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Hamersley Ranges

6 Jul 2010 at 8:18am

Hamersley Ranges, Pilbara

This was shot last week on a trip to the Pilbara that Michael and I did. We were lucky to get to this cool spot and didn’t even know it was there until we climbed up a hill to get a view over a valley. Oh to have a heli to explore the Hamersley Ranges. You could get some of the best shots imaginable. It was freezing cold when we were up there and blowing about 30 knots. I had to hide behind a very thin tree to sheild the camera from the wind and the sun flare. I like the result.

Phase One 645DF, 150mm f/2.8, P65+.

Single image cropped to panoramic. Still almost 38″ wide at full res. Not bad and will push to 60″ easily, if not bigger.

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  1. nobsta says:

    Great image as everytime on this blog.

  2. thanks Andrew.

    You have some nice work to Robert, cheers for the comment.

  3. Pete Hodgson says:

    I am partial to these type of shots and this one looks great.

    ps … I wish I had that phase of yours up here in the north with me at the moment, I can really see how beneficial having a bit more resolution would be with some of these grandiose landscapes where you are trying to get some nice detail right through the image.

  4. The great dynamic range of the Phase paying off here I see, allowing you to shoot a nice detailed into the light shot. I really like the image, the top part is perhaps a bit too white for me, I would warm that in some way (use the APPA blowtorch hehe)

  5. David Sobik says:

    Yep cool Christian, it must be just fantastic not having to stitch 9 images together!

  6. matt saul says:

    Cool shot cf!, how do you go printing big areas of blown highlights, any dramas? I like the look of the blown highlights, just wondering how it prints?

  7. Antonio Ranieri says:

    love the shot CF but I find the bit of grass in the fore ground a bit distracting!!

  8. Good to see an example of blowing the highlights etc and still being a sweet image… Gotta love that clunky phase ! When you are ready to offload it cheap I’m sure it’ would love to migrate from the stunning west coast to the majestic south coast 😉

  9. Showin off the Phase agin thee dude! Nicely done and something that us mere mortals cannot hope to capture!

    Welcome back Cotter…we’ve been missing ya buddy!

  10. Pete, the phase loves detail, you get addicted to it though and now I look for complexity everywhere.
    Yeah don’t know how you could warm it without it looking fake Flemming. Actually it looked just like this to my eye as I was looking straight into the sun. Amazing what the phase captures.
    David it is very nice shooting one image and snowing you still have lots to play with.
    Matt, printing is no problems and you save money on ink!
    Yeah that grass Antonio bothers me too. Might have to get rid of it with the content unaware command!!
    Yeah Tone, I like a blown sky at times. This scene works with it I think. You can have it cheap when I upgrade, in 20 years time.
    Hey markie, it is good to be back, however it is school holidays and jen will be away for 5 days so I will be away doing the child rearing thing. Now I have to spend a day just catching up with your posts!, youdaman!

  11. You know all you have to do with my posts is swear at me a lot and I am a happy camper!

  12. Stakky says:

    Wow the quality of that glass…. i’m amazed it can pick up the edges of the blown out areas without any chromic aberration. Notice any huge differenced between this and the 50mm 1.2?

  13. Caro says:

    Why don’t your images enlarge when I view them anymore? There used to be a magnifying glass to click on an image to make it bigger, but now it just comes up one size – smaller than my screen – and I can’t enlarge it.
    What a pity to look at such tiny images of the great photos from your fantastic camera …

  14. lovely shot.
    amazing detail and dynamic range.
    surely it’s more enjoyable when you’ve earned the image by climbing as hill as oppose to being dropped off by a heli though 😛

  15. Brett Morgan says:

    CF great image bit blown but it gives it the look of the North thats for sure and it would be an amazing thing to have a helicopter at your bec and call up there thats for sure :).
    Oh and its great to see your back to mate look forward to looking at more images.

  16. Moshe says:

    Great photo, and I love the blown skies.

    question (to everyone): are professionals NOT using film panoramic cameras anymore? but only stitching or cropping?

    I’m using XPAN for panorama, and find myself lil’ bothered by the process lately.


  17. The 50mm is just a toy Stakky!! nah it is still a good lens but not as good as these.
    If i dont put a border on Caro it fits in the window easily. I haven’t made the photos any smaller though.
    Stephen, heli wins every time!
    Plenty more to come Brett
    Moshe, Ken Duncan is still using film and a few others but digital has just gotten that good now your mad not to use it.

  18. Will Ophuis says:

    yeah I like this a lot.

  19. Dan Scott says:

    Hey Christian, Very cool shot. I like it when the sky blows out like this purely because everyone bitches and moans that you shouldnt blow the sky out. You have however done a very good job of this shot, my shots with blown out skys look like amature.

  20. thanks Will, thanks Dan. I like a white sky and if I had detail in this image it would just reek of HDR. In the right image a blown sky is cool.

  21. hazel says:

    Now this is beautiful.

  22. Ian.I says:

    I have been back a few times to see this shot and absolutely love it. And im not quoting a typical cliche flicker comment either. I mean it ;~)


  23. Tim Wrate says:

    stunning shot here Christian – it’s a study in layers of light and textures

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