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A Call to Arms

21 Jun 2010 at 8:03pm

I got a call from Ken Duncan the other day. He is organising a rally to be held in Sydney on the 29th of August. See the flyers below. I am heading over for it and want to see how many of you are keen to come over also. This is a big deal for all of us and if we want to keep shooting some of the best places in Australia without restriction it is worth getting behind. I’m planning on spending an extra couple of days and hope to head somewhere for some shooting. So whos coming??

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  1. Sandy@Shots says:

    Very timely Christian, I’ve just posted a gripe on my blog about this very same thing but no point in moaning unless you do someting to help fix it. I’ll be there….WITH MY TRIPOD!!

  2. Tim Donnelly says:

    I’ll be there fore sure!

  3. André says:

    I’ll be there as well.

  4. Mark Zissis says:

    Christian, ill be there I normally shot 6 x 17 format. THAT DAY I WILL BRING 308.

  5. Joanna says:

    Not sure I can go but I will definitely post the details of the protest around all the photography communities I know to try to get numbers there!

  6. Antonio Ranieri says:

    Hell yeh!!

  7. rod thomas says:

    A call from Kenny D… you surely must be the chosen one….. Why dont ya bring ya hack brother with ya and Ill take you guys up to Stockton or something or into Barrington Tops mate…..

  8. Steve says:

    I’ll try to be there. We’re expecting visitors from the States around then but not sure of their itinerary.

  9. Matt Saul says:

    Hey CF,

    Ill be over there for the whole week prior for a conference and im staying for the weekend of this and the monday after so ill come along..Im keen for a shoot over that weekend or the monday if you are up for it..blue mountains?

  10. Thanks for posting this fletch, hopeflly posting here will reach even more people esp. those in the west. – I saw KD at PMA and he had T-shirt and flyers for this promoting the event and the entire concept and I was wanting to post about it myself but unfortunately I have been sidetracked to say the least. I commended him on it so it’s great to see others such as yourself behind it.

    THUMBS UP mate ! and 1 finger up for ridiculous over regulating authority !

  11. I think Australia has gone completely around the bend on legislation, it is completely ridiculous. I hope this great initiative helps!!!

    I’ll be there in spirit to support this, Rodney can you carry a lifesize cardboard cutout of me please?

  12. Brent says:

    I’m going to be at this rally.

    After the bullshit about Sculpture By The Sea and Copyright etc. I’m all for getting behind this.

    Hey maybe we can do a cool seascape shoot while you are over!


  13. Tony Jeavons says:

    I can only be there in spirit too ( I live in the UK), Although this sort of thing is a world wide problem. We’ve had this problem here in the UK since 9/11 happened. The Police told us that we can’t take any photo’s of airports, train stations, schools and Public social area’s, shopping centres, Policemen on duty, the list goes on, the best one is that you can not take a photo of your own children in a park in case your a peadophile? (not sure if your country has heard of that one, YET). There was a big peaceful march in London a couple of years ago with the press photographers & all amature photographers taking part (some taking photo’s of policemen while on the march). Thankfully the Government change some rules where they can just ask you what you have taken & then use their common sense to see if your a terrorist. Good luck!!

  14. Tim Wrate says:

    I’ll be there for sure. Although I’ve never had trouble with powers that are, I’ve had a few interesting run-ins with people while shooting.

    Alot of the time, I think people automatically assume that you’re up to mischief. Once I was down at Curl Curl beach here in Sydney and it was the most epic sunset. Clicking away, I got approached by a fat ginger kid who was swimming couple hundred meters away from where I was shooting. He told me to “f-ck off and stop taking photos of me”. I chirped back with a “with a sunset like that, why would I be shooting ugly prick like you. I’m not a pervert, I’m a photographer”. He walked off with his tail between his legs.

    Harsh but fair. But I’m sick of people automatically assuming the worst.

  15. Tom Putt says:

    I’m only going if I can wear my pink feather boa!

  16. Sam Clark says:

    Not sure if you guys are aware or not, but Ken Duncan has t’shirts for sale on his website in reference to this protest..they read ‘ I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER, NOT A CRIMINAL’ Fight for Freedom – Cheers, Sam

  17. Hazel says:

    Love to be there but unfortunately the money I make tends to only stretch to feeding my kids and paying the mortgage. Maybe we should do something in Perth too.

  18. Peter Ahrens says:

    Hmm… This is just annoying. When will people ever stop trying to control everyone and everything…

    I wonder who’s pockets are going to get fatter as a result of this?

  19. Dylan Fox says:

    sounds awesome!!! whether or not i will make it i dont know…. considering i am in the states now… just dunno how the cash flow will be…

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