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Sand Dune B&W

24 Jan 2011 at 8:25pm

This is my take on possibly the best view we had at these dunes. We all took turns on the peak of this dune shooting that beautiful s- curve. It was screaming B&W at me so I gave it a go. I like it, love the drama.

Phase one P65+ , the detail ohhhhh yeah!! If only I had the new Phase IQ180 80 mp back! Phase are you listening??

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  1. Steven Saul says:

    absolutely love it! a winner of the dune shots from me! B+W is the go and yep heaps of drama! love the dark sky

  2. Cleggy says:

    Mate brilliant shot! The B&W looks great . I think I prefer this over the abandoned house…

  3. thanks Cleggy, my wife likes it too! She is a tough one to crack too!

  4. Those dune where awesome ,,, and I think we all got something out of the shoot … I love black and white shots so this is a keeper for me. Real nice post production and liking those beams … I would like to see a little more light towards the background on the left side …

  5. that is one bloody spectacular shot Christian. I love it. Absolutely my fav from you for a while I think! 😀

  6. Thats a big you know what from me there Little Buddy…nice work!

  7. David Sobik says:

    He’s back!!!! Great image Christian. Not a bin in sight!

    Cheers mate.

  8. Benny says:

    Mate we should have one the beasts for demo in Feb. Cant wait to see it and get some files from it.

  9. Brett Morgan says:

    Yeah CF this is an absolutely awesome shot mate :).

  10. Hey Christian – this is by far my fav image of yours for quite a while. Sublime work mate and it would look even better full size I bet ! Go the phase 🙂

  11. Tim Wootton says:

    One of the best images of this area I have seen yet!

  12. matt saul says:

    Best shot ive seen this year by a mile!
    you think it would be worth cloning out the small black things in the back left though, my eyes fix on them?

    Think you better enter this one in APPA this year!

  13. Will Ophuis says:

    yep love it… that 80mp phase back sounds sweet! but just wait to see what Hasselblad come out with!

  14. mervfench says:

    That’s nice ….

    Whats nicer is I now know how to do it …. he he he.

  15. that is so beautiful, black and white looks great for this shot

  16. Tim Wrate says:

    Utter brilliant CF!

  17. Tim Wrate says:

    Make that utterly brillant…

  18. Antonio Ranieri says:

    Gold at APPA CF

  19. Craig Spittles says:

    Awesome shot Christian. I am heading down that way in a couple of weeks for a decent stay and looking forward to exploring the place. Did you use Silver Efex with this shot? It has come up a gem!

  20. Luke Austin says:

    Heck yes! My favourite image of yours. Period.

  21. Mark Temov says:

    Very, very impressive image Christian. Agree with all the other posts. I hope you sell heaps of them. Well done mate.

  22. Pete Hodgson says:

    It’s all been said but yep it’s a burster of a shot CF, Love it.

  23. thanks everyone, I guess I better get a print in the gallery then. I didn’t even use Silver Efex pro for the conversion. Just the black andwhite adjustment layer in photoshop. I then just kept increasing the contrast with levels adjustments and contrast adjustment layers. Don’t think I could repeat it though as I have forgotten exactly what I did.

  24. Brilliant one my friend. Good composition, making these small dunes look infinity big. There’s a really bright patch top right that I wonder if it might need to be toned down for the print.

    Wait till I post my view from the car, while you guys shot this, was pretty awesome.

  25. Dylan Fox says:

    Ripper! One of your best as of late i reckon!

  26. Jamie Nicolaou says:

    Awesome shot Christian………..nothing more to say. Simplicity is they key.

  27. Thats stunning, you stole my comp though! 🙂

    Works really well in B&W. By the way do I get a discounted price of the print with me in it? 🙂

  28. thanks for the kind words everyone.

    Anthony sorry mate, yes it was your composition. I just improved it by moving 20 cm to the right!! haha As for a discounted print, sure thing. Will be a shame about that freight cost though, hehe Hope the cold isn’t getting you down. Lovely here!

  29. Ed says:

    Beautiful mood 🙂

  30. Stakky says:

    Oh that is NIIICE! Moody, emo, dramatic, apocalyptic… fits all of the modern landscape photograph’s criteria. AIPP material?

  31. phil back says:

    this is an absolute cracker mate i love it love it love it might have to break open the piggy bank and get me a print of this one bud

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