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Salt Lake City, Rotto Style!

5 Apr 2010 at 9:41pm

Salt Lake, Rottnest Island

Just got home from an awesome weekend at Rotto on Truenorthmarks 43ft boat. No not his 50M boat, this one is a wee bit smaller and just as much fun. Still feel I am on the water though and am rocking in my chair. We were there with Marks wife and their two friends. Also our special guest was the man himself, Les Walkling. We had a great time talking art and photography and I was inspired once again to push the limits of my work. Thanks guys for a very memorable Easter.

This pic is of one of the salt lakes in the middle of Rottnest Island. We took a ride out to the guns and the lighthouse before returning to the boat for easter lunch. I’m going on a diet, we ate like kings with Crayfish and Blue Groper on the menu as well as this wicked carrot cake that must have been bad it tasted so good. I like this shot even though it isn’t a pretty beach or row of deciduous trees in autumn. There is something about salt lakes.

Shot this with the p65 and 45mm phase lens. Blisteringly sharp! I’m very impressed with the Phase One.

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  1. Did you shoot this from the car window ? 🙂 What I mean is I would love to see a shot without the road and power lines, pole etc. Perhaps crossing the road was too dangerous with all the quokkas about 🙂

    That is one nice boat Mark has!

  2. Sounds like a wicked way to spend Easter mate. This looks arid mainland type scenery. One day can you possibly put up a high detail image along with a 100% crop (unedited) of the detail from this bad boy phase one ? that would be brilliant to see. 🙂

    Mark has lots of great toys !
    cheers 🙂

  3. Hazel says:

    I’m with you Bo. I love this but something about the road and verge which is bothering me. I like the pole though.

  4. Hi mate,

    Great to see this image in all its glory, but what the others can’t see with this web image is the detail. I know how much work you put into it and it does work well.

    I look fwd to seeing a full size version in the gallery sometime.

    We very much enjoyed having you and Les on board. There was never a dull moment and we had a lot of laughs.

    In Melbourne now enroot to Tassy!

    Until the next chapter…have fun mate!

  5. Those Quokkas have a mean streak Flemming trust me!! I like the road maybe if I had a cyclist on it it would have worked better.

    will work on the 100% detail Tony.

    The pole is great isn’t it Hazel. Was going to make a sexist comment about pole dancing but I know better! oops just did it haha.

  6. David Sobik says:

    I know what you mean about rockin, geez I rocked for about a week after the TN trip. By that I mean I am not used to the ocean, she’s a mighty fine craft Mark!

  7. Hazel says:

    The pole is awesome but could of been even more awesome with a male pole dancer wrapped around it. But please don’t even attempt that with your new cs5 unless of course the guy is from the porn industry and not the photographic mens club of Perth ha ha.

  8. the blokes of the Perth photo club don’t need puppet warp and liquify to prove they are all man Hazel. Second thoughts, they probably do!

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