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Roll your Tongues back in Girls

15 Nov 2010 at 12:07pm

These guys in PNG are warriors. They just have to look at us white, flabby, western powder puffs and we would drop dead. They made me keep my shirt on for 7 days and my inspiration now is to paddle my way around Geographe Bay for the next 20 years so I can look that good too. Now this guy would have made his own canoe and house and probably spends his day fishing, collecting food and relaxing in a tropical paradise. Tell me, who has the richer life?

Shot on the trusty 5D2, ah what a camera. I actually enjoyed the ease of use and the automation that makes you get shots in a hurry. But alas if this was shot on the Phase the guys muscles would have looked even bigger.

That brings me on to why we should shop locally for camera equipment. Ben from Team Digital had a loan Phase body ready for me when I got off the plane in Perth. As I will be in Tasmania shooting in 4 days time that is a god send. It seems the only problem I can find is with the shutter on the 645DF, thankfully the cheapest part of the system. Now if I had bought my camera from the US I would be stuffed. Thanks Ben you have saved my bacon.

Shop local guys and keep the money in Australia. I always say service is better than price and this is a classic example of why.

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  1. tanya says:

    Yup, nice abs – I mean shot . . .

  2. haze says:

    stuck for words

  3. Girls he is a person not an object of desire!

  4. haze says:

    and I am sure we would have lots to talk about

  5. Brent says:

    Hey Christian

    Did I miss something? Did you Phase die? While you were in PNG? What happened?


  6. Hazel you flirt!

    Dropped the Phase when I slipped on a rock on day 3. Cried till this morning being without it. The shutter on the body stuffed up and it doesn’t work now. The whole thing got a wash of salt water but I think it didn’t get in too much. Still it is salt water. Was a low point in my career you could say Brent.

    • Brent says:


      I can’t even imagine how you felt when that happened! Holy Crap!!!!

      I think your camera costs more than my house!

      I trust that everything was covered under insurance, but still!!!! That must have been a gut wrenching experience.

      Are you keeping vigil outside Team Digital’s repair bench?


  7. Will Ophuis says:

    Nice shots CF, other shot reminded me of Joey L too, Phase Backs are fully sealed arn’t they?? hopefully its just the Phamiya thats broke.

  8. Sandy@Shots says:

    2 beautiful portraits there Christian. Love this one in particular….for its artistic merit of course. 😉

  9. Steve says:


    Sorry to rain on your parade, but these guys are not warriors. Diggers arre warriors and all those we gave thanks to on the 11th.

    These folks maybe very fit and manly and all but give recognition where it is due.

  10. Hey Brent…I can assure you that CF was gutted well and truly when this happened!

    We had to give him some space to contemplate life without the Phase for a while after the accident!

    Girls, you are sooo predictable with your comments…but I guess we would be doing the same if the was a mermaid sitting on th eraft eh!

    My wife and Jenny spent many a moment staring off into space after watching these dudes…can’t imagine what they were thinking about! 🙂

  11. Brent I was feeling pretty sick inside, mostly because I knew my chance of getting hi quality shots just went out the door. The 5D2 did well and coupled with the 85mm f/1.2 it still produced some great stuff, just not as good as would have been possible if I hadn’t slipped on that bloody rock.
    It is insured and a good lesson to everybody to make sure they have it too,

    Phamiya, love it! Spoken like a true Hasselblad owner Will.

    Sure Sandy!

    Sorry Steve, it was not a reference to them fighting in wars but they did help our troops considerably at Kokoda as you would know. I know of the sacrifice Diggers made to allow us to be free to live amazingly privileged lives. My granddad died as a prisoner of war in Burma. He didn’t even fire a shot and was captured two weeks after arriving. Those guys are heros to us all. I don’t think they wanted to be warriors but the circumstances didn’t give them much choice. I think they are quite fierce and tribal lines are very strict in PNG so in that sense you could call them warriors. My reference is to them looking like warriors physically.

  12. I did not get a shot of this skinny bloke on a dugout as I was on the other side of the boat and some other photogs were in my shot!!!! 🙂

    I am so getting a dugout and paddling for a good 50 years or so hoping for a killer body like this. Man this guy is built like a lean mean gladiator.

    Then again Christian, if we built that tribal tree house at your place, just maybe I will be able to flex a bicep or two and create a bit of impact. Flemming, you’re dreaming.

  13. Markie, Jen is still staring off into space, bugger! Was a trip to remember for sure.

    Hey we will make a dugout too then. I have a massive jarrah tree on my block. By the time you finish the boat in 2030 you might not need to paddle it to get buffed Flemming!

  14. muzz says:

    Great image but I bet he hasn’t got bedrooms adorned with his work all over the world! Having said that, he doesn’t look like the kind of guy that would slip on a rock and drop his gear either. Maybe there is a compromise in there somewhere for you.

  15. Andrew Brown says:

    I’ve just seen my twin, only slightly more suntanned. Sad news about the Phase mate, hopefully you’ll be up and running with it asap. Good point about keeping the money here when purchasing, I might give Benny a call soon even though he’s across the country.

  16. Andrew Brown says:

    should have mentioned that this bloke is a touch scrawnier than me.

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