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Port Hedland Aerial

12 Feb 2010 at 4:03am

Dampier Salt

Day one of our trip to Port Hedland and Form had organised a heli flight over town and the surrounding area. Of course there were only three seats going so it was decided that only the best photographers would get a flight. Luckily Tony pulled out so I got to join Les and Pete for a burn around in an old Jet Ranger. All the doors were off so we had a great view. It was Les’s first flight in a chopper and when he managed to get his hands unstuck from the sides of the fuselage he  pinged off a few shots. Pete was blasting away on the Phase One but with vibrations and wind it isn’t as easy as I had it with the Nikon D3x. Ok as Pete likes to tell me, “they look great as an 8″x10”, I told him who wants all that resolution and who has a wall big enough to hang a pic from a medium format camera. Then he bangs on about capturing in 16 bit and I just switch off, who needs it??? I hate it when he does that, I’m not listening lalalala lalala…….

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  1. mervfrench says:

    Nice interesting shot.

    Great story , good giggle.

    Cyanide is wearing off it would seem.

  2. Dave Catley says:

    Can you ever have enough Megapixels and bit depth, I don’t think so …

    Of all those pixels come at a pretty hefty price right now but in a few years time the 5D Mark IV will be 100MP, 48 bit and just $4K 😀

  3. truenorthmark says:

    A giggle of a story for sure CF and a nice way to end a Friday!

    I am with you on that comment Dave!

    Go the Megapixels and Bit depth!!

  4. André says:

    Great shot and a great story to go with it. I like the way you framed it on the diagonal with the different layers in there.

    I just printed a 1.5m pano and that’s with “only” my D700. Came up wonderful, so tell Les it doesn’t matter 😉 Just because I can’t afford a Hassy or a Phase One has nothing to do with it!! Ptgui rules.

  5. danproud says:

    haha, you should get a phase one CF!

  6. Dan Scott says:

    Cool shot Christian, apart from the near death experience sounds like your having a great time up there. Bet its bloody hot, glad im working down here and not up there at the moment, although it will be 37 here on sunday.

  7. wayte27 says:

    Nice image, vibrant colour and a bit of circle work to keep the grease monkeys happy.
    You should put you hand up for the the next Avatar Movie, you would fit right in glowing from all that cyanide 😉
    cheers Adrian

  8. brentbat says:

    I like the graphic shot. Very nice.

    Great story Christian…. boy you seem to be getting kinda wed to the Nikon.. by the end of this trip you’ll probably have the zoom and focus direction nailed.


  9. Good luck on the trip bud!

  10. Tony Middleton says:

    Cool abstract aerial mate – I like the mix of textures, colours and geometry !


  11. thomasparkes says:

    Awesome, love it CF.

  12. Dylan Fox says:

    nice abstract mate!

  13. Stakky says:

    perfect abstract shot!!

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