley says:

    It was a great day Fletch, thanks to all involved.

    I have to say the the speakers were all inspirational and the information and topics very well balanced.

    It was refreshing to hear from the minimalistic photoshop crew as well as the artistic photoshopping team, both approaches are equally valid and a personal choice. It’s nice to see people with somewhat opposing views on the same ship without bloodshed (unless I messed something behind the scenes) 😉

    It was also nice to meet Mark finally, having read so much about you. I can see how you and Christian hit it off so well, you’re both free spirits with a slightly wild nature 😀

    Thanks to Mike for the guided tour of the ship, you obviously spend way too much time aboard (with a drink in hand). I think you should go and remind your family who you are again and let someone else get free rides 😎

    Thanks again to all involved, I hope Christian and Tom are very happy together and great job to Muzz and Merv putting that video together (hope to see it on the blog soon) …

    P.S. I’m posting a few pics of Christian and some stuff from yesterday on my blog so feel free to come check it out (just click on my name).

    P.P.S I don’t remember seeing the plane flying over head, but if you say it was there then it must have been (it’s not like anyone could photoshop it in or anything …)

  10. truenorthmark says:

    All good buddy!

    Glad everyone had a good day. Craig and i were discussing a few options for next years gig and will have a brainstorm session with you on that front soon.



  11. ozgipsy says:

    Greeeat day CF the best photo GIG I have had the pleasure to attend. Thanks to all the inspired speakers and the crew and True North.

  12. Great day out on TN. Cheers CF and Mark for organising the day. Also to CF, Tony, Nick and Ken, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with us all.

    Now, just thinking out loud, what does everyone think about a camping weekend on a farm down south, camping damside with plenty of marron to chew on (legally of course). If we get some positive feedback it can be organised.

    Was great meeting everyone I got to meet, see those people on theweekend at Bunker Bay.

  13. Craig Chiswell says:

    Awesome job CF and Mark, and the crew who shared the wealth of knowledge, great all round grab for us punters. Interesting to see what plan evolves for next year!!!

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s images.


  14. truenorthmark says:

    Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone..glad you all had a good time!

    Great to see you there Irena and to see how inspired you have become.

  15. teamdigital says:

    Mate what a day, thanks so much to you and Mark for allowing us to part of it. Best Oz day ever. Love your work Christian,Mark,Michael,Tony,Nick,Glen and all the True North Crew they are awesome.
    Also Merv Ive got some file I need worked let me know when you can fit me in between CF. Muzz great video funniest thing Ive seen in a long time.


  16. Ailsa says:

    Christian what a wonderful Day we had, Excellent Speakers, learnt heaps and had so much fun. Mark being on True North again was fantastic to catch up with Brad, Nitty, Mickey, thank you so much.
    The whole day is one Australia Day I wont forget.
    Ailsa McDonald

  17. Thank you to all those behind yesterday’s day out. It was an excellent day. Thanks.

  18. davidsobik says:

    Thanks again Christain and Mark great day great company well done!


  19. Norell Carter says:

    Thanks for such an awesome day! A big thanks to all the photographers who took the time to share their passion, hints, tips. You are such an inspiration. And a big thanks to Mark and his crew for being so inviting. I don’t want to run away with the circus, I want to run away with the True North (with my camera in hand, of course!).Live the dream!! 🙂

  20. Fantastic day with fantastic company…..thanks!

  21. Sounds like it was a blast, Look forward to seeing some Rotto pics!

  22. SimonB says:

    Merv, love your comments on your blog. Didn’t get a chance to say Hi, next time…

    Hope you don’t mind Christian, but for more pics of the day, just click on my name (send me the bill for the clickthru’s, huh?. Maybe I’ll get close to 50,000 a day like you do?!)

    There are some intimate moment shots, but they’re in a passworded gallery – if you can’t work out the password, let me know.

  23. Chris Lock says:

    Great stuff Christian and everyone who made the day the success that it was. The speakers were informative and inspirational and the setting was perfect.

    Looking forward to next year!

  24. muzz says:

    It was a damn good day in all respects. My main regret is that I didn’t really get around and work out who were the bloggers and who were the normal people! You and Mark know how to pull a crowd and keep them entertained – good to gain a bit of knowledge at the same time. The crew on the True North were so professional and didn’t miss a beat despite the pressure – the harder they worked, the more we relaxed.

    Kudos to your mates and colleagues who made their videos at extremely short notice. Cheers to Mike for putting together the BluRay disc on the day too. Once again thanks CF for all the aspects of photography and other things you put into this blog. For me it’s a bit like school – I try to learn the lessons though I don’t do much homework, but I love playing in the playground here.

  25. mervfrench says:

    I think the blu-ray better go onto the blog Christian.

    I’m getting hundreds if not thousands of requests to see it !!

  26. CF, when do the photos for the comp need to be in?


  27. Hi Christian, Wow, what a fantastic day…I am still trying to get over it. Had my camera stolen next day, but at least I had downloaded all the pics. Whats the Nikkon strap in the goodies bag for???? Can’t quite work out what to do with it!!! Please thank Mark & Brad and all the others who were part of the day. Didn’t have a chance to tell you on the day, but we got lost on Rotto…lol…anyway a fire truck came to our rescue and got us back to the tender in time:) Thanks again, Jules

  28. Bob Butcher says:

    Christian & Mark,
    You have raised the bar and set a very high standard for all future photography workshops. Thanks to all those who shared their time and skills with this ‘novice’, i look forward to taking some of the courses available during 2010 so as to lift my game. Again congratulations and i look forward to the next event.


  29. kirkhille says:

    Thanks to Christian and Mark for puting on a great day and thanks to all the other guest speakers

  30. Clive Addison says:

    Truly a B I G Day Out on True North. Fine vessel, fine food, silver service, congenial company. Presenters provided variety, hilarity & inspiration. Even split. Two using Mac. Two on PC !! Did Christian or Mark arrange the fireworks display on the Freo horizon? You’ll get repeat offenders if True North B D O runs again next yr.

  31. truenorthmark says:

    No worries Troops we had a great day as well. I t was good to catch up with you all and put faces to names.

    Muzz you’re a dag…I had a real giggle at the swimsuit comment..Julia…we might have to see a fashion parade with the new Nickon strap suit!! 🙂



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