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Don’t forget your images for the Landscape 500

7 Sep 2010 at 8:56pm

Things are a little too quiet on this front, hopefully everyone is waiting for the cut off date to enter. Please don’t give me a heart attack. If you have the winning shot now, please enter online at The Landscape 500.

This image would be considered a landscape and therefore eligible to be entered in the competition. I took it with Antonio Raneiri and Matt Saul last week in Sydney. They have been taunting me with their own great pics so this is my first image from that trip. My wife likes it so it must be good.

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  1. Levi says:

    I have to say I’m shocked that more entires haven’t been submitted already. I got in quick, thinking that It’d be days before all the spots filled up!

    I’m sure everybody is waiting until the very last moment to send their entries in (we get the same thing with the WA Web Awards every year).

  2. matt saul says:

    Nice mate!! liking that light. You’re starting to sound like Mark with the ‘my wife likes it so it must be good’ haha
    Ill get my entries in soon for the comp so theres one more entry, no need to start pulling your hair out yet!

  3. My entry is coming no worries mate. It’s just I have so many masterpieces from Australia I am having a hard time choosing my final 3 – to which you say, I can enter more than once but there’s more of a challenge in winning with only 3 images hehe…actually I may enter 6, odds are looking fairly good at the moment!

  4. André says:

    We just want to see how far we can push you! I’ve registered and should submit soon.

  5. David Sobik says:

    I will put mine in tonight!

    Don’t want to be part of the heart attack!!!

  6. Christian says:

    phew thanks guys, I feel better now! hey does anyone like the photo or is it just my wife? Been hanging with Markie a lot Matty thats why I sound like him. You tend to imitate people you like! awe shucks!

  7. Nice work mate love it!!

  8. Great shot! That light is amazing. Was that shot with the Phase? I have already got 3 images in but got a great sunset down at Gnarabup over the weekend I was down and hung around to do some longer exposures around the old jetty down there. I am armed with a few new tricks up my sleeve so it would be silly not to put a few more in.

  9. Andrea Green says:

    Hey Christian,
    I really want to enter but I know that there were alot of entries left so I want to keep taking shots to get the best ones that I can.
    I love your shot, I really like the colours and the post production that you’ve doen on it. Great as usual.

  10. Tom Parkes says:

    Great shot CF, nice stylising.
    Will enter when I get home in a few weeks.

  11. Christian says:

    Thanks guys.
    Yes Craig shot on the phase, check out Antonios his was shot on the hasselblad. Glad you got some good light down south, I missed it, had a workshop to run:-(
    Good thinking Andrea
    Thanks Tom.

  12. Nicole Yardley says:

    Don’t stress Fletch, i just uploaded the winning pic tonight and plan on shooting 2nd place next week in Exmouth…..and yes, I will be waiting until the LAST minute to put them in. Love love love the pool shot, esp the mist from the right. Every quadrant is interesting.

  13. What? Don’t tell everyone you are going to take out first and second place nicole, no one else will enter as it will be a waste of money. I guess there is always 4th prize but no one wants that…. Sob….

  14. Matt Lauder says:

    Great shot Fletch… Looks like Freshwater Beach.

    Sorry for not making the rally would have been great to be there and catch up. My mum came over from Perth for a quick surprise visit to see the grand kids and booked her return flight… yep you guessed 12.30pm on Sunday of the rally. 🙁

  15. haha Adam, I do the same! Nah sorry you have to spend all that money but not make any to make you an enthusiast! You are a pro because you do it for a living, even if that living is pretty meagre! That is why pro shooters are so skinny! we don’t get enough to eat!

    Freshwater it was Matty, No probs about the rally mate, mums come first everytime!

  16. I have to say I’m shocked that more entires haven’t been submitted already. I got in quick, thinking that It’d be days before all the spots filled up!

  17. Andrew Brown says:

    Very creative treatment on this Fletch, very nice. Hope that the spots fill up fast for you, I entered the first night thinking that it would be full by the second…..so will think about entering some more if needs be.

  18. Ian Wiese says:

    If you want to hurry up the entries, get your web guy to take the count of the number of places left off the web page! Then they can’t leave it to the last minute or they may miss out.

  19. Thanks Andrew, I am learning you can never overestimate the public, just when you think you have it wired it isn’t what you thought it was.

    Good idea Ian. I should tell him to knock a few hundred of the top in one go, that will get some attention.

  20. joel durbridge says:

    Hi Christian,

    So…just to clarify, say 500 entries, minus one entry of 3 photos, would that make it 499 or 497?
    Basically, 500 shots or 1500?

    Sorry for my dumbness

  21. Jamie says:

    Mate I love that pool shot. That was similar to what I was hoping to capture when I was there. Didn’t get good enough light unfortunately.

    Jamie Paterson
    Australian landscape photography

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