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Lake Pedder

26 Nov 2010 at 1:59pm

We have hired a massive motorhome to do the trip around Tassie. This was the view from our campsite on the first night. Hows that for a free stop over. You would pay a fortune for a view like that anywhere else in the world. I have to finish this image when I get home on the big computer. My laptop just doesn’t cut it. In fact most of my best stuff I won’t be able to do till I get home. It just takes too long to work on the lappie!

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James Price Point Protest Rally This Weekend

26 Nov 2010 at 1:53pm

This Sunday the 28th a protest rally has been organised by the Wilderness Society and the Protect the Kimberley alliance with support from Save the Kimberley. This rally has been organised in Colin Barnett’s own electorate of Cottesloe to bring home the message.

Any concerned individuals are asked to make your voice known and join the protest.

All the details can be found here…

Christian sends his apologies as he is currently in Tasmania and would dearly like to attend.

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Nikons new D7000 Head To Head with Canons 5D mk2 – VIDEO MODE

25 Nov 2010 at 1:44pm

Nikon have been dragging there heels a bit after Canon got the jump on everyone with the release of the 5D mk2’s amazing VIDEO capabilities. Now you know I love my 5D but Ben at Team Digital gave me a D7000 to play with to see what I thought of Nikons attempt to shoot full HD 1080p footage.

This is a short test video I did with some comments. Let us know what you think.


I have set up both cameras side by side and tried to set an identical scene so as to make it as easy to compare as possible.

As the 5D is full frame and the Nikon has a 1.5 x crop factor I had to adjust the focal length of the 24 -70mm f/2.8 to match the 5D’s 50mm so I was shooting at around 33mm.

I set up the two cameras with similar settings and have recorded only the raw footage without any grading. Obviously each camera records the info differently on to it’s sensor.

The Nikon is effectively half the price of the 5D but I think the footage still looks pretty good considering.

The Nikon is a different beast handling wise and after a lifetime of Canon use some buttons seemed to be placed in odd positions but regular use overcame any real frustrations in operating.

The Nikons LCD doesn’t seem to be as clear as the Canon but once again this is not a real issue.

My biggest concern was I couldn’t seem to work out how to lock the exposure in video mode and most of the footage would get this annoying flicker in it when the light changed. I’m sure there is a remedy for this but I just didn’t have time to nut it out.

A great option which kicks the 5D in the butt is the built in Intervalometer. Nikons intervalometer is easy to use and in a environment where timelapse photography is becoming essential it’s a real winner for us photog’s.

Overall a cool little camera for those who cant afford the 5D or who have invested in Nikon glass over the years.

Many thanks to Ben at teamdigital.com.au for the use of the camera.

Blog Post by Mike Fletcher

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The F-Stop Tilopa Camera Sports Pack Has Arrived

25 Nov 2010 at 12:30pm

Yes folks the guy in the pink hat Rod Thomas has now become the Australian Importer for one of the best adventure designed camera backpacks in the world. Designed for photographers and Videographers like me to traverse an extreme landscape with comfort and ease ensuring both cameraman and gear gets those extreme shots without serious damage to person or equipment. An un-named photographer is seen here below putting one of these bags through it’s paces and this guy, shall we call “The Stag” is quoted as saying


Thanks to the mysterious man for the insight

Not only is this bag supremely comfortable and light it comes with an insert which houses all your camera gear leaving room for the essentials when trekking into the wilderness, (Hairdryers, lipstick, Cleo magazines, Pink Feather Boa). This insert, smarty coded ICU comes in different sizes for those guys who have too much gear in the bag department.

But wait there’s more. This bag is also airline carry on luggage approved so those mongrel airlines who constantly kick around your luggage that you paid dearly to have transported by them wont be able to say ” I’m sorry sir you will have to check that luggage”

I can go on and on about this bag but it’ll just get embarrassing so I’ll leave you with a pretty picture of the bag and a link to some boring statistics…

If you want one of these bags, and I know you will, contact The guy in the pink hat Rod Thomas at studio@rodthomas.com.au and ask about availability and price.

Check out the whole F-stop range here http://fstopgear.com/

Blog by Mike Fletcher

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