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  1. Brett Morgan says:

    Hi CF,
    Love this image mate really looks good why buy a tilt shift eh well there is a reason lol but yes I like this kind of photography brings another element to the game indeed hey ;).

  2. Mike Fletcher says:

    Since you don’t obviously need a tilt shift lens to get the effect your after maybe next time you go away for two weeks you can leave the lens at home for someone who actually uses it.

    Good on ya!!!!!!!!!

  3. You can rest easy my friend. You have simply perfected the art of photography. Views From a Hotel Window by Christian Fletcher. Pure genius 🙂

    The tilt-shift shallow DOF effect is funny in how it creates “brain failures” which is what optical illusions really are – total failure of the brain to figure out what is going on 🙂

  4. Yeah it looks great hey Brett.

    You can have the ts when I don’t need it as stills have priority over video. When you start making some money maybe that will change!

    Flemming my idea is to shoot from the windows of the best hotels in the world. Free accommodation, get an airline on board and produce a stunning coffee table book that will sell millions..
    As for brain failures, I have them all the time.

  5. Craig Chiswell says:

    Very nice Fletch, really love this one, probe the fav from Tassie, so no more toughing it, hiking thru the city from coffee shop to cake shop for you, bring on room service. haha

  6. Chiz you have me worked out just right. Some nice cafes in Hobart too! Had the best piece of fish ever just to the right of this image!! might try a 7 star hotel one day!!

  7. David Sobik says:

    I think its very cool Christian. Very funky!

  8. I stayed just to the left of this shot in an apartment mate…a nice area eh with all the boats and seafood shacks around!

  9. mervfrench says:

    Everyone’s doing it now.

    Good too see you getting some inspiration from myself and Sandy. !!!!


  10. hazel says:

    good one merv!

  11. Nice CF. Love the tilt shift, model scape type of look. Very cool.

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