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  1. oh yeah ! nice set there…. where’s Marky ?!?

  2. Kym says:

    Nice shot, and how straight is that horizon, hehe!!

  3. Marky was at Striko’s at Rotto havin a ball!

    Great shot mate and Bears that big is scary eh…notice how many people are out there…not!

    I have surfed it that big once I reckon and I recall the flogging very well!

  4. Stakky says:

    these surf pictures are too cool mate, more more!!

  5. Clint Baker says:

    wow i have never seen bears this big…. underwater housing out there… not a chance haha

  6. Antonio Ranieri says:

    The Horizon’s crooked CF hehe

  7. that is the straightest horizon on this earth, even Flemming can’t fault it.

  8. Haydn Jones says:


    Please take that camera, filters and your tripod to these surf break at dawn or dusk. I want to see christian + light + surf = pure gold 🙂

  9. Christian says:

    Will I’ve it a go for you Haydn, just waiting for the right moment. Swell is up, maybe tomorrow morning.

  10. Haydn Jones says:

    Cant wait to see the results

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