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You think we are having fun?

26 Apr 2010 at 9:28pm

Check out what Uge from Aquabumps has been up to. Poor bugger. Geez imagine all the hormonal mood swings with that lot! It is almost scary! Sorry Hazel, just having fun! Sexist pig I am!! haha. Give me a good landscape any day…………..well any day except this one. He shot this on film too, all the more scary! And why, do you ask?, get 1200 girls in Bikinis on a beach? For no good reason other than it looks a damn sight better than 1200 pot bellied blokes. Yuk!

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  1. Matt Saul says:

    Where was this taken and why wasnt i there?
    I see from his fb page that he was in the south-west this weekend!

  2. Dany Taylor says:

    Uge is the man, he always has something up his sleeve. I think in moments of glory, like these, he should give us a heads up so that we can all be there as team support. How did he know which way to shoot? Nice.

  3. Uge says:

    Ah Christian, you put it up on your blog! ha!

    I must explain now. It was a shoot for Cosmopolitan mag. They organised the world largest swimsuit shoot on Bondi beach (out my front door). They had photogs in helicopters and I thought I’d try capture the wide shot with my gx617 (hand held – not by choice, assistand did a runner). I reckon I had around 3 seconds to shoot this image before the girls got restless and broke formation. Only took 2 frames…shooting on film and hand holding a big camera like gx617 wasn’t easy….especially getting the horizon level and guessing exposure.

    So it’s officially the largest swimsuit shoot in the world with 1200 girls…Sarah Wilson (ex editor of cosmo) and standing in the middle is holding the guiness book of records certifcate.

    Now I know not to many gx617 are used in fashion shoots, or pointed at 1200 girls…but it really was the only way to get them all in 1 frame …no time for stitching!

    I just flew in from Down south WA…nice gallery CF. Love it down there. Ok, back to shooting waves….promise.

  4. Hazel says:

    I’m at the back

  5. All I have to say is…. Yeahhhh Boi!

  6. muzz says:

    I especially like Uge’s work when he has less aqua and more bumps. This is a good example.

  7. thanks for dropping into the gallery Uge, it is a great place for me to hang out, so to speak. I particularly liked Muzz’s comment above, he is a funny guy.

    Cheers all.

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