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Bunker Bay Workshop filled in 4 hours – Second date to be announced

7 Sep 2010 at 3:50pm

The workshop for the 22nd and 23rd sold out in record time. Because Nick is flying all the way over we have decided to put on another date  very close to the first Bunker Bay workshop. We are now taking expressions of interest for this second workshop at the Bunker Bay Resort. Email me if your interested. christianfletcher@westnet.com.au

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True North 3 Minute Teaser

7 Sep 2010 at 2:19pm

[vimeo width=”680″ height=”295″]http://www.vimeo.com/14757985[/vimeo]

Michael has done it again with another brilliant True North Video. Poor bugger has two more trips coming up very soon. Markie and I feature in this clip on the top of a mountain at Raft Point. Doesn’t it just make you want to go! I’m running a photography workshop on the boat in PNG in November, can’t wait. Oh better get the passport renewed! Man being a pro shooter is the best job in the world, actually it isn’t a job, it is a lifestyle.

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Bunker Bay Workshop 22nd to 23rd of January 2011

7 Sep 2010 at 11:55am


Nick Rains and I are doing it again, Bunker Bay 2011.

There are  only 9 spots left for the 22nd and 23rd of January 2011 to be held at the Bunker Bay Resort and it hasn’t been advertised yet. This workshop has been very popular and last January this filled very quickly. The cost is $995 for the two days. Doesn’t include Accommodation but includes morning and afternoon teas and lunch. We will have your photography to a professional standard by the end of the weekend. Hands on shooting and photoshop techniques will be the order of the day with advanced colour management techniques and printing.

We will have an Epson 3880 printer with us and will print out images we have shot over the weekend. There will be 3 or 4 shoots as well as the classroom workshops all in the luxury of the Bunker Bay Resort. A special rate for staying at he resort is available for those who don’t want to have to drive in from Dunsborough or elsewhere. Bookings can be made with the resort just mention you are on our workshop.

Nick will show you the subtleties of RAW conversion, how to master Lightroom or Camera Raw and get the perfect file every time. What this guy doesn’t know about photography and post production isn’t worth teaching.

I will be “butchering pixels”, in a good way, to show you how to get that WOW light in your images, the software I use and how I use it. You could say we have it covered what ever your style, clean and pristine or full on Glitz and glamour! If you like what Nick and I do we will teach you.

To book got to Nicks Website . Get in quick for this one.

Comments from recent Bunker Bay Workshop :

“Rated individually both Nick Rains and Christian Fletcher are easily placed amongst the top six landscape photographers worldwide with immensely successful careers, and a magical ability to pre-visualise and turn the most ordinary of scenes into beautiful works of photographic art.

Now working together as a team enlightening, enthusing and empowering the next generation of photographers these two guys offer what is arguably the most comprehensive and valuable of learning experiences currently available worldwide.

From capture to process to print these two good-humoured wizards have undoubtedly now influenced my career and enabled me to take my own photography to a higher level that I’d long aspired towards but struggled to attain.

Thanks Guys!”


South Africa

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Extreme Coolness from My friends at Epson

6 Sep 2010 at 3:37pm

Ben from Team Digital went to Sydney this week to talk to Epson about their latest Printer promo. It was sure worth it. There simply has never been a better time to get into a Epson STYLUS Pro 7900 or Epson STYLUS Pro 9900. Not only are these printer the best on the market but now they represent the best value on the market. I wish I had bought mine when this deal was announced.

When you purchase a Epson STYLUS Pro 7900 you receive from Epson just under $ 4000.00 worth of bonuses.

When you purchase a Epson STYLUS Pro 9900 you receive from Epson just under $ 5500.00 worth of bonuses

Now this would have to be an easy sell to your partner, “honey, how would you like a kick A55 home theatre”?? When you tell them that is is free it will be a shoe in! Just don’t mention you have to buy the printer first. My 9900 is like one of my children but it makes me money not cost me! You will love it too.

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Last nights workshop

5 Sep 2010 at 12:09pm

Thanks to everyone who came to my workflow workshop last night held at my dunsborough gallery. Got to meet a whole new bunch of people and really enjoyed myself. Hope you all did too, and remember if you have any questions after the workshop please ask.

One of the participants was the cousin of the infamous Muzz, we all gave him a royal welcome and the Spittle star power was strong with him too.

Thanks everyone.

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Don’t think we can’t stop the Gas Plant

3 Sep 2010 at 9:48am

Have a read of this. It is inspirational stuff and proves that the people can make a difference.


If anyone wants to meet at James Price Point in Early October and get some photos let me know.

Some of Peter Dombrovskis photographs have been instrumental in the conservation of various Tasmanian wild places including the prevention of the damming of the Franklin River. Lets carry on that tradition and save the Kimberley.

In 1958, photographer Olegas Truchanas became the first person to kayak the length of the dangerous Serpentine and Gordon Splits in recorded history.

Most of Truchanas’ early photographs were destroyed when his house was destroyed in the Hobart bushfire in 1967. However, over the next five years, he substantially rebuilt his collection of photos of the Lake Pedder area. Though, as a clerk temporarily employed by the Hydro Electricity Commission, Truchanas was forbidden to speak about the increasing controversy surrounding the impending damming, his photographs began to play an important role in publicity for the campaign. He was once quoted as stating “This vanishing world is beautiful beyond our dreams and contains in itself rewards and gratifications never found in an artificial landscape or man-made objects.”

