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Les Walkling – “the REAL man”

13 Jul 2010 at 3:09pm

This is a quick portrait I took of my mate Les Walkling. He is an inspirational figure and his passion is infectious! When you see him taking a photo you would think the world depended on it, it is done with that much care and attention to detail. Heisdarealman!!!

See you in September for another trip into the wild Pilbara Les.

Shot on the Phase whilst on our last trip just out of Newman.

Tony and Pete were no where to be seen and unfortunately missed the good stuff……… again! Not that it was a competition!

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  1. nice shot!, big as tripod, looks like something for a big old large format camera?

  2. Matt Lauder says:

    That’s one hell of a tripod. Les looks well dressed for the Pilbara 🙂

  3. I hope to meet Les one day, sounds like a true artist and inspirational mentor.

    I agree with Matt, that’s one very stylish Pilbara outfit Les is sporting there!

  4. yep it was business shirts all week, when he shoots he means business!!
    Flemming he would be interested in a Danish person, I mean you guys did come up with the Phase One!!

  5. Antonio Ranieri says:

    He is a gentlemen to talk to & shoots with a hasselblad what more do I need say!!

  6. ok Antonio so he has some flaws!! haha, no one is perfect!! Unless they shoot Phase, ask Peter Eastway and Peter Lik they will tell ya.

  7. Will Ophuis says:

    now that’s a camera! Nice Portrait too!

  8. Very nice CF….I am sure Les will want a copy of that!

  9. hazel says:

    Lovely portrait

  10. Only spent a few short hours with Mr Walkling which opened my eyes to levels and curves … Would love to do a course of his one day ….

  11. hazel says:

    Christian you should do a whole series like this on WA photographers and not just landscapers.

  12. Christian says:

    It is a great idea Hazel, would be an awesome project but a scary one as these photographers can be a critical bunch!!

  13. hazel says:

    don’t listen to them then lol and broaden your horizons and involve other photographers. Did you know there are hundreds of great photographers in WA alone lol

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