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Update on the Gigapan video

23 Jul 2010 at 9:20pm

It looks on the video that we took a long time to get a shot from the Gigapan. It was more a bit of creative editing from Michael. A few people have asked me how long it actually took to shoot the 28 image stitch of Sugarloaf Rock and we estimate it was about a minute to a minute and a half. This could be sped up with changing the direction the gigapan takes the pics. Now if your shooting a pano on dusk you can get it to start and do the dark side of the image first and work it’s way across to the lighter side of the image. If it was a 30 second exposure for each image the exposure might even even itself out naturally.

When we did the pan at Sugarloaf rock the first time Ben has set the gigapan to shoot three bracketed exposures at each position, we stopped and started it again. Then we forgot to turn the image stabilizer off and started again. Then some dude walked into our shot. It does help to read the instructions. One great feature is you can save the order of that stitch and/or repeat it if you haven’t turned it off.

The stitch worked perfectly, try doing a perfect 28 image stitch with a three way head and an elbow bracket. It is painful and if it really matters you just won’t be confident that you got everything right.

So my thoughts are the gigapan is easy, a lot of fun and a brilliant tool for making REALLY big images. It isn’t for everybody, but if you are the sort of person that need perfection it would be pretty hard to go past this well made bit of kit. Sure you will have to lug it around but you didn’t see Ansel Adams complaining about his 8×10. He wanted the best shots and new that was the only way. So the question is, are you someone who cares about the nth degree, or do you shoot soulless happy snaps???

If you want to see the image we shot Benny from team digital has it on his computer.

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  1. muzz says:

    I thought Mike was trying to use it with the 5D2 in video mode 😉

  2. Looks like a stunning bit of kit! I cant believe its more in GB pounds than in U.S dollars. Why is the rest of the world ripped off in comparison with the states?!! 🙁

  3. I think they must buy a lot hence they get them cheaper. It is also made in the us. Isn’t everything more expensive in the uk Anthony?

  4. They are great! I using one in Canada next week! We have a similar, super quick, custom version to make aerial panos like the ones in Perth for http://www.toursfromabove.com.

    The giga pro could be a little more PRO for my liking – it,s not as rugged as the cameras it is designed to carry,

  5. Hi John, nice work you have. I think the gigapan is pretty robust but you wouldn’t take it out in a force 10 gale, like most pano heads. Maybe one day they will have a hybrid gigapan/360 precision head for extreme shooting. Canada sounds nice!

  6. Yeah but he is annoying John !

  7. Stakky says:

    gigapan looks AWESOME

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