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A Different View

28 Feb 2010 at 8:57pm

On the first day of out Pilbara project we got a half hour jolly in a Heli over town, BHP, the Port and Dampier Salt. Was a fun experience and a first for Les as he hadn’t been in a chopper before. Hope he got some shots as he had one hand firmly on side of the heli for most of the trip. That Hassleblad of his is a bit weighty, one handed for 30 mins could be interesting. I held on with my butt cheeks and was sort of comfortable.

This was a pic over the tanks, don’t know who’s they are, but found the scene interesting. Stylized in Photoshop and using Nik Colour efex pro. Great software. If you want a copy see Benny @ Team Digital. Thats where I got mine. I know Tony Hewitt is a big fan of it too.

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Searing Heat and B&W

25 Feb 2010 at 9:21pm

I like B&W landscape images that are contrasty. Shoot during the heat of the day when there is bucket loads of contrast and you will love the results. This old tin shelter was at Pardoo Station. They have the best junk there.

Shot on the trusty Nikon D3x. Have I told you that I love that camera??

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Together Again In Tasmania

23 Feb 2010 at 3:35pm

So the big news for the 4th and 5th of December this year is Tasmania!!

Nick Rains and I following on from the success of our recent Bunker Bay workshop are doing it again. This time on the Apple Isle. Two days of shooting and tuition for $995. Includes morning/afternoon tea and lunch both days. Doesn’t include accommodation or any travel costs.

It is going to be an amazing experience. Combine the workshop with an extra week or too of your own touring and shooting in one of Australia’s prettiest landscapes. I am so excited to be going.

We are taking expressions of interest now and a full itinerary will be available soon. The Bunker Bay workshop filled fast so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

The accommodation at Freycinet is very well priced and consists of cabin style units similar to the Bunker Bay Resort. We will all stay there and be able to kick up our heels at the end of the long days and enjoy a drink together.

You can see the resort here Freycinet Lodge

The location is Freycinet Lodge, Freycinet National Park, Coles Bay. Below are some of the photos of the area taken by Nick. As you can see it is a photographers paradise.

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Men in Hats

23 Feb 2010 at 2:43pm

Have you ever seen a bigger bunch of photo geeks in your life. Should we be looking up to these guys or laughing at them……… ok lets laugh. All we need in there is Ken Duncan and Peter Lik and it would be a circus!

Thanks to the very talented Nicole Yardley for the use of the photos. Nicole was one of the PH Photography students who joined us for some cool adventures. Her photos look mint, geez she must of had a great teacher ;-0)
Well maybe just great talent.

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My thoughts on the Nikon D3x

22 Feb 2010 at 8:39pm

Well, I have been under the influence of some strange chemical in recent months and one of those is found in the latest DSLRs from Nikon. I have had the pleasure of using both the D3s and the D3x as well as some kick arse Nikon lenses. What did I really think of Nikon???

I started a Nikon man, well I was probably still a boy back then, and once again I have been tempted by the black and gold. To say I was blown away would be pretty close to the mark. Now, I am comparing those two bodies to the 5D2 so it isn’t a real fair comparison. They are both way more expensive. You get what you pay for right? But if I had the money and didn’t care about HD video I would own both. My mate Tony Hewitt has both and all the good lenses and his work glows. Ok you can get a similar result from the 5D2 but it just isn’t as good in my opinion. I found the files from the D3x were pretty stunning. Noise handling wasn’t brilliant but then it wasn’t supposed to be. The D3s on the other hand kills everything else even the new 1D mark IV, which strangely enough not many people are talking about. I guess we are waiting for a 1Ds mark IV with a bigger chip and full 1080p video. But it isn’t all about the bodies, the Nikon lenses are brilliant. I have only used the zooms but man they are good. I would love to have a crack at the 105mm.

So should we all sell up out Canons and go Nikon?? Well if they dropped the prices and bought out a D700s or x then maybe we should. Will Canon try to bring out something to kill any Nikon available, probably. Should we forget the lot and go medium format digital, hang the expense! Definitely.

Anyone care to borrow me $70,000.

I have had a good dose of Nikonite, a strange hallucinogenic compound found in Nikon glass and Nikon bodies. My mind might be fried but I am enjoying the ride.

p.s. the problems with the nikon is some button functionality and no sensor vibration to clean the dust off. The D3x was dirty but still sexy. Canon wins on that front. I hear you can set the Nikon up to operate like a Canon, I’m pretty used to the differences now so it isn’t a problem anymore.

Thanks to the two Julies at Nikon and the crew at Team Digital for getting the gear to me.

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New Gitzo Tripod

22 Feb 2010 at 3:35pm

This is a pic of my new baby, she is real skinny and real light. Thanks again to Brendan at PRA Imaging and Gitzo for supplying me with the best tripod for the job.

I had the same legs as Peter Eastway but a much better head, in fact I have two better heads than Peter Eastway now. I must say this thing is so light yet so firm on the ground. It makes photography fun again, ok, well tripods are never fun but it is a hell of a lot easier than the old one I had. Won’t mention the brand but it starts with Man and ends with frotto. I won’t get big muscles with this thing but there is always a downdside to state of the art equipment.
The details are

GT2542L carbon fibre tripod
GH3780QR Ball Head

See Brendon for your very own piece of perfection, and a good head!

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