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Mornington Peninsula Workshop

30 Dec 2010 at 2:06pm

Nick Rains and I are doing another of our two day workshops this time on the Mornington Peninsula on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of March.

See Nicks website for all the details.

We also have only 4 places left for our Blue Mountains workshop if you wanted to get on that one. Dates are June 18th and 19th.

You can find out about that workshop here.

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Rod Thomas and the F-Stop Bags

29 Dec 2010 at 1:46pm

Hi Everyone

Rod Thomas has a new website. Check it out very nice work on there. He is also the importer of the amazing F-stop bag that most of the top pro’s are now using. You can buy the bags exclusively at Team Digital or if your in another state ask Rod where you can get one.

The F-Stop bag will be on show at the True North Rotto Workshop along with the great man himself, Rod that is. Make sure you book your place now or you may miss out on a fantastic day out on Australia’s leading luxury cruise ship.

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Another Nup from the Boss

26 Dec 2010 at 9:37pm

What!!! surely it is worth more than a Merv inspired NUP?

The Burrup from the air. Amazing that one of Australias most polluted places was relatively clear this morning. I guess a 30knot Easterly would blow anything away. Hmmm looks like great ground for more industry, hell why not dump the toxic waste we tried to send to Denmark there. Flemming you Danes are out of control. It is outrageous you will not deal with our toxic waste!

THE Gillard government has branded as “unfortunate” Denmark’s decision to cancel imports of hazardous chemical waste from Australia for disposal.

Approved in August but postponed by Denmark earlier this month, shipments of 6100 tonnes of highly toxic hexachlorobenzene (HCB) have now been cancelled by the Danish government following political opposition.

Hey mate for your info we have been storing this stuff since 1964, it is about time you dealt with it. It has been around a year longer than me!!

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Bay of Fires, Tasmania

26 Dec 2010 at 9:20pm

I had two beers tonight, quickly, on an empty stomach. Now I’m not a big drinker and it sort of gave me a bit of arrogance and ego not normally associated with someone so humble!! I told my wife I was going to create something pretty damned amazing, the like of which the world had never seen before. I failed!! She told me in no uncertain terms “Nice Stocker”

Bugger, it just goes to show alcohol and editing should not be mixed. I think listening to System of a Down didn’t help either.

One theory I put to the test though is that heavy metal music makes you think about the devil, death and dying. Well have a look at this photo. Bright, light and out of sight! Busted!!! Heavy metal music turns you into a soft marshmallow capable of nothing more hard than a cup of tea and sponge cake! So all you metal mothers out there listen to some Rick Astley if you want to produce images the devil would be proud of!

Shot on the most fantastical Phase One P65+ and 45mm Phase lens. Focus stacked for mintness!

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Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

24 Dec 2010 at 9:22pm

This is the haunted lighthouse we slept at on Monday night. Was pretty awesome once it stopped raining. The clouds were perfect the moon was almost full. Everything you want for some night photography. Everyone nailed some great pics. We didn’t see the ghost, pretty happy about that! This was a 30 second exposure. I had Merv and Pete next to me so this shot is pretty special! It is for sale, 15K and I’ll get Merv and Pete to co sign it for that price!!! One off, original. Any takers?

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Australia Day Workshop

23 Dec 2010 at 12:12pm

What is 50m long, has 6 tender boats, a helicopter, 5 star luxury and floats???

Yes, you guessed it, True North. Now what if I was to say we are running the Australia Day workshop again like last year. Would you get excited, hell yeah!

It’s on, the best one day workshop the planet has ever seen. 26th of January 2011, leaving Fremantle. If you missed out last time don’t sit back thinking it won’t fill again.

This is the last chance to get that christmas shopping done. Why not shout your wife, your husband, your lover, even the dog would learn something!

So the speakers will be

Christian Fletcher – You know who I am.

