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Portrait Concept

31 Jul 2010 at 10:54pm

Today I shot a portrait of sisters Marnie and Sian. They are both extremely talented musicians and they needed some imagery for a cd cover, website, promo gear etc. I am trying to work my way back into select portraits and so I gave it a go. This was shot in my dodgy studio that doubles as Michaels jam room. Of course the place is littered with beer bottles, wine bottles spirits, anything to make his drumming sound good! Marnie and Sian weren’t fazed at such primitive surroundings and we got a series of shots that I liked. This is the first of a few I will do up for the girls.

Oh and BTW they are available for hire if you need music at your next show, product launch, party or wedding.

Sian & Marnie Fenn – sianfenn@yahoo.com.au

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  1. Getting very arty there bud! Very nice.

    I think you might be evolving into an artist!!! 🙂

  2. Antonio Ranieri says:

    Good shit still a pano!!! hehehe

  3. Christian says:

    Thanks fellas, glad you like. The pano is good for portraits I think.

  4. Pete Hodgson says:

    Got to be pleased with this CF, Looks fantastic.

  5. Tanya says:

    looks fantastic…perfect.

  6. Tim Wootton says:

    Good idea I reckon! Think It would be good with more eye contact though.

  7. Brett Morgan says:

    Very nice image indeed CF I like it its something like this I want to incorporate into my portraiture makes it more stand alone and different than the norm 2 thumbs up indeed :).

  8. Thanks Brett, it is important to be different and offer something not everyone is doing.

  9. Will Ophuis says:

    I like it CF nice work.

  10. Paul says:

    Great concept.. I might borrow it.. lol

    – paul

  11. Craig Chiswell says:

    Awesome mate. Great shooting.

  12. muzz says:

    I actually did notice the guitar in this shot the first time but I just went back and eventually noticed it again. It’s upside down and that’s what was bothering me – maybe flipping it vertically would make it look like a right-way-up left-handed guitar. Just a thought. It’s a very graceful look – you’d have to be happy with pulling that off considering you were in Mike’s cave at the time.

  13. Mike Fletcher says:

    The Grandmas are available for hire too… Who needs sweet smelling fresh ladies singing lovely tunes… the world needs more angst, more aggression, more power, the one thing the Grandmas thrive on and the one reason why Christian was kicked out of the band….He just wasn’t hard enough……

    Muzz we specialise in the Mandurah area. At least they appreciate the finer points of great musician ship!!!!

    Rock on Live Long (fingers gesturing the devil)………..

    • muzz says:

      That’s excellent news Mike – we have a 5yo birthday party coming up and your band sounds perfect. Can you do some Taylor Swift covers? There might even be some real grandmas there so bring plenty of sticks.

  14. Joanna says:

    Hi Christian. I really like the treatment you’ve given this it looks cool, but I think the expressions on the girls faces are a bit rigid. Maybe a different shot of the girls would look better – and like Tim says more eye contact maybe…..

  15. Hi Christian,

    Great photo, just the shadow on the right shoulder of the girl on the left stands out a little to me. Is it a shadow or her dress?

  16. hazel says:

    Not sure about this one…… look cramped up in the corner

  17. muzz says:

    All your portraits so far have had the models looking dreamily up at camera right – I’m betting you’ve put that life size “Statue of David” style self-portrait up there haven’t you.

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