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Abandoned Homestead

24 Jan 2011 at 7:32pm

On our way home from Esperance a few weeks back We stopped at this old house on the side of the road. Flemming and I went inside for a closer look and this scene took my eye. I love old stuff. I am finding more and more subjects like this are keeping me inspired. I don’t expect sales of this but love the richness of the colours, the grittiness and the subject.

Shot this on my beautiful Phase one P65+, if only I could get the new IQ180 phase one back! Imagine live view on a medium format camera!

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  1. Nice I should of gone in …. but snakes scar the crap out of me … It looks cleaner than I had imagined … I love the colors and simplicity of the capture …

  2. katieleigh says:

    I adore photographing abandoned places, this is gorgeous. Lovely light.

  3. thanks Neal. I think the colours are the key here. Just love those tones. No snakes in there mate but I know where your coming from but it is spiders I don’t like.

  4. David Sobik says:

    Another cracker mate. Crisp and clean. Man, you should have stopped by for a beer!

  5. That house was awesome and full of stories.

    I saw the ads for the 80 megapixel back, how sweet does that look. Also liked the chief engineer saying it was made for extreme environments….yes but what about the stupid body hehehe, that is made for well not to be used at all hehe.

  6. hazel says:

    I love making pictures in places like this

  7. mervfrench says:


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