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Home from Papua New Guinea

15 Nov 2010 at 9:55am

We have just got back from the adventure of a lifetime. PNG is unbelievable and a must see destination. I will reveal more of our experiences as time permits this week as there are some great photos and stories to be shared. Firstly I want to thanks Mark and Craig from True North for giving me the opportunity to get on board for another memorable experience and also to the crew who are amazing and a credit to Northstar Cruises. Thanks guys.

Also a big thanks to Benny from Team Digital for lending me the amazing Elinchrom Ranger Quadra portable lights. This portrait of one of the locals was lit with that system and I think it is probably one of my best ever portraits. The lights add a quality you just don’t get with natural light. They are also so light and portable I actually took this shot with one hand on the camera and the other holding the light. Now that is pretty cool. Team Digital have all the prices. I will be looking to buy a kit myself. I loved using it.

Lastly I want to thank Flemming for coming along to experience PNG with us. We had a ball together and he has some amazing photos too that I’m sure will be on his blog by now! Also he is coming back to Perth later this year. I want to get the tribe together to give him a great Aussie welcome so will make some plans soon. I am thinking a south coast shoot, maybe Esperance. I know he would like to meet all you out there in blog world!

I can’t say it is good to be back but I did miss my computer, oh and the kids!!

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  1. Craig Spittles says:

    Great shot Christian, the lighting really brings this image to life. Really impressive subject as well. Fantastic travel portrait, well done mate.

  2. David Sobik says:

    Welcome back mate. Brilliant portrait. Sounds like it was a fantastic trip. Esperance sounds very cool indeed!

  3. Dan Proud says:

    Great Portrait! I’m sure the detail would be stunning too! It’s very Joey L style 🙂

  4. Tom Parkes says:

    Stunning image CF, is that a Rolex on his wrist?

  5. thanks fellas, I’m glad you said Joey L Dan as that is what Flem and I thought too. The whole time we kept saying Joey L would have a field day here. I think it was a Casio Tom!!
    Esperance could be a good place to show Flemming and not so far for you David.

  6. peta says:

    Fantastic portrait, love the lighting effect, what modifiers did you use?

  7. Tim Wrate says:

    brilliant image here CF – PNG has been on my lsit for a while – can’t wait to tick it off!!

  8. Peta, unfortunately all I had was a plastic diffuser over the light. An umbrella or better still a softbox would have been ideal. You can put a full sized softbox on these things you know. Pretty amazing.

  9. Benny says:

    Mate what cracker I love it. Cant wait to see a print.

  10. Cleggy says:

    Great Shot mate. Was this taken with the mighty Phase or the meager 5D 2??

  11. Brett Morgan says:

    Well CF great image indeed but what else would expect from our own master hey mate good work and yes Esperance sounds pretty good indeed eh 🙂

  12. will get you a print this week Benny, just need that elinchrom logo. Do you have one?

    The mighty Phase was the camera on this one Cleggy. Thanks for the link too. I heard about that.

    Thanks Brett. Sounds like we have a few keen to head south to Esperance.

    • Brett Morgan says:

      Keep it up to date on here somewhere mate I am keen as need some time off from my ventures with work over east in a small town Called Mudgee but I must say getting some nice images though so its not all bad here eh always a camera to take the mind away to bliss eh :).

  13. Yep this was your shining image from the trip little buddy and once again I very much enjoyed having you on board. We had some fun eh and settling back into real lie is once again a challenge!

    I know that the Flembot is struggling as well! 🙂

  14. that sure is a nice portrait.
    love the feel to it, and amazing detail throughout!

  15. This is your hero shot of the trip Christian, it is stunning and much more stunning at larger size. It is also slightly reminiscent of the image I did and already posted mate 🙂 Truth be told I owe Christian a big thanks for a few great techniques including the original tnfp filter that breally brings atmosphere to this sort of image. Detail is amazing. I want a Phase…a Phase back anyway…on some other body!

    I used the Elinchrom a few times on my 5D Mk II and wow that is a nice kit. Can even be used one handed although it goes better with an assistant (thank you heaps Jen for helping me!) With a softbox one simply carries magic light in a box. No need to wait for magic light, no no, have it right here in my left hand. I have a fun image I’ll post, a dug out canoe full of gorgeous people, nuked them with the Elinchrom and the water colour is from another planet.

    So today I swam in the lagoon in Cairns…not exactly PNG…not even in the same galaxy. Man it was bloody amazing, struggling with reality and my reality is really warped as it is. Desperately trying to turn back time, put me back on the best boat with the best mates and crew in the best location!

    • glad you could pick up a couple of tip Flemming. I might have a second hand phase going cheap soon.

      • Hmmm if it is the one that you dunked on the beach I think I will pass mate 🙂 But I do want medium format at some point, I am certain of it. The files are just beyond comparison, in another league. Hopefully prices will come down a bit in coming years as Canon and Nikon catch up in terms of megapixels and resolution.

  16. Hi CF,

    I absolutely love the light in this photo its amazing. Also the subjects composure and emotion are very well captured. Great stuff mate.


  17. muzz says:

    Jaw-droppingly good image – National Geographic on steroids! The preview doesn’t do the image any justice.

  18. Greg Munyard says:

    Hey mate – Congratulations, again – it’s a screamer, that photo. Speaking of screamers, glad I wasn’t there when you did that little attention seeking number and ditched the Phase into the salt water.

    Was fantastic travelling with you again on the mighty True North and seeing the master in action, first hand. (No, not Captain Brad!).

    • Greggie you are too kind, I wouldn’t say master, I am more partial to Grand Master!! Always enjoy your company mate, don’t know if that paints me in a bad light! Probably does. Was a trip to remember. cheers

  19. Paul Jarvis says:

    Not too shabby at all Mr Fletcher

  20. Christian says:

    Thanks Paul. The guy makes it for sure. The portrait possibilities up in png are unbelievable. We just kept saying Joey lawrance would have a field day up there. Behind that guy through the forest was a waterfall pouring out from the side of a sheer mountain face. It is a wonderland for photography. Unfortunately we got totally soaked for about 45 minutes so shooting time was cut in half. I think two cameras were destroyed in that time.

  21. Aaaah but the 1Ds MK3 kept shooting away…no problem at all…gotta love the 1DS!!! 🙂

    • Bastard…bastard…imagine the scene, Mark smiling, firing away, me and Christian looking like drowned mice holding two camera bags wrapped in rain covers and not being able to shoot. Almost to much to take 🙂

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