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Lake Ballard Overview

25 Aug 2010 at 9:01pm

This is my take on the view overlooking Lake Ballard. I have come up with a new technique for adding a tone and contrast at the same time and it is completely editable so it is easy to fine tune. This tone can bring an image to life. Again I have a very light sky as opposed to the heavy dark ones. I like it for a change. This pic is almost 3 metres wide at full res. Another one I did with the gigapan is just under 5 metres wide at full res. That is big!

This image would do well in the Landscape 500 Photo Competition. Enter here.

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  1. Brett Morgan says:

    The detail in this image is amazing CF and the high res image I would to see eh :).

  2. David Sobik says:

    Crazy specs CF, nice image, I like the foot prints.

  3. Whatever that new technique is (I’ll pester you for it in PNG heh) it works, those very light dreamy tones work a treat. Makes it look very otherworldly. Personal taste, I might do away with the greens but that’s just me not being a big fan of green.

    I would like to stand at that lookout and shot ‘MATE you’re in my shot!” to the statues 🙂

  4. Christian says:

    Me too Brett, might get it printed up today to see how it looks big.

    The footprints look good from above but not so good at ground level David.

    Flemming you will be getting all my good tips on the PNG trip. You might have to fetch me a few beers though as it is a technique that means you can’t get up easily and get your own beer!

  5. Will Ophuis says:

    Like the Tones and long shadows in this one.

  6. Andrea Green says:

    Any excuse to make someone else get your beer for you hey Christian LOL
    WOW that’s one HUGE photo, I had a look at a video with the Gigapan, it looks pretty amazing, it automatically stitches the shots together, is that right Christian? So how do you do panaramics with a normal tripod? I tried to do it and the shots tilted down more when you got further to one side. I know that it works on the rotation being in the middle of the lens not the body so how do you do that on a normal tripod, or can’t you unless you have a panoramic head or whatever it is on the tripod mount.

    • the gigapan doesn’t stitch it together you do it later in Photoshop or PT GUI. PT Gui is my pick of the programs to use. You can shoot a pano handheld. Main thing is to keep the tripod level and not include too much in the very close foreground. Use a focal length from around 35mm to 85mm, set manual focus on the camera, manual exposure, choose a white balance and overlap each shot you take by about 20 to 30 percent. Try a three way head on your tripod with an elbow or L bracket on it to put your camera up on the vertical. See Benny at Team Digital if you need to get that gear. You are supposed to make sure the nodal point of the lens is over the axis of the tripod to avoid Parallax error. This isn’t that necessary most of the time for simple stitches.

      • Andrea Green says:

        Thanks Christian,
        I appreciate you sharing that, I am determined to do a panoramic, I know it may seem simple to you guys but I am not so sure so now that I have this info I shall give it a crack.
        Thanks again

  7. Olivia Taylor says:

    SO what happens when the lake fills up with water? ;P

  8. A very different take on my version CF and I like it for sure…I also will be sucking your brains in PNG for this technique! 🙂

  9. You get very wet Livvy!

    Suck away Markie, it is a cool little trick but I’m only going to tell the people that get on one of my workshops. That and lots of other goodies! It really made the sand go from pinkie red to yellowish. Nice tones that are very appealing.

    • Let me guess, all these techniques involves you lazing in a deck chair on the boat with us bringing you pretty drinks with umbrellas in them while you reveal the mysteries of your photoshop expertise 🙂 Something like this:

      “Thanks for the drink Flemming, now look here, choose add adjustment layer and select saturation”
      “That’s it??????”
      “Yup. You’re welcome”
      “Eh thanks. Glad I bought you that drink!”


  10. Maaaate…I’ll get it out of ya I’m sure!

  11. yeah of course, you will be on my workshop, on your boat!! hehe

  12. muzz says:

    Lots of milky creaminess – makes me want an iced coffee (one of those light ones). Superb detail as always.

  13. haha Flemming, how did you guess my secret sauce?? The Hue Sat slider!!! Doh……… ah but there is a twist!!! and you will have to fetch me lattes too for the secret!!

    Muzz now you have me wanting a latte!

  14. Stakky says:

    Whoa big place. I’m talking 64 bit alpha channel PSD file in adobe RGB file size big 😀 😀 😀

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