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Searing Heat and B&W

25 Feb 2010 at 9:21pm

I like B&W landscape images that are contrasty. Shoot during the heat of the day when there is bucket loads of contrast and you will love the results. This old tin shelter was at Pardoo Station. They have the best junk there.

Shot on the trusty Nikon D3x. Have I told you that I love that camera??

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  1. Steve says:

    Christian, did you use a polarizer for this great image?

  2. no Steve, just me and a lens and some great sky. I used Nik Silver Efex for the B&W conversion.

  3. Dan Proud says:

    yes…you have told us! I wonder what camera will be next, The 5D2’s run was short lived!

  4. Chris Fox says:

    Nice Shot ….. so did you give the Nikon back, or are they chasing you for it?

    No, you can’t have mine 🙂

  5. Developing a fondness for Black & Whites myself right now … Cool image but I think your Nikon may have a dust bunny in the top left corner …

  6. Christian says:

    Dan, you wait till you here what I have planned in a week or so.

    Had to give it back, was a sad day.

    Doh those dust bunnies, that Neal will have a look.

  7. hmmm, lets just say I won’t be asking for anymore favours from Canon. And I’m going to be broke for the next few years.

  8. James says:

    Hi Christian, Years ago when I was teaching photography I would tell my students it doesnt matter what camera is used as the result is entirely up to the photographer and his skills, lucky for Nikkon you are the messiah when it comes to good shots. Seriously am looking forward to Karajini with my Canon. James

  9. James, yes a good camera doesn’t maketh the photographer. It can help, but it is just one step in the process. Karijini is going to be fantastic, and armed with my new camera I’m going to be looking at it in a whole new light.

  10. awesome shot… so does that mean we will all be fighting to buy you Canon gear???

  11. haha i meant buy your old Canon gear… my bad

  12. hope you’re getting a P65 would be good to see what you can do with it! Im suprised that the D3x is that much of a step up from the Canon to justify the change, must be a damn fine camera!

  13. Christian says:

    You might have to fight Michael for it

    Will, the new camera will be revealed soon, lets just say if you strapped 3 5D2’s together you might come close!! Still you wouldn’t have the dynamic range and quality of lenses.
    The D3x is worth changing to in my mind if you are looking for an edge over the competitors.
    I have asked three companies now if they are looking for an ambassador , I have finally found one that has said yes lets talk. Luckily for me it is a company you would want to be involved with. I am at a turning point in my career and now it is time to get serious.

  14. Sounds awesome and might I say well overdue … Very much looking forward to the images that come out of that puppy …

  15. Christian says:

    thanks fellas, I will talk more about it when I get the final details of the the deal. I’m not getting anything for free but it is an offer I can’t refuse. Oh well, there goes Uni for the kids!!

  16. David Sobik says:

    Change is good CF. I was talking to a mate of mine today about it and brand x would be crazy not to have you as their ambassador. Sales would rise and people would talk in hushed tones, hey this is what Christian uses!

    I am fanging for my D3s just a couple more weddings……

    And nice work on the B& W reminds me of your sky scraper shot, at ground level!

    Cheers mate

  17. Christian says:

    David, a couple of brands had their chance but I guess they don’t read blogs from us West Aussies. Nevermind, it has all worked out great.

    You will love the D3s, man that is a great piece of kit.

    Thanks, it is a tin skyscraper this time. getting into my B&W like Neal.

  18. Jamie Nicolaou says:

    I don’t think people are guessing too much which way you’re going in regards to your next camera!!

  19. Matt Lauder says:

    I think the choice of new camera is a good one and by the sounds of it the quality is outstanding. But the price is enough to give you a heat attack. Guess you will be riding to your locations more to save on fuel to pay that bad boy off.

  20. muzz says:

    I’m loving those black skies – started liking them with those examples from your trip east.

    Good luck with the new gear – I’m sure it is a smart decision and you haven’t got where you are today by making dumb ones (apart from the cyanide thing – oh, and leaving the tripod home that time and……..) 😉

    Anyway, so long as we are eating your dust we know we’re heading in the right direction. Looking forward to the great unveiling – are you waiting for the full moon or some other symbol of fertility and new growth??

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