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  1. mervfrench says:

    Yeah he loves rubber of anykind.

    I’ve heard that he even sleeps in it sometimes. 🙂

  2. Pete Hodgson says:

    I would have thought the last thing Muzz would need are more spare tyre’s , he he

    You have had an effect on Merv with these type of pics as well CF. check his latest offering,
    Looks pretty cool.

  3. muzz says:

    Another good example of stuff we walk past everyday but don’t see the photo opportunity – I see my spare tyres everyday as I check myself out in the mirror after the shower (now there’s a photo opportunity). It’s true though, I do like the urban/industrial stuff.

    Hey Merv I’d rather rubber love than rubber glove. I hear that men of a certain age (allegedly) fear their trips to the doctor more than the rest of us young bucks do – what’s that all about?. Hey Hodgy didn’t think you’d be the guy to make fun of my genetic disorder. 😉

    Thanks for the dedication CF – I’m sure it’s because I like the genre, with no subtle reference to the spare tyre thing, scrap heap, pile of rubbish, past use-by date etc etc.

  4. Christian says:

    Muzz you are a walking living treasure trove of urban landscapes. That is why you got the dedication. I think your right about Merv and the rubber glove though!! He is definitely at the right age to boldly go where no man has been before!! The question is, will he enjoy his experience and relax or tighten up at the mere thought.

    5th of March is my day to be messed with by another man. Luckily I will be asleep and the side effect is no more kids!!

    • muzz says:

      Now there’s a photo opportunity!! Might be time for a Michael Macro Movie. The pressure is on your kids to pass on the genes of one of the great photographic talents of the 21st century. Then again you can always put Mike out to stud I guess – could make a fortune!

      Good luck with 5th March – my daughter’s birthday so it’s always a day where things are good in the world, so you should be right. Unless he sneezes………

    • mervfrench says:

      Been there done that , no problem.

      Just need a wheel chair to get out of the place and someone to drive you home.

      I never knew my tonsils where so close to my a****

    • Jamie Nicolaou says:

      Maybe you need to blow up some balloons and walk around with them between your legs to get used to the week after, as I’ve heard from a couple mates that is what it feels like………but firstly you’ll have to belt yourself below the belt to get the real effect!!
      I just hope you have full trust in your surgeon that he doesn’t “mess” with you!! You’ll be asleep I guess, so what you don’t know won’t hurt!!
      Seriously, good luck with it.

    • muzz says:

      Mate I can get you some Dencorub wholesale – that should help with the swelling!

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