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Back from Karijini

28 Apr 2010 at 6:55pm

Oxers Lookout, Karijini

I got back from Karijini today after a marathon 17 hour drive back to Perth. The workshop was huge and great fun. We went hard and learnt lots. Plenty of fun was had by all and Tony, Peter and myself were blown away by the quality of the images captured over the 4 days.

To everyone who came along, thank you for being great pupils. It was hot and challenging at times but such is the life of a landscape photographer. I will add more photos as I get some worked and elaborate on the workshop more in the coming week. Make sure you check out the other photographers blogs to see their amazing photos. Thanks again fellas.

p.s. Keith can I get a pic of Mark Stothard being operated on by Pete the doctor for the blog, everyone likes to see blood.

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  1. Bryce says:

    Dam that place is amazing. Can’t wait to see the variety of images coming up!

  2. mervfrench says:

    Looks like a bit of water around , was it average or good for water ?

    Hope others post a link to their images here as I have no idea who went but would like to se their images

  3. Dan Scott says:

    good to see it went down well. The detail in that shot is incredible.

  4. Tony Hewitt says:

    I echo your comments Christian. The crew came up with some fantastic images and it was fantastic to see passionate and creative photographers sharing their ideas and inspiring each other to explore their yisual horizons. Great experience to be a part of and a pleasure to share and pass on some of the things I have learned as a professional of 20 years.
    Looking forward to seeing more images in the comng weeks as the guys, and Darrien, put into practice some of the tips, the tricks, and the ‘Secret Sauce’, that was shared over 4 incredible days.

  5. Matt Saul says:

    Awesome man, almost looks like some sort of tilt shift effect?? but im guessing not with the phase?
    Any chance of a list of links to the peoples blogs who went on the trip for all us suckers who are living through you guys?

  6. Caro says:

    What was the blood about? Just a scratch or a major injury? Maybe he should wear shoes afterall!

  7. Hey Fletch,

    Thanks for a brilliant long weekend, I really needed an atmosphere like that to spur me on. I think we all learnt something from each other, including the instructors. Matt’s (like me) should be 10% bigger at he bottom (looks more natural (central) that way) Mr (ex) Framer.
    Have you ever thought of running a weekend workshop closer to the SW? Dryandra Woodland came to mind, lots of red rocks and white barked Wandoo, just a thought! Could be good to hire a cottage and get a group going… so to speak, once it’s been given a chance to green up a little, there maybe a Numbat to be seen (a nocturnal walk can be provided) and at the right time (early spring(I think!)) lots of poison (Gastrolobium species). Anybody else interested?

  8. Brett Morgan says:

    I think that is a great idea Matt I had to cancel the Karijini trip at last minute due to work commitments and would really love the chance to get down sdouth to do one for sure.
    Oh and I am so not happy I was not there now you guy’s would of had some amazing light shows out there we did in Port Hedland but I was working while watching argh..

  9. Good to see you made it back safely. It was an amazing weekend, the instructors, participants and the location is out of this world. I stopped in at Hamersley gorge and that is also an amazing place that we didn’t get to in the workshop.

    Writing this from Maccas in Broome, the mighty Kimberley awaits tomorrow. There will be a few photos to process when I get back home đŸ™‚

    That’s a great shot of Oxer Lookout, I’m already missing the place.


  10. Darrienne says:

    Thanks so much Christian and Tony. Can’t believe how much I learnt and improved. I’m revisitng all of my images taken prior to the workshop, that’s how far I progressed. For anyone reading this and thinking of going next year, it was awful, don’t bother coming!! #evil laughter, patting of fluffy white cat#

    Glad everyone got back OK. I rolled into Auski on less than empty and breathed a huge sigh of felief – must take a jerry can next time. And one of those pads to keep laptops cool.

    All of the guys were so lovely and much better behaved than I expected – barring the ornithology lesson! Thanks guys for letting me gatecrash.

  11. Fletch has to tow James and I the last 15km into Newman and then push the Suzi to the bowser , you did well Darrienne!

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