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True North / Team Digital Rotto photo competition

2 Feb 2010 at 12:58am

Hi all, you need to get your photos in for this comp by Thursday, I have extended the deadline!, I can do that because I’m collecting in the photos and also happen to be moving house this week and have next to no time to do anything. So get the images in asap, you have 3 days then it will be voted on. Remember the prize is a free Manfrotto tripod worth around $600. There haven’t been too many entries so the chances of winning are huge.

Benny from Team Digital was kind enough to get me a Phase One Camera with a P65 back for a week to try out. I have had mixed feelings about it but the end results have cemented my thoughts on what my next camera will be……… more details and a review soon.

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  1. truenorthmark says:

    Looking fwd to seeing an image from the P65 mate!

  2. me too! and a review also!

  3. Anthony says:

    Where abouts are the details of the compition…

  4. wayte27 says:

    Bring on the Phase one, can it see in the dark like the Nikon !

  5. CF was like a kid with a new toy, absolutely loving it, but then when we did an evening shoot, he came up telling me it wasn’t working, and a green light was flashing on the back.
    Rule number one, make sure you charge your batteries before you go out shooting!!
    By the way, the image detail in a print from the P65 is pretty impressive.

  6. SimonB says:

    Anthony, the details were announced on the boat. 3 photo’s from the day, of ‘anything’. Emailed to CF, the top 15 will then be posted here and we get to vote on the best. That’s as I remember it, anyway 🙂

  7. muzz says:

    Ben is helping me out with taking my photography to the next level – he’s giving me a shoebox with a pinhole in it. Gotta be better than the crap I’m putting out now.

    By the way what does a used 5D2 with a million shutter actuations go for these days?

  8. Owen Davis says:

    Gday Christian, at the Dunsborough workshop a few weeks ago you mentioned to add to the latest blog post with any further questions. Well I was wondering how you get the intense colours and/or gradients in your cloudscapes? e.g. http://www.australiastockphotos.com/photographs/aviation/clouds/ or http://www.australiastockphotos.com/photographs/aviation/sky-line-dunsborough/

    Is it hue/sat/other filters with layer masks or some other cool trick?


  9. cahris says:

    when does the top 15 pics go up?

  10. ricmcd says:

    must be a CF conspiricy to get more hits

  11. Mickey says:

    is this still open?

  12. SimonB says:

    It’s working 🙂

  13. truenorthmark says:

    All, Christian is in the Pilbara at present with limited internet access. I have sent through my top 15 to him and I will discuss with Ben tomorrow.

    Hopefully we will have the final shortlisted 15 posted on either my blog or Christian’s by early next week.



  14. truenorthmark says:

    I guess so Mickey as the final 15 have not been finalised yet, so get something in quick if you are going to submit something!



  15. And the winner is ….?

  16. Can we see some of the contenders at least ???? :o) Hanging out to see how creatime people got with their images …..

  17. Clive Addison says:

    Looking L o o k i n g for the True North final 15. Must be a boat load of images to run through.

  18. truenorthmark says:

    Everyone, the 7 finalists are now up on my blog at http://www.truenorthmark.wordpress.com



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