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16 May 2010 at 8:03pm

I found myself with a little time to play today so I pulled out the studio light and asked my ever ready super gorgeous model to strike a pose for me. The original image wasn’t brilliant so I decided to have a little play with “arting ” it up a little. What do you think.

Shot with the trusty phase one P65+ and Schneider 80mm combination. As you would expect laceratingly  sharp, ouch!!!

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  1. Tom Parkes says:

    Awesomely sharp CF, beautiful work.
    Your daughter strikes a better blue steel than Tommy P.

  2. haha yeah she does Tom. How sharp is it, this schneider lens just blows me away. Nothing else I have used comes close.

  3. Tom Putt says:

    She looks happy to be photographed Christian!

  4. I told her to give me blue steele and thats what I got. I said “your going to spend next week with Tom Putt” then I clicked, she never smiled again!

  5. The detail in the cropped version is mind blowing! Great bit of kit! Nice processing of the image, I really like the colour tone applied.

  6. Great detail, good image, you have found a new vocation. By the look of the model, it’s going to cost you a little more than some Dora DVDs’ and a new Barbie Doll! A beautifully sharp image yet it’s got a grit too it, are you putting it up at the awards done at PMA?

  7. muzz says:

    The detail in that crop is unreal – i like the crop as a standalone too. Looks like she is well and truly over your new rig CF 🙂 That beautiful contrast of childish softness with the grungy background is a good look.

  8. holy snapping catfish batman… look at how sharp that is.

  9. Hazel says:

    Yeah yeah sharp as but please don’t photograph your kids unless it makes them happy or they are posing for the re make of Children of the Corn.

  10. Damo says:

    Did you smack her before the shutter clicked over? She looked delighted mate 😀

  11. I think you have a model n the making mate!

  12. Ian P says:

    Had a look at the shot last night after our chat. A shot that millions of parents would take daily but with great camera and great skill a simple shot becomes art. Simply amazing.

  13. Hazel says:

    You don’t need a great camera to make art. You need a great eye, great equipment is a bonus but not necessary. And I have to say not many parents would take a shot like that, as scary beautiful as it is most parent just click happily away without posing which sometimes works better.

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