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  1. davidsobik says:

    Beyond brilliant!!

  2. Still laughing watching it the second time!
    Thanks again for a great day!

  3. Hey Christian, I can just see you watching that and laughing uncontrollably. It is indicative of the great friendships you have built over the past years. Sorry I couldn’t make it on the Rotto trip.

  4. Kheng says:

    Have to agree with you there… It was one of the funniest video’s I have watched this year 🙂 Especially the snippets from Peter Lik’s OneShot.

    By the way, I am adding your blog to my blogroll, something I should have done a long time ago 🙂

  5. haha nice! the Lik part was my favourite, Putt a close second because of his acting (if he is)

  6. mervfrench says:

    Tom Putt you are,.. you are……. well I don’t know what you are , but you should be in Les Girls.

    Very very funny Tom , legend stuff !!!!

  7. Tom with the pink feather boa... says:

    Merv you were Gold!!!! You and me together on a CF workshop could create havoc!!! Mmm isn’t Karijini coming up soon…hahahaha!!!!

  8. Tom with the pink feather boa... says:

    As for u Mr Lik! How did u know all the right answers to Christian’s questions?!!? LOL!!!

  9. Danny Scott says:

    That was halarious. Loved the Lik part, Mr Putt, lovely pink boa haha. Also thought Brents finnaly coment was quite amusing and well slipped in. Merv, very funny pissed my self when I saw that on the boat.

  10. Rod Thomas says:

    too funny… MUZZ, awesome job mate… The Peter Lik parts and Tom Edna Everidge were pretty funny.

    Thanks for sharing guys

  11. mattdixon says:

    Perfect way to end a great day. Big thanks to everyone who contributed to make the Rotto event possible. Cheers

  12. hodgy1 says:

    Top stuff Muzza, Hey merv I always had an inkling it was you putting the finishing touches on the pics he he. Stopping stuffing around and crank up a gallery of your own.

  13. muzz says:

    I reckon that CF will handball it onto me!! Who would be dumb enough to do a thing like that? I’d rather lick pi$$ off than pi$$ Lik off!

  14. Andrew Brown says:

    Damn, that is funny. Well done fellas.

  15. Dylan Fox says:

    awesome! Great for a laugh fellas well done!

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