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Please sign the petition on James Price Point

8 Sep 2010 at 8:10pm

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/6639576]


The more we can get to sign this the better the chance we have of making the Kimberley industry free. There are better places for this gas plant. Let the premier know.

Send this link to all your friends who care about stopping the government from doing whatever it wants. Today the Kimberley, tomorrow the southwest. Hope they don’t find oil and gas under your patch of soil.

I want all you young people to sign too, get your noses out of Facebook for five minutes and think about what sort of future you want. My generation have had it good and we have not treated your inheritance that well. Make sure you don’t make the mistakes we made and help bring about change. You are the ones who will make or break our planet. Please don’t leave it up to the old, don’t give a shit I’ll be dead before there is a problem politicians that only see money and power as their goal. Sorry, was I just talking about Barnett. Let’s get the message out that this is important, we HAVE TO CHANGE OUR WAYS. Don’t leave it up to a handful to do the work for you, do it yourself and think about how else you can help. We need a revolution a total shift from our current thinking. Let’s save the only thing that can keep us alive, our planet.

No I haven’t been drinking!

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  1. Cool David,sorry to get your nose out of Facebook, hang on your not a teenager!! haha

  2. Tim, you know how good it is up there, thanks for signing.

  3. Tim Wootton says:

    No worries mate, good luck at James Price!

  4. Will Ophuis says:

    Signed! and didn’t even have to get off facebook!

  5. Paul says:

    Signed.. and I posted it up on twitter and a heap of people are signing up now 🙂

    – paul

  6. Received it earlier, already signed !

  7. matt saul says:

    I’m in the industry but i agree that they should be able to economically put the infrastructure somewhere else so ill sign!

  8. I reckons that’s one of Mike’s best works. It has a great mixture of video and stills and that’s what makes it somewhat different to normal vids.

    It also showcases very well just how special the Kimberley is…lets hope we can make a difference.

  9. Dave Catley says:

    Signed up and blogged it too 🙂

  10. thanks to all you guys and girls who have signed up in the past 24 hours. A great result.

  11. Kym says:

    Signed! and Mark it’s not all about MICHAEL (hehe) just sign the petition!!!

  12. I signed it already Treasure!

  13. Kym says:

    yes Mark, I am at the end of every rainbow!!! 🙂

  14. All done as well …

  15. Tom Parkes says:

    Good luck to you and your campaign, a fabulous effort by you.

  16. Andrea Green says:

    Hey Christian,
    I’m not the best with facebook but I have had requests from people for other petitions and also someone trying to track down a dodgy business owner who was found in a day or two. Would it not be a good idea to post the petition on facebook then everyone can request their friends to sign it and send it on to all of their friends etc etc, it is a massive way of getting the petition out there.
    Just a thought

  17. Nigel Gaunt says:

    With images like this It’s gotta be worth saving…….all signed up see ya at JPP

  18. Brett Morgan says:

    Ok I haven’t wanted to stick my two bob’s worth in until now yes I am against them doing it the way they have but we have to look at the industry side of things too if there is no industry and it doesn’t continue to grow in our state who will buy our images.
    Yes I am an extremely avid and keen photographer but I also work in the industry and I guess I have seen both sides and there is also extremely strict boundaries put on the companies that will be doing the industry expansions up there I am just trying to put forward a different point of view thats all please don’t read this the wrong way but we as a country and a state need these industries to develop.
    Ah well there I have said my bit and yes indeed I love the video’s that Michael keeps pumping out might have to try and get one done with the D3S :).

  19. I’m very happy to find you and i like to give my support and say NO to this Gas, and safe this beautiful land.
    They don’t know how precious this country is and lets safe this for our children and their children.
    It’s all about money, say NO to Gas.
    If you in town pop in to Land Of Pharaohs , like to meet you.
    (I’m off to PNG this Tuesday :)-
    warm regards, ingetje

  20. Brett, I am not against getting the gas just don’t want the Kimberley industrialised. I know we need these resources economically. I think that Woodside just don’t want to spend the extra money piping the gas to the Pilbara and the Government wants to open the Kimberley up for all sorts of mining activity. Coper and bauxite are the first two that come to mind. Once they have a foothold in the Kimberley it will be full stream ahead. The Pilbara coast has already been affected by industry and it keeps growing, the Kimberley will go down the same path. We have to stop that from happening. We have to look at other ways to make money in this country instead of relying on the mineral wealth which will be exhausted in our lifetime. Tourism is one option. I have done work for Rio and BHP lately Brett so I have seen both sides of the argument too.

    Where are you based Ingetje?
    Nigel we will see you in October mate. Looking forward to it.

    • Brett Morgan says:

      CF indeed I can’t see why they cant do that either but like you did say there is so many more ways to make money in the world and one day when all the recourse’s are gone the governments will understand hmm well maybe not. I will be happy to sign the petition and will do right now because I don’t believe in the way they have done and continue to do things and maybe not just one person can change things but together as a group you just never know hey.

    • Hi Christian , I live in BROOME :)-

  21. Andrea, will get on it.

  22. Awesome Brett. Cheers.

  23. hehe Pete, I try or is that I’m trying?? My wife might say the later!!

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