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100% RAW Mega pickles!!

6 Apr 2010 at 8:01pm

Mark Stothard & Les Walkling

Well Tony you asked for it so here is a great example of a untouched image from the Phase One. What better way to show the ability of this camera than with my two mentors. Mark for his go for it motivation skills and Les for being the smartest photographer I have ever met. These two guys have changed my life and are good mates. Thanks fellas.

Now, so what you say, a couple of guys standing in the middle of the road. Did I mention it was raining. Have a look at the 100% crop. That says it all. And when I say it was raining it wasn’t even heavy enough to get you wet. Those drops were miniscule.

Mark Stothard and Les Walkling

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  1. Just wow…. the amount of detailed retained is mind blowing!

  2. very impressive, Does Mark Own a pair of shoes? haha

  3. Stakky says:

    incredible detail…

  4. I just love the way Mark is barefoot again!

  5. rod thoams says:

    Mark looks happy… maybe its coz he’s giving another manhug huh

    Incredible detail mate ! ! !

  6. Great shot mate…must be the subject matter!!!

  7. …and shoes are way overrated I reckon!!! 🙂

  8. craig says:

    now I just have to win lotto to afford one lol

  9. matt saul says:

    Nice pose there Markie! aha.

  10. Kheng Teo says:

    Wow… looks like mpx does count. You can even see the rain droplets when you cropped right in. The detail taken by the Phase One is amazing to say the least… but is waaaay out of reach from us mere mortals 🙁

  11. Pete Hodgson says:

    Nearly as good as a Nikon.

  12. Hey Christian, Thanks for putting this up mate ! It looks unreal. I had read about the phase’s for quite a while and would love to see/play with one myself as they sound unmatched in digital quality and detail. Awesome mate. Congrats or the new toy !


  13. Dan Scott says:

    Very impresive detail in that shot, but then again how many MP is it. I cant belive the clarity of the other couple of shots you have posted up from rotto with this beast. I look forward to seeing more from it.

  14. Hazel says:

    One thing I love about Australia ….. nobody cares about shoes.

    I’m still using a D300…… probably all rubbish and should go in the bed after seeing that.

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