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Things on Offer for Australia Day True North workshop

25 Jan 2011 at 9:49am

On Australia Day

Book a test drive of the Phase One Camera Systems , Gigapan Pano System, Quadra Lighting Kit and the Pentax 645D kit.
Hopefully we’ll get Christian to demo the Quadra system on Rotto.

We’ll also be demonstrating the F-Stop Back Packs, EIZO Self Calibration monitor , EyeFi Wireless Transfer ,iPad, Canson Media, Rode DSLR Microphone and a number of Speed light flash accessories.

If you want book a one of the camera systems please book with Trevor 93283377. Please bring your own card for the cameras.

We’ll also have Great Promo on the day

Look forward to seeing you all on the boat for an amazing day.

Ben Walton
Sales and Marketing

Team Digital
“Technology to capture, create and communicate”
268 Lord Street, Perth W.A 6000
Ph:  +618 9328 3377
Fax: +618 9227 7137

The last I heard there are only 17 spots left so today is the day to book for the best floating workshop in Australia. Call the girls at Northstar Cruises on 08 9192 1829  or cruise@northstarcruises.com.au

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  1. Pete Hodgson says:

    I’ll try everything thanks Benny.

  2. mitchell burns says:

    nawwww i want to take the pentax 645d for a test drive 🙁 ah well someone will have to tell me about it 🙂

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