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  1. matt saul says:

    I like this sort of stuff too CF, i first learnt photoshop from some of Chris Orwigs tutorials and he is right into this sort stuff!

  2. Brett Morgan says:

    I must say CF it sure is different but in a way its pretty cool eh add some textures and walla bing bang fine art 🙂 .

  3. mervfrench says:

    Forget the doors, get out into the wilds ……..

  4. mervfrench says:

    I see the magic million is not far away either , post something about Nikon and it will happen tomorrow !!!!

  5. Pete Hodgson says:

    I wonder what’s behind that green door ?? Hey CF … Head down to Port Arthur if you get time, I would love to see your take on a few of the old buildings. It’s a great spot.

  6. Yep I agree with Hodgy mate…get to Port Arthur!

  7. …and Pirates Point is on the way eh!

  8. Tim Wrate says:

    Nice one here mate.. but I agree with Merv!!!

    You’re in Tassie damn it – forget the doors and get into the wilds!!!!

  9. muzz says:

    I like ’em – I reckon it’s good to have a folder full of stuff like this just for fun, and for working out how to make something relatively uninteresting look interesting. Shoot everything – I’m sure you can tell in your images that the air is cleaner down there.

  10. thanks everyone. I was talking to Rob Blakers this morning. He is an awesome landscape photog from Tassie. Check him out on line. We were talking about what to shoot and you know what? Everything is fair game. It is nice to know you don’t just have to shoot beautiful landscapes. Even though there are plenty in Tassie finding the right angle the right light and right time is hard. I love shooting what is around at the time. It is liberating knowing you have a choice if the light isn’t just perfect for that awesome landscape.

    I have pics from Port Arthur and will try to get some time to work them up. Light again at the time was less than perfect.

  11. I dig the image on the left Christian – yeah, there is a light for almost all subjects and when we open ourselves up for this there can always be something to shoot at it’s nicest.

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