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Pilbara Sunset

29 Apr 2010 at 8:09pm

Karijini National Park

This was an image from a sunset shoot we all did not far from the eco retreat. The colour went nuts and Brent pulled out his strobe to add a bit of fill to the tree. Thanks to him and Tony for this shot. What struck me was how good the Phase captured the colours in the sky. It is pretty cheezy I know, but the sunset was just too spectacular not to shoot. Would it hang on a wall, I guess it might. On my wall, don’t know. Still a 40″ x 60″ flex on aluminium would look insane. The tree was sharp as bro!

Phase One, P65+, 45mm Phase lens, 645 DF Body.

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Fire swept Karijini

29 Apr 2010 at 7:12pm

Karijini National Park

Karijini had some massive fires recently and lots of the park was laid bare. That offered up some amazing landscape opportunities and we were all frothing over the red rocks and exposed hillsides. This is just near the carpark to Weano and Hancock gorges. Every day we had awesome skies, in fact the conditions are some of the best I have ever seen at Karijini.

Shot on the Phase One, P65+ back, 80mm Schneider Lens and the 645DF Phase body. Focus stacked, this image is sweeeeeet!

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What’s New in CS5

29 Apr 2010 at 11:59am

Photoshop CS5

Hi everyone

This will be worth getting along to, I will probably go along as I fly out later that night to do some shooting around Bright Victoria with Markie, Philbo, Neal, Clint and none other than the amazing Tommy Putt. See you at Team Digital

Thats right Photoshop CS5 has been announced. As with every Photoshop release Team Digital will be running a

” Whats New in CS5″ seminar on the 6th May 6.00pm to 8.00pm. Cost $ 25.00 which is redeemable off any CS5 purchase. contact Bianca to book your place bianca@teamdigital.com.au or 93283377

In this seminar we go through in detail the new features of CS5 , how to use these new features and how to introduce these features into your workflow. Stay tuned !

We have confirmed pricing now

Photoshop CS5 upgrade                       $ 330.00 inc gst

Photoshop CS5 full version                  $ 1149.00 inc gst

Photoshop Cs5 Extended                      $ 1645.00 inc gst

Orders being taken now.

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Back from Karijini

28 Apr 2010 at 6:55pm

Oxers Lookout, Karijini

I got back from Karijini today after a marathon 17 hour drive back to Perth. The workshop was huge and great fun. We went hard and learnt lots. Plenty of fun was had by all and Tony, Peter and myself were blown away by the quality of the images captured over the 4 days.

To everyone who came along, thank you for being great pupils. It was hot and challenging at times but such is the life of a landscape photographer. I will add more photos as I get some worked and elaborate on the workshop more in the coming week. Make sure you check out the other photographers blogs to see their amazing photos. Thanks again fellas.

p.s. Keith can I get a pic of Mark Stothard being operated on by Pete the doctor for the blog, everyone likes to see blood.

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You think we are having fun?

26 Apr 2010 at 9:28pm

Check out what Uge from Aquabumps has been up to. Poor bugger. Geez imagine all the hormonal mood swings with that lot! It is almost scary! Sorry Hazel, just having fun! Sexist pig I am!! haha. Give me a good landscape any day…………..well any day except this one. He shot this on film too, all the more scary! And why, do you ask?, get 1200 girls in Bikinis on a beach? For no good reason other than it looks a damn sight better than 1200 pot bellied blokes. Yuk!

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Off To Karijini

18 Apr 2010 at 8:32pm

Well we are off on Wednesday morning for the start of our Karijini adventure. Peter Easway, Tony Hewitt and myself are taking 15 fellow photographers on a journey of self discovery. They are all going away Boys, except the one girl we have going, and will all return men, except the girl of course. Can’t wait. If you need me I will be out of range for 7 days. Email the gallery if it is urgent gallery@christianfletcher.com.au

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Nodal Ninja for sale

18 Apr 2010 at 7:30pm

For Sale: Nodal Ninja 5 Lite

Purchased late last year and used only once, costing just a tick over $500. I would like to chase $400 for it but I am open to offers as this just won’t get the use I had hoped for unfortunately.

The only mark on it is a neat line I have scored underneath the main arm in order to line up the appropriate settings for a 5DmkII + 17-40L. Other than that it is in pristine condition and even comes with a quick release system that is apparently compatible with some Manfrotto and Gitzo plates (worth around $40 or so).

Drop me an email at craig@craighilton.com with any interest or offers.

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