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Old Cottage, Bright, Victoria

5 Jul 2010 at 9:25am

This old shack was on the main street in Bright, Victoria. I think old stuff is great to photograph, and that Australian Landscapes can include urban scenes as well. It was a pretty cold morning, this house would have been pretty miserable. Don’t think anyone was living there.

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  1. Tim Wootton says:

    G’day Christian, nice shot, think it needs some more colour in it though.


  2. Tom Putt says:

    What’s with the fluffy edges poof?!!?

  3. Tom Parkes says:

    I quite like the effect, just need a few creases in the corners of the the image and it would look quite authentic.

  4. could try a colour version Tim. Thanks tom for your brilliant observation! Other Tom, I thought you would like fluffy edges?

  5. Gotta love the banter between you and Tommy Boy…makes me laugh a lot!

    I remember when you were taking this shot bud and was wondering what you were going to do with it…kinda cool coz its different and that is what you are always striving to do!

  6. thanks Markie, gotta try and break new ground, I just don’t know what is new ground yet, still trying to discover it! Tommy is a funny bugger, he should be the next pricilla Queen of the Desert!

  7. Hazel says:

    Am I allowed to say its just awful.

  8. Sure Hazel, what don’t you like?

  9. hazel says:

    I’m not too keen on the treatment or border Christian. You have such a wonderful eye , I just don’t get this from you. Cute house though. Your work when its straight from your heart walks all over most of the landscapers in this country. I have always admired the fact that you have never over worked your pictures …. you shoot well, you work them beautifully and let the pictures speak for themselves. That’s just what I think. Lots of people will love it.

  10. Agreed. The character in these old buildings has so much to offer a photographer, even just imagining the history of what may have happened within. I must say I do agree with the previous post, no that keen on the border, I think it takes away from the overall feel of the image. See you again soon, Jaime Bright Accommodation

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