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My Workflow Workshop

27 Aug 2010 at 9:34am

I am running what might possibly be my last workflow workshop for the year. i have been trying to get one up and going for months now but the calendar has been so full. I know it is short notice but the details are below.
Date – Saturday night the 4th of September 2010 at 7.30pm
Location – My Dunsborough Gallery, Shop 4/27 Dunn Bay Road
Cost – $250 per person
What you get – 4 to 5 hours of learning, A printed workbook with the nights topics, Free wine and Desert.
What I cover –
equipment, camera etc
Shooting in RAW
RAW image conversion
Photoshop examples
Other software I use to get the results I do
Colour Management – Working spaces, colour profiles, colour settings
Soft proofing
Monitor Calibration
ICC profiles
Sharpening Resizing
Tips and tricks to make your images pop!
Plenty of time to ask questions

This is my workshop that will get you on the right path to professional results and is suited to all levels of knowledge. A basic understanding of photoshop would be helpful as well as and understanding of the basics of photography and the operation of your camera.
Let me know as soon as you can if you can make it down for the night.
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New Gear from Canon

27 Aug 2010 at 9:29am

Benny from Team Digital gave me the heads up on some new Canon gear that is coming out very soon.

Canon demonstrates the company’s commitment to continually improving lens technology for SLR cameras.
Announcing today:

  • Four new Canon Super – Telephoto lenses
  • Two new Canon EF Extenders
  • One New canon fish eye Zoom lens
  • One Canon Tele photo Zoom

The first of these new products will be available toward the end of October and extending through to 2011.

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Tony Hewitt – the Inaugural Masterclass on Rottnest Island November 5th to 7th

26 Aug 2010 at 7:28pm

My good mate Tony “Tone” Hewitt is running an awesome workshop on Rottnest with Denis Glennon. This will be an opportunity to get inside the head of one of Australia’s most awarded photographers. Tony has taught me more about creating stunning images than anyone and his enthusiasm will rub off when you are all together and the creative juices are flowing. Tony has a unique vision. What he has shown me is a brilliant photograph isn’t created in Photoshop, it is created in your mind. He will teach you that your own unique vision is your most powerful tool. Below is some more info on the workshop. Get on it.

Tony Hewitt, AIPP Grand Master Photographer, Hon Fellow AIPP,  and Denis Glennon AO, have

combined their respective expertise to present Tony’s inaugural Masterclass in Western Australia.

The venue for this exclusive event is one of Western Australia’s jewels of nature –

The Country Club, Rottnest Island.

Only twelve participants will be registered.

The Masterclass is scheduled for Fri 5th & Sun 7th November 2010, when Rottnest will be at its best.

Highlights of the Masterclass include:

■The journey of photographic vision through the eye of a Grand Master Photographer

(only nine in Australia)

■Tony’s candid and eloquent sharing of his techniques and thought processes on capturing

images that strongly resonate with viewers

■Learning why great, award winning images are the result of the photographer’s passionate

intent, engagement with the world in the frame and most importantly, creative vision

■Informing participants how to

■Tony’s sympathetic, warm-hearted talks and honest photographs go deep to the core of

both the purpose and method of making great photographs. He is a free-spirited but a

sure-footed wanderer who will ensure, as a participant, you will stay inside his head and

therefore vision, right from the moment he shoulders his camera bag and leads you on the

first pre-dawn shoot

■An insight to the mindset of photography award judges …… by one of the most experienced

and respected international judges in the photography world

It is a “total package” event and includes:

■Return Rottnest Express Ferry tickets

■Shared accommodation

■All meals, (excluding alcohol) – dinner on Fri and Sat evenings, breakfast on Sat and Sun

morning, lunch on Sat and Sun and morning & afternoon tea/coffee

■Transport to remote areas of the island for pre-dawn and sunset shoots such as Parker

Point & West End

■Attendance at all Masterclass tutorials and shoots on Sat and Sun

■Handout materials and helpful, constructive commentary on your images captured during

the shoots

To secure your place go to : http://denisglennon.com/tony-hewitt-masterclass-on-rottnest-island/

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Lake Ballard Overview

25 Aug 2010 at 9:01pm

This is my take on the view overlooking Lake Ballard. I have come up with a new technique for adding a tone and contrast at the same time and it is completely editable so it is easy to fine tune. This tone can bring an image to life. Again I have a very light sky as opposed to the heavy dark ones. I like it for a change. This pic is almost 3 metres wide at full res. Another one I did with the gigapan is just under 5 metres wide at full res. That is big!