After taking what are now among the only remaining records of the pre-dam Lake Pedder, Truchanas realised that the campaign was lost, and turned his attention to the Pieman, Gordon and Franklin Rivers. In 1972, Truchanas drowned in the Gordon River after slipping and falling into the current. His body was found, trapped beneath a log, by his protege, Peter Dombrovskis.

These two guys made a difference back before the internet and social media, imagine what we can do now in this day and age to get the message out there.

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The Government Set to Steal James Price Point

3 Sep 2010 at 6:37am


Of course they know what is best for us and the environment! I’m heading to JPP and should be there by the start of October. I am driving up with the family so we can all see it before it is ruined. I hope to come home with some nice photos of the place. It is one part of the Kimberley Coast you can get to easily. If you want to see more you need to go by boat or Helicopter. So now this “unremarkable place” is going to be even more “unremarkable” thanks to a big polluting gas plant. Why can’t they ship the gas to Dampier? Can someone tell me? There has to be a good reason right, it can’t be the cost, surely not? That would be minuscule compared to the money they will make from the project. Does anyone in the government really believe that a huge gas plant won’t cause any environmental damage? Am I wrong thinking it will? Hey I’m no expert, but I guess the government has unbiased environmental groups providing them with the relevant information, right? Do you really think Barnett looks at himself in the mirror? I do when I’m brushing my teeth! And does he really sleep at night knowing the environment won’t be harmed in any way? I guess he must or he would be making stupid decisions every day! Phew, one thing I am glad about is all the extra tourism it will bring to Broome, hang on, I mean fly in fly out workers! Sorry they aren’t tourists, they are there to work. I think some big high rise buildings along Cable beach would be perfect to house everyone. I love that look! It is a shame that the price for the tourist to stay in Broome will go up too, just like in Port Hedland and Karratha. So hang on who is going to win from this? Well I guess we all will, well some of us, maybe just a few. Hey I would be buying some Woodside shares right about now, imagine how much money you could make! Hey don’t feel bad about the gas plant, it’s just a few small acres of land and the 20,000 odd whales zipping by every year can just go have a baby somewhere else. They don’t own the ocean you know, they just lease it off us, we own it and we can screw it how ever we want. Whales are overrated anyway, tourist don’t want to see them, they prefer oil slicks and industrial oblivion. Hey I for one think this is a brilliant idea,go for it premier, youdaman! Lets see what you have done so far.

Barnett believes that if Western Australia handed over 30% of the only GST revenue it receives it could eventually lead to the federal government being able to acquire 100% of the state’s GST revenue. There’s that word again, acquisition! No you can’t do that, that wouldn’t be fair.

In October 2004, Barnett led a campaign to re-criminalise homosexuality for anyone under the age of 18. Phew, for a minute there I thought Tommy would have to put his Pink feather boa away!

In October 2009, Barnett announced a series of new policies relating to drug legislation including a repeal of the Cannabis Control Act 2003. The previous laws were formulated by Geoff Gallop’s drug summit, taking input from experts such as academics, police, social workers, lawyers, medical professionals and members of the public. Barnett has stated it is his intention to overturn these laws because of HIS BELIEFS and stated that the drug summit members made a mistake introducing them and that cannabis was a “gateway drug”. To help with the enforcement of this new policy, Barnett also supported legislation to give police the power to search and seize property without any suspicion or belief that a crime has been committed. A Liberal parliamentarian, Peter Abetz, voiced support for these laws in parliament by drawing reference to the work Adolf Hitler did to bring security to Nazi Germany. Barnett stood by Abetz’s statements, saying he was making a valid point. Haha what a beauty, security to Germany but not to the rest of the world!

At the 2005 state election, Barnett, proposed the construction of a canal from the rivers of the Kimberley Ranges in northern Western Australia to Perth to meet Perth’s growing water supply problem. The proposal was costed by Barnett at AUD $2 billion, however it soon emerged that no feasibility study or detailed costings had been done. Some experts put the cost as high as AUD $5 billion. Oopsy, that was a bit of a blunder!! So he does his own calculations. Hang on, does he do his own environmental studies too? Hmmm, nah surely not!

Don’t panic people, we are in safe hands!

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2 Sep 2010 at 9:32pm

Curtis Taylor is a young guy we met out at Parnngurr when on the last Pilbara Project shoot. Curtis works with Martu Media, a program of Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa. He has produced short films that describe the history and culture of Parnngurr (Cotton Creek), his home community in Martu Country, for the project’s multimedia installation One Road. He is studying film making so him and Michael hit it off straight away. He was kind enough to show us around his land. It is a spectacular place and standing on the hill above town he pointed out to us where his peoples land extended to. Off in the distance were lots of hills and plateaus all begging to be explored. I must get back there soon. There was something about being so remote that felt great. And just to show how small the world is I bumped into a Dunsborough guy who is living out there and doing volunteer work in the community. It blew me away. I love this portrait of Curtis, you can see he is a strong, proud fellow. Will be keen to see his work.

Shot with the Phase One P65+ and the glorious 80mm Schneider, hows the bokeh!!

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Gigapan Promo Video

1 Sep 2010 at 4:35pm

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/14602062]

Another great video by my brother Michael. Shows off the Gigapan and the fun you can have with it. Now before you guys go, hang on that Sugarloaf shot wasn’t taken with the Gigapan, it is there because the actual image we shot wasn’t that great. Not in quality, that was awesome, in light and feel. It was the wrong time of day. For the video Michael thought this shot looked better, see even with all the best technology in the world if the light isn’t on….

The Landscape 500

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