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A Call to Arms or should I say Eyes

16 Dec 2010 at 9:49am

Hey guys. Just a quick note to anyone who maybe in the Southwest region on Tuesday the 21st December. A friend of mine has organised a run with another runner to cover the Cape to Cape track from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste in one day. It is all in the name of charity (The Fred Hollows Foundation) and my job along with Christian, Jamie Peterson and Big Merv French is to document the journey from start to finish with the photo’s taken to be included in a book for sale to benefit The Fred Hollows Foundation.

This is a Charity event so you have to be happy to make your photo’s available for publishing in a book for free. You retain the rights to use those photo’s yourself any other way you wish though.

If any of you guys and gals out there are interested in participating please send me an email michael@christianfletcher.com.au and we can coordinate you into the team.

Check out the details here

We intend to set up camp around Augusta the evening of the 20th to capture the sunset then do some night timelapses and some night painting too.


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  1. Stakky says:

    Sounds like a pretty awesome idea, shame i have to work so much on the leadup to christmas… would be good to do a group shoot!

  2. Tim Wrate says:

    any chance they are running to Sydney soon?

  3. If I succeed in cloning Flembot I shall be there and I would love to contribute. No, sorry I can’t be there, Broometime has me spellbound, it is just too good up here to go anywhere. Sounds like a fun outiing though, would have loved to join you guys.

  4. mervfrench says:

    ” BIG” Merv French ???

  5. I think he means in heart not puppy fat!

  6. Dan Scott says:

    This sounds like it would be good fun, cant make it though, gotta love work over xmas and new years.
    have fun guys

  7. muzz says:

    I’d love to come down and have a look but unfortunately I’m working. But I have a folding chair and a couple of ice packs I can lend Merv if anyone is coming past Mandurah – I’ve seen how he throws himself into these events. 😉

  8. mervfrench says:

    Hey Muzz your skillful hand work could come in handy if a certain person falls over a cliff and needs his buttocks massaged.

    I hope search and rescue and the insurance company have been informed that a certain person is going to venture outside his front door.

  9. Christian says:

    Very funny boys but I will be completely safe as I will be using the 5d2

  10. Hi Fletch

    Yes I would like to cover it as I am an ex member of the Cape to Cape Foundation and also stopped in Bourke where Fred lived and is buried. I fell down an old grave taking photos with a crow attacking me in the cemetry. Have some photos may give “”place”” to the story.

  11. Andrew says:

    Michael, Christian (and the rest of the photo team) – thanks for your amazing effort yesterday. I can’t wait to see the pictures. While that little trick at Wilyabrup nearly killed us (just run over there through that really soft sand, jump across the creek, go around that big rock and then climb up the cliff), it was indicative of the charm and fun that you all brought to the day that we were powerless to resist. It was just that sort of day. Thanks.

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