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Red Dirt

6 Mar 2010 at 2:39pm

This is what north west WA is all about, the sparseness, the colour and the heat.

Shot on the D3x with the 14-24mm. There is a quality you get from the D3s and D3x I never got with my 5D2. Bigger, better more expensive. There is your answer!

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  1. Nice shot Christian… The two trees really make this shot. Gotta love the red dirt too except the bloody stuff seems to find itself everywhere.

  2. Brett Morgan says:

    Love this shot indeed CF hopefully one of these days I will get along to one of your courses and be able to shoot shots as good as yours.


  3. Not too sure about the black sky, I guess it makes it quite arty. Love the richness of the reds and vibrancy of the trees. Go Nikon!

  4. Brent says:

    Hey C.

    Like this shot a lot. Awesome sky, and minimalistic composition.

    Great Post processing.


  5. Christian says:

    thanks guys, seems we have a lot of Nikon shooters here.

  6. Steve says:

    Is the blackish sky something you intended or as a result of having a polarizing filter on your lens? I was with y mate, Tony Sweet, today and we were talking about the pluses and minuses of polarizers and this is one he has encountered up in high elevations.

  7. Not surprisingly I love this kinda stuff as you know ! Personally I think the black sky is too much though.

    I was shooting with Nigel Gaunt yesterday, bit jealous of his D3 and 14-24mm wide angle to say the least! Awesome kit.

  8. Tom Parkes says:

    Nice layers again.

  9. the black sky was intentional and done with a b&w layer blended to multiply. I wanted to break the image up into different bands of colour and tone. Flemming, I thought you might be interested in this wide open space

  10. Brett Morgan says:

    Hi CF when is the next course your holding would be interested in going as I also work away would be great to be able to book in advance where ever it is or add me to the mailing list would be even better thanks.

  11. mervfrench says:

    I think the colour of the sky isn’t great, the sun has been up for ages so that shouldn’t be there. 🙂

    Seriously I like the composition but not the sky.

  12. Brett Morgan says:

    Love the comment Merv I read that one somewhere else before lol :)….

  13. Merv you will be happy to know you can get this effect with a polarising filter and some nd grads but yes you either like the sky or not. I am going for a less literal representation of the scene and am just looking at the colour and layers of light to create the effect I want. What’s your excuse??? haha

    Brett on my workshop you learn that Merv can’t be trusted. He has an opinion on everything and if you get a NUP from him it is like being told off by your mother. He has been to my workshop 3 times so I guess I am responsible for his ways :-0)

  14. Dan Proud says:

    I’m struggling with the mind-shift… I always though Canon dominated landscapes… hurting my head…

    Awesome clouds, bit galaxy looking up the top!

  15. Brett Morgan says:

    CF I look forward to your workshops coming up and I think they would have a bit of laughter as well as a lot of excellent tuition I can’t wait. 🙂

  16. I like this! nice colours!

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