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Fire swept Karijini

29 Apr 2010 at 7:12pm

Karijini National Park

Karijini had some massive fires recently and lots of the park was laid bare. That offered up some amazing landscape opportunities and we were all frothing over the red rocks and exposed hillsides. This is just near the carpark to Weano and Hancock gorges. Every day we had awesome skies, in fact the conditions are some of the best I have ever seen at Karijini.

Shot on the Phase One, P65+ back, 80mm Schneider Lens and the 645DF Phase body. Focus stacked, this image is sweeeeeet!

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  1. Matt Saul says:

    Awesome shot. colours look completly different when i click on the big version on my macbook…looks best big!

  2. I like this one CF – love how barren and ‘other worldly’ the country looks in the north after fires.

  3. No surprise, this one really does it for me 🙂 Excellent, oh look at those clouds (I would have loved those, would have shot clouds all day long), red soil and gum trees. I shall return soon.

    Interesting that you seem to shoot new and different compositions with the Phase?

  4. Tom AStley says:

    Trees on Mars……my first impression.

  5. Dylan Fox says:

    great shot mate!
    very jealous that i couldnt go! 🙁

  6. Nice one mate. Heaps to like in this one!

  7. wow how different does it look after a fire. spinifex is great but it looks like this has offered totally new opportunities!

  8. Darrienne says:

    I think remember this shot being taken. I’m having counselling to forget the half hour before!

    Love how the red bark looks the same colour as the ground. It looks like the rock is growing up over the tree and starting to take over the vegetation. No I’m not on drugs!

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