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Australia Day Rotto True North Workshop

27 Jan 2011 at 10:35am

Had an awesome day out on True North yesterday. The workshop was well received and everyone went home happy. We had a ball too and it was great to meet so many people for the first time.

Big thanks goes to the True North Crew and Skipper Brad. Thanks for giving up your Australia Day AGAIN, it was brilliant service as usual. I always feel a sense of loss when I get off True North, sort of like chopping off a leg, you just don’t want to do it. To those people who signed up for a cruise, lucky buggers, it you need personal photo tuition please let the owners know, I am more than happy to help out, although I think Markie will put his hand up for that, Doh!!!

Also a huge thanks to the Sponsors, The boys at Team Digital, Epson, Roddy Thomas and the amazing F-Stop bags and Fitzgerald Photo labs. Trev, hope your feeling better mate, migraines and sea sickness aren’t fun but it was good to know you only spewed twice. Good effort!!! I felt sorry for you mate I really did.

Now to the photo competition open to only those on the boat

1st Prize Epson 1900 printer valued at $1000 or the equivalent value off another Epson Printer (I would Buy the 4900)

2nd Prize an awesome F- Stop Bag. The best bag I have ever owned

3rd Prize a 14×50” Acrylic mounted print – valued a bit over $400.00

So what do you do?

Send your resized photos (max of 3) to Ben at Team Digital. Make them 1500 pixels wide @ 72dpi and the email address is ben@teamdigital.com.au

You have until the 4th of February to get your images in. We will select the top 10 shots from the day and they will be posted on my blog. You will then be able to vote for the top three and these will become the winners by popular vote.

The shots have to have been taken on the day and we will be checking to make sure this is adhered to.

Here is a shot of Flemming Bo Jensen an F-Stop bag evangelist shot on the island yesterday with my Phase one P65+ and the Amazing Elinchrom Ranger Quadra lights.

See the boys at Team Digital for all these products. Ask them about the new Phase One IQ180 digital back.

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  1. I am sure if e get enough people asking for the man on board, we can accommodate that request as well mate!

  2. awesome, I need to get out and sell some cabins then. Will think of a cunning plan!

  3. Brett Morgan says:

    Hahaha good one CF hey just a quick question about the images can we drop in a sky to the image such as clouds as there were no clouds on the day mate or simply just what ever we had to deal with on the day?

  4. mervfench says:

    That bag is bigger than Flemming !!!!!

    Hey where’s the rundown like I did last year !!!


  5. Had an awesome day Christian, thanks for organising it! Looking forward to catching up with you guys again soon 🙂

  6. Jamie Nicolaou says:

    Great to see everyone had a great day. As for the voting for the comp, good to see it’s changed from last year!!!

  7. Oh.. and if anyone hands in a 16Gb SanDisk Extreme III CF Card.. I’ve lost one, no photos on it, just the card.


    – paul

  8. Brett you can be as creative as you like, but all the element have to have been shot on the day!

  9. It is still sinking in Merv but I’m sure someone will offer up a rundown!

    • mervfench says:

      Looks like you might have open the floodgates on the comp as well.

      Altered everything will pop up now. 🙂

  10. There was a couple of wheely bins up from the beach…so who ever took them will be on a winner I reckon!

  11. Brett Morgan says:

    Gotta love altered landscapes Merv I think they are the new future and I know someone who found some wheely bins and a couple of skip bins Mark 😉

  12. yes altered landscapes have a very good chance of taking out all the awards!

  13. I’m pretty happy with my altered lanscape photos.. I found some ruined buildings on the far end of the island.. 🙂

  14. Ailsa McDonald says:

    Thank you one more, Christian, Tony, Nik and Michael for making Australia Day such a fun time. Learnt a lot as always as there is always a lot to learn. Thank you to True North, Mark, Brad, Nitty and all the crew.
    This is becoming a tradition now, to spend Australia Day on True North, in Great company. Thank you all and we will be there again next year.

  15. Wei-Li Heng says:

    Awesome day – well worth it cheers boys (:

  16. Rod Thomas says:


    Just got back home after an amazing day on that tinny True North.

