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Photo Trip to James Price Point

13 Sep 2010 at 7:58pm

Ok, it is official. My family and I are heading to James Price Point to photograph what is there and what is nearby. So far there will be four other photogs heading up to meet us and have a shoot. It is going to be our little protest but it could bring big exposure. One of the Photogs coming, Paul, has contacts with the ABC news and they have expressed interest in running a story on what we will be doing up there. That would make it worth the trip, the exposure could be huge!

I am putting this post out to invite other likeminded people to head north and meet us there. Doesn’t matter if your a shooter or just love the Kimberley and want to do something about it. Your all invited to join in and enjoy the landscape and the company. I want to get some kick a55 images to bring back to show what is at stake.

We will be there on the 1st of October and be in the area for a few days to try and capture some good light. There is a lot of great country to be explored around James Price Point and I would like to shoot a lot of it. As for where to meet, I would say at the main car park, have a look at google maps for the location, seems you go in from the Willie Creek track. I will get all the details from Nigel Gaunt, a pro shooter from Broome, who knows the area back to front including where is a great place to camp. I will be bringing up my projector to run some slideshows and movies at night and probably some impromptu photoshop tutorials. My good mate and environmentalist Dave Bettini will be there shooting wildlife also. He knows so much about the flora and fauna of the area and is passionate about saving the Kimberley. We will also meet up with the traditional owners and here what they have to say and offer our support.

Let me know who can make it.Time to get out from behind that desk and get some Kimberley sunshine into ya! Also think about this. It isn’t that much further from each Eastern States capitals than it is from Perth and even though it is in WA it belongs to all Australians least of all the traditional owners. The Kimberley is probably the most photographic landscape in Australia and the most untouched. If you haven’t been there yet do it now, see it, and tell Barnett and his cronies what you want to see happen to the Kimberley. James Price Point is the E on the map.

p.s. one of Michaels re edited videos of the Kimberley is being presented to Bob Brown on Wednesday to show him what is at stake. That is pretty cool. Kevin Blatchford from Save The Kimberley will be taking it.

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  1. Prue says:

    Hi Christian. We are unable to join you at James Price Point but will agree that it is a beautiful spot. We have been there a number of times in the past – camped there each time. The red sand dunes, white beach and lovely water – as I said, a beautiful spott. Enjoy your visit there. Prue

  2. Paul says:

    We’re working out if we can make it or not, I’m hoping we can!

  3. It is a great thing you are doing Christian and I hope the exposure will be big and some peoples eyes can be opened to the unique beauty of this place.

    How many times is Australia going to be screwed over by politicians who know nothing? It is disheartening but we must fight on, we can make a change. Only takes one person to change the world.

    I am so so so kicking myself for not being able to go and still dream of getting early on a plane and see you all up there. But have obligations until PNG so no go for me. I’ll be there in spirit.

    I hope you don’t mind me linking to it, I just wanted to show everyone my James Price Point video: http://vimeo.com/7208341 and fine art images. http://www.flemmingbojensen.com/search/?q=james%20price%20point
    If they can be at all used somehow in the campaign let me know, donating all my James Price Point stuff to the cause.

    PS. Watch the soft sand. Kinda easy to get bogged up there πŸ˜€

  4. Hehe two links in my post and it’s now stuck in moderation hell πŸ™‚ Christian, will you rescue my previous post? πŸ™‚

  5. Christian says:

    another time Prue, thanks for letting me know.

    Hope you can make it Paul.

    Flemming you are a passionate man, wish more Australians loved this country as much as you. Hey we can take on the tuna fishing industry in PNG mate so don’t worry we will have wrongs to right!! Cheers buddy.

    I will Markie, you know me! Hey if your able to get up to the Point for a day let me know. I think Michael is going to come up for a day. I think it will depend on if everyones schedules come together. See you soon.

  6. Kym says:

    You will just have to go knowing that my support is with you guys!!! As someone has to WORK!! haha

  7. Christian says:

    you have a good excuse Kym, as if it wasn’t you it would be me!!

  8. Stakky says:

    man i’d love to go, i think i’m at port headland in oct, might be able to push it to JPP and do some photographic environment conservation.

  9. do it Stakky, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Would love to see you there.

  10. Paul says:

    How good of a 4×4 would I need.. I’m just tossing up between driving, or flying and hiring.. I’ve got a Subaru Forester, it goes alright on sand, but doesn’t have low range..

  11. I can pull you out of the bog anyway Paul. The trusty Cruiser goes anywhere!

  12. Paul says:

    Well I’ve convinced the minster of war and finance.. also goes by the name of director of social affairs and my beautiful wife, to approve the trip! So we’re just working out all the incomings and outgoings in the next 2 weeks.. but there is a fairly high chance we will be there for some camping fo at least a couple of days.

    Still working out if I’m going to take the Subaru or not.. it’s the XT with the 2.5L Turbo and poorly geared for open road driving with any resemblence of fuel ecconomy. Might hire an X-Trail for the trip, 6 speed turbo diesel, nice and ecconomical πŸ™‚

  13. Christian says:

    excellent will be good to meet you and the minister of Finance!!

  14. Donelle says:

    Sounds like fun guys!! But I dont think my 3 kids would cope with a drive that far!! Hope you get some awesome pics!!

    • Paul says:

      Donelle, you’d be surprised at what kids actually enjoy.. lol. I swear my sister and I grew up in the car. We lived in Brisbane and the rest of the family lived in Adelaide, so we would make the 2000km trip in the car to Adelaide every Christmas.. experienced some awesome things, some of my fondest memories are in those trips πŸ™‚

  15. AndrΓ© says:

    Wish I could make it, just a bit too much $$ to get me to Broome from the eastern jungle.

    Get the photos Christian, as I know you will. What Barnett and WA Government is trying to do is despicable.

    Game on !!

  16. Donelle I hear you. My kids a re good travellers but it is still tough.

    Andre your right. It is expensive to get there. I’ll get the shots mate and hope they can make a difference.

  17. Donelle says:

    Dont get me wrong I love to drive and had many fun trips in the car growing up, my boys are 8 and 6 and they would go anywhere, its the youngest one, she isnt quite 2 yet and gets very antsy when we travel. We are heading to Dongara next week for a holiday and Im not looking forward to the drive!!! lol

    • Paul says:

      haha, yes good luck with that trip.. and don’t speed in Dongara.. the police are bored and pull you over for thinking about doing 1kph over the limit.. lol

  18. Sounds awesome Christian ! I wish I could make it there, not only to join you on this, but also experience the place for myself as I never went there on my Dampier peninsula trip all those moons ago.
    All the best with the trip and kick some butt !


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