Tony Hewitt – The youngest Grand Master Photographer ever. (can see a great composition with his eyes closed)

Nick Rains – Master photographer and editor of Better Digital Camera Magazine (hobbies include reading manuals)

Michael Fletcher – The video Guy (Has a famous brother I believe)

To book your place email or call the True North office. 08 9192 1829  or cruise@northstarcruises.com.au Cost is $295 per person and includes lunch, tea and coffee and 4 world class speakers.

What will make this workshop special is the depth of knowledge the speakers have. Tony is one of Australia’s leading visual artist, in fact one of the worlds leading visual artists with wins at WPPI in Las Vegas against photographers from other countries.

Nick is one of the smartest men in photography today, his humour and presentation skills will have you wanting more.

Michael is the leading dslr video exponent in the state with stunning visuals and all the techniques to share that will have you shooting and editing masterpieces to rival the best in hollywood!

As for me, I will be bringing to the table the latest photoshop techniques I am using and more. Some say that I could even make one of Mervs photos look good. That is pushing it though!

I will post more details as they come to hand but the main thing is you book now. This gig will fill super fast. The experience of True North coupled with the best photography workshop in Australia makes it a must do event. We will cruise to Rottnest and commence the workshops. You will be able to see all of the speakers and then join them for a sunset on Rottnest with your camera getting tips to improve your captures. We will then cruise back to Fremantle under the stars to cap off a memorable day.

And yes if your wondering that is Flemming Bo Jensen on the deck of True North

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Cape To Cape Run

22 Dec 2010 at 8:06pm

Yesterday I witnessed an amazing event. No, not two guys running 130kms from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste. Better than that, Merv getting bogged in his 4WD. Photos to come under my soon to be established Blogileaks page.

Ok so Merv wasn’t the main attraction even after getting lost on a one way track and costing us valuable time covering this prestigious event! It was all about the runners. Andrew and Michael, Dunsborough locals decided it would be a good thing to run the length of the Southwest coast. They started out at 4am in total darkness and finished in total darkness at a little after 11.15pm that day. It was a huge undertaking and hats off to these blokes, I felt for them so many times realising how far they had come and how much further they had to go. It was truly inspiring.

Covering the event was some of WA’s top shooters, and of course Merv came too. We had Markie “Mark” Stothard, Peter “Pete” Hodgson, Mervie “Merv” French, Jamie “the Nic” Nicolou, Michael “my brother” Fletcher, James “Petrol” Harrison, Jamie “the Pat” Paterson and Joe “pure” White. Awesome light was the order of the day and we had it all. Soakings, sunburn and Strain. It was a big day out but everyone performed admirably. Special thanks to Pete for digging Merv out of the bog. Did I mention photos to come!!!

The photos we took on the day will be produced into a coffee table book with all profits going to the Fred Hollows Foundation. I think you might want one of these on your shelf at home. More images to come as time permits.

Special thanks to my mate Benny at Team Digital for the loan of the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra kit. Between us we had three of them. Not bad and lots of fun to use.

This pic of Guillotines stood out to me straight away. Hows the cloud we had. Stuck with us most of the day till the end when it almost disappeared  completely.

Shot on the 5d2 no less! Some cool Phase news coming up soon too.

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A Call to Arms or should I say Eyes

16 Dec 2010 at 9:49am

Hey guys. Just a quick note to anyone who maybe in the Southwest region on Tuesday the 21st December. A friend of mine has organised a run with another runner to cover the Cape to Cape track from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste in one day. It is all in the name of charity (The Fred Hollows Foundation) and my job along with Christian, Jamie Peterson and Big Merv French is to document the journey from start to finish with the photo’s taken to be included in a book for sale to benefit The Fred Hollows Foundation.

This is a Charity event so you have to be happy to make your photo’s available for publishing in a book for free. You retain the rights to use those photo’s yourself any other way you wish though.

If any of you guys and gals out there are interested in participating please send me an email michael@christianfletcher.com.au and we can coordinate you into the team.

Check out the details here

We intend to set up camp around Augusta the evening of the 20th to capture the sunset then do some night timelapses and some night painting too.


Blog Post by Mike Fletcher

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