    Was good to be able to finally put faces to names that I have spoken with on the net..

    Cant wait to see the images everyone enters and I look forward to making someone happy as the owner of a new bag.. as CF says, ” BEST BAG ON THE PLANET ”

    Thanks again guys


  17. Pete Hodgson says:

    Great day, great company and plenty of inspiring input from all the speakers, Tony, Nick, Cristian and Mike. Thanks Mark and staff for the faultless service and pampering all day.

    Still working up those images Adrian and Brett, ha ha……. and by the way, I want second prize Rod !!!

  18. Great way to spend Australia Day.

    Just one question, where has Mr Bojangle’s tattoo gone?

  19. Benny says:

    Thanks guys and gals for a great day. Im really looking forward to seeing the entries for the comp. Remember there is more than one judge you need please. Good luck everyone

  20. Fstop Rod says:


    Was good to meet you mate, along with everyone else. If you dont win the bag, just pop in and see Ben, he will look after you I am sure.


  21. thanks everyone for your comments. James Flemmings tatoo was on the other arm!!! hehe

  22. Thanks to everyone for a great Australia Day on True North, the world’s best ship with the world’s best crew. It was great fun to meet everyone, thanks to Markie Mark and Christian, Mikie, Tony, Nick, Ben, Rod. And it was great to meet Adrian, Brett, Phil, Sandra, Pete, James etc etc.

    A special thanks to Beavis and Butthead, aka Mikie Mike and Rodney for making extraordinary fun of me, appreciated much guys 🙂

    F-Stop Jedi model, that’s me. Merv, you’re right I practically fit inside the bag!

    Now I shall return to my state of anti-histamine induced coma to combat a somewhat larger than normal lip….

  23. Jamie Nicolaou says:

    I’m still not sure about all this altered landscape talk……..I think CF may have planted a seed to suck all of the gullible into thinking there is something in it…….altered minds more like it!!! Give me a landscape shot in great light any day.

  24. rod thomas says:


    The pleasure was all mine mate… and I have a really nice picture to post on my blog,as well of said FAT LIP !

  25. Mel H says:

    Last nights clouds and sunset woulda been handy the day before 🙂 .. and I agree Jamie! great light and gorgeous Rotto works for me!
    Looking forward to retirement age when we can afford the True North Kimberly Odysessy..

  26. Wendy Slee says:

    Got my land legs back on now, after such a brilliant Australia day with you guys.
    thank you so very much…to all of you – it was an amazing day, rich and full as only life in Australia can be!
    Aren’t we just so lucky!

    If anything I came home with a sense of frustration at there not being enough hours in the day as I could have spent a whole day with each of you, Tony, Nick, Christian and Michael, …. oh yes and then another day to just soak up the beautiful crew and vessel that is True North! I think I would have enjoyed many hours listening to (and learning from ) these fabulous and passionate professionals!

    So….where do I book for next year!! LOL
    Wendy S

  27. Great day guys, the second time you didn’t organise any cloud for us, well maybe next time!!!!

  28. Sandy says:

    Hi Christian. Just to remind you – you said if we asked – you could send your ‘how to videos’. So I’m asking!!!!!
    Especially if you have something on swapping the sky?
    Great opening night of the 52 weeks. Shame about the noisy mob in the bar. Loved the altered landscapes

  29. Ebony says:

    Hey Christian,
    How are you going with the judging for the photo competition? Really keen to see what everyone came up with.

  30. All the final 10 are up on my Blog Ebony for voting on.

    See http://www.truenorthmark.wordpress.com

  31. Mel H says:

    Hi Gang; am guessing we should do the voting on Christian’s site? How exactly do we vote, and when does voting close? PS: love the variety in the photos!
    Actually am sure Christian will answer all these questions when he posts – but am totally going to try and stack (the votes – not focus) as one of mine made the grade!! Wohoo-
    Happy to provide bribes for votes a-la Colin Barnett 🙂

  32. All of the voting will be done on my site Mel to save confusion, so if you go to my site the 10 images are up for voting now!

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