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Gigapan Promo Video

1 Sep 2010 at 4:35pm

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/14602062]

Another great video by my brother Michael. Shows off the Gigapan and the fun you can have with it. Now before you guys go, hang on that Sugarloaf shot wasn’t taken with the Gigapan, it is there because the actual image we shot wasn’t that great. Not in quality, that was awesome, in light and feel. It was the wrong time of day. For the video Michael thought this shot looked better, see even with all the best technology in the world if the light isn’t on….

The Landscape 500

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  1. matt saul says:

    that lake ballard shot with the phase? zooming into that statue is ridiculous! never have to walk far for a shot ever again haha

  2. Dan Proud says:

    an amazing machine … not sure if I’d ever need ridiculous amounts of resolution like that though!

  3. Kym says:

    Very dramatic soundtrack Michael! Good to see you got some work done (finally) hehehe

  4. muzz says:

    It looks like a fantastic bit of kit in the right hands. The video is nicely put together Mike and surprisingly quickly done as well. Is this video going on the DVD for the gallery? Actually, how is that DVD project going?? 😉

  5. Markie Mark says:

    Great work as usual Mikey Mike!

    I am sure the Gigapan dudes will like that for sure!

  6. Simple Amazing!!! Well at least if u want to print a 40m wide poster. You’ll have the resolution now?

    • Christian says:

      I have just the wall for that Andrew!! unfortunately most roll papers come in 15 to 30 m lengths!

  7. Nice video, the Gigapan guys should like that and it is one very cool machine!

    On general, don’t mean anyone in particular, people are too occupied with pixels and creating a detailed image instead of a good image. Good light is everything. Having said that one can never ever get enough pixels in the great shots, something I learned delivering an 8 meter print that while looking cool was a wee bit pixelated! It’s a bit large for travelling otherwise I wouldn’t mind having one.

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