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  1. matt saul says:

    Hey mate. Awesome video!I he sure is the one with the talent! haha
    I bought an intervelometer after going to mikes first workshop so I can try some time-lapse stuff..had a bit of a mess around and its good fun. Do you know if he is doing another one at some stage more focusing on using finalcut pro? also would love to suck his brain on how he gets a flickerless transition between night and day with the time-lapse, the holy-grail as its called..

  2. Kym says:

    That’s cool Michael!! Absolutely fantastic, unreal, better than ever!! (Is that positive enough for you???) haha. Seriously I love it! You seem to be able to get just the right soundtracks to suit your videos, well done! I am a little concerned though about the anatomy of those sculptures! 🙂

  3. Dan Proud says:

    yeah, that is one insanely cool video! I love the shadow time lapse – because its not obvious that its a time lapse but it is!

  4. Paul says:

    Very cool video.. loving Mike’s work!

    Would love to go to one of his workshops some time.

    – paul

  5. It is brilliant work, good job coming up with some sort of movement for a place with very little movement. The shadow moving is very cool so is the crane work and the astro time lapses show good promise 🙂 I still miss a shot of one of the guys shouting at a statue “mate you’re in my shot!”

  6. Tim Wootton says:

    Great video! really gives a sense of wide open and isolated space. Time-lapse was awesome. Best yet!

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