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Storm Shot

29 Mar 2010 at 4:49pm

100 Year Storm

100 Year Storm

This was my take on the storm that ripped through Perth last week. Michael and I got this one and decided to pack up when the lightning went behind us. When I got home a huge crack hit so close it was the thunder and lightning together. The old gradient filter can work wonders with these scenes. This was one bolt, with a small one on the horizon. The Phase One stayed home for this shot, couldn’t get the little girl wet or electrocuted. She doesn’t like the dark anyway. Took my old flame out, the 5D2, she is alright but you wouldn’t marry her!! A good work horse though, and not the glamour babe you take out to show off.

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  1. Matt Lauder says:

    Holly Molly… that is a cracker. What a light show.

  2. Nikki says:

    simply: WOW. An amazing shot…

  3. Haydn Jones says:

    I knew you would get something down there. I have been waiting and waiting.

    This is my effort using a grad as well

  4. bloody hell, that is one hell of a lightning image!
    hope you get that one up in a gallery soon 🙂

  5. Kheng says:

    Wow… that is amazing stuff… I think it belongs in the TNFP category. So what filter did you use 🙂

  6. Tim Wootton says:

    I have seen some really good images of this storm, well done to you all on such great shots!

  7. Very cool. That was a hell of a lightning show you captured! Don’t blame you in packing up your bags and heading home in the middle of that thing. Still amazed at the size of the hail stones.

  8. Dan Scott says:

    Awesome shot Christian, Love the fact that you have people watching the storm in it aswell. As Graham said, id be leaving shortly after that shot aswell.

  9. Cracker shot mate…and green with envy am I! I am still yet to get a lightning image of any sorts! Well done mate!

  10. Jamie Nicolaou says:

    Well Christian, you’ve done it again……cracker shot!! Good to see you rekindled the old flame with the 5dII.

  11. Donelle says:

    To put it simply……………….LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. David Sobik says:

    Very nice, thats one nasty little bit of electrickery!

  13. Swish image, a real beauty. I love watching a good lightning show, they make for great atmosphere.

  14. Spectacular shot CF !
    I love how the lighting comes from the edge of frame down into the ocean. I don’t think that I’d be perched high up on a juicy granite boulder if the lightning was relatively close ! Was this a sunset image or have you tweaked it ?

    tone 🙂

  15. Andrew Brown says:

    Not much else to add to other comments except congrats on a spectacular image.

  16. That’s an absolute ripper, Christian.

  17. Tom Parkes says:

    What a cracker, beaut colours.

  18. Crazy Lightening! nice one! good to see the 5d mkii getting used when the going gets tough!

  19. phil says:

    awesome shot Christian makes mine look so so crap hahaha love the colour

  20. Hazel says:

    not much to say but WOW

  21. Renato says:

    I say freaking wow!!!

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