This image would do well in the Landscape 500 Photo Competition. Enter here.

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Cool Coolgardie Building

17 Aug 2010 at 12:54pm

This is my take on the old hotel Markie and I shot in Coolgardie. Was a classic building and I thought long and hard about the final image I had in my mind. This is pretty much what the it said to me. Who would have thought they could build such beautiful things on the way to no where. All this image needs is an old guy in a wheelchair and I would be completely happy. Some major work went into this and I will show the workings at my next workshop. Whenever that will be.

Might have to do one soon before the Landscape 500 Competition finishes. Could inspire you to greater photographic pieces, or just bore you silly!!

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Nik-64 bit Upgrade

17 Aug 2010 at 11:16am

Benny from Team Digital just told me some good news, all the Nik software is now soon to be 64-bit. That will be awesome with CS5 and my newly upgrade Mac Pro with 24gb of ram. Thanks for the heads up mate.

How To Update:
If you are a current Viveza 2 customer, you can get the 64-bit update from the websitehttps://www.niksoftware.com/site/ simply go the Support and then FAQS then you will see “Is Viveza 2 compatible with 64-Bit host applications”. Then follow the prompts from there

Next in Line:
The next products to be released are:

• Silver Efex Pro &
Color Efex Pro 3.0
• Dfine 2.0 &
Sharpener Pro 3.0

We are currently completing these updates and reviewing them to assure the highest level of quality.

I use Nik software all the time when working my images. It is worth getting Colour Efex and Silver Efex alone but the whole suite is nice. Don’t forget if your getting some awesome results with Nik software, enter the Landscape 500 Awards. Show us what you can do!

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The Landscape 500 Just Got Better

13 Aug 2010 at 9:51am

Jetstar have just thrown in free flights for the winners of first prize from any capital city in Australia to Sydney  for the cruise on True North. How good is that. So now there is an even better reason to enter the competition. Well unless you live in Sydney that is!! Thanks Jetstar.

The Landscape 500 Photo Awards

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Nick Melidonis is on his feet and off to Greece

13 Aug 2010 at 9:36am


Join Master Photographer Nick Melidonis and SBS journalist Costas Demetriades on a remarkable journey to the Cyclades Islands nestled in the deep blue Aegean. These Iconic islands are renowned for the beauty of their expansive seascapes, whitewashed villages spilling down slopes, blue-domed churches, soaring windmills, and stunning sunsets.

For full details of the tour see http://nickmelidonis.com/tours/aegean-odyssey-itinerary/

To attend a free information evening on August 3oth contact Nick on nick@nickmelidonis.com


  • Visit the Monasteraki (flea market) and the ancient Agora of Athens
  • Enjoy professional photography tuition to capture images from one of the world’s most photogenic destinations
  • Marvel at the perfection of the Parthenon set on the imposing heights of the Acropolis
  • Share a musical and cultural feast in an ancient castle with a descendent of the 13th century ruler of Naxos.
  • Stroll through the vibrant streets of Mykonos and explore the sacred island of Delos, steeped in mythology
  • Explore the Cyclades Islands most charismatic port, Naoussa, on the magical island of Paros
  • Visit Tinos, island of artists, also known as the Lourdes of Greece
  • Wander along the awesome caldera’s edge in Santorini, one of the world’s most amazing landscapes.

The Landscape 500, over $10,000 in prizes just for entering a pretty landscape image of Australia. ENTER NOW

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