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Cyclone all hot Air!

30 Jan 2011 at 7:28pm

Well it was a bit of an anticlimax. I was hoping for some very cool weather, we got some but nothing that would put the fear of god up you. I took this shot of Wyadup Rocks a couple of nights before the cyclone was to hit. The swell was up a bit and this spot only works with a big swell.

Focus stacked on the Phase one P65+, yes thats right the old one!

I am going to the night Team Digital are having with Phase One and the new IQ 180 digital back. I hope I can rip a few files off this beast. I will be there at 6pm for the start of proceedings. Hope to see any fellow Phase One enthusiasts there.

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  1. Cleggy says:

    Nice one Christian, the old phase still works well!

  2. He’s back! That’s the CF of old we learned to love and admire mate!

    Beautiful image mate!

  3. Brett Morgan says:

    Very nice indeed mate I think I may have to get that focus stack software mate this is unreal and so sharp right through to the back :).

  4. Sweet stuff Christian …

  5. Boring…It doesn’t feature me bathed in Elinchrom light nor any form of bins, telephone poles, shopping trolleys etc…. 😀

    Good one, even though it’s old and obsolete it seems that the Phase P65 can still produce magic once in a blue moon! Was great to catch up this weekend, see ya soon. I shall be there on the 7th to translate your Aussie slang to the Danish Phase boys!

  6. Pixel Pete. says:

    A natural looking landscape image just as Merv and I were getting into some altered landscapes, You might have missed all the action down there but it was pretty lively up our way with plenty of real hot air and dust. Plenty of damage altered everything.

  7. matt saul says:

    stealing my compositions now mate haha..nah liking your long exposure version…its a cool place for a dip ay!

  8. Jamie Nicolaou says:

    Now that’s what we’re wanting to see……..nice job mate!!

  9. Dan Proud says:

    A sensational image mate!!!

  10. mervfench says:