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Teenage Angst

28 Mar 2010 at 9:04pm

These are a couple of pics of my niece who was kind enough to pose for me so I could check out some different lighting setups for my new portrait venture. We shot these this afternoon in a tilt panel industrial unit. I find using the walls as a backdrop helps add texture to the image. When your a teenager you want to look cool not all smiley and nice. You want to look dark, gritty and angry, well some of them do. I was a pretty happy teenager! But it was the 80’s and the darkest thing in those days was having huge mullets kept up with lots of hairspray!

Shot on the Phase One 645DF with the Schnieder 80mm f/2.8 and the P65+ back. The quality is quite extraordinary as you would expect.





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  1. David Sobik says:

    Mate quality is not extraordinary, its freeking unbelievable. Those skin tones are to die for. Man that is one fantastic piece of kit, but like all things the operator has a bit to do with it!

    Well done!!

    Cheers mate


  2. kate says:

    She is such a little rock star! Totally how a teenager wants to be remembered, not posing in a family shot under a tree with matching white shirts!

  3. Adrian Wayte says:

    Insane detail, textured backdrop looks great also.

  4. Mike Fletcher says:

    Her Boyfriend is over at the moment. Anyone got a shotgun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Michael Lee says:

    Wow they are awesome images!

  6. Tom AStley says:

    First post on here and I am glad I came across this post. The textured background in the first shot makes the the image. Vibrancy in B&W? Well this has it.

  7. Pete Hodgson says:

    The one on the right is my fave of the two, Simple, grungy, dark and moody but still has a certain connection with the subject.
    I like the tones and the background is a winner. Keep em coming CF.

  8. Love the skin tones. The detail looks unbelievable. Looking forward to seeing more from my new baby.

  9. Tim Wootton says:

    Nice work Christian! Good luck with the new venture., I think it will be a winner.

  10. mervfrench says:

    the left shot for me , bloody good.

  11. André says:

    Both are great shots Christian. I feel that you have a winning style here for this type of portraits.

  12. Donelle says:

    Love it!! Great work as per usual!! Mike if you still need a shotgun let me know! lol

  13. Yep, I think you have a winning formula there Fletch!

    Mike, funny stuff about the shotgun…I bet there poor little fella is scared to death of you…..you bully you!

  14. Levi says:

    Fantastic work Christian, I’ve been toying with a bit of portraiture myself recently. Interested to know what kind of lighting you used.

  15. Hazel says:

    The second one works, the first one looks false. Beautiful looking girl looking awkward and rather naffed off. Was that deliberate or did she just not want to be there ha ha?
    You are a technical wizard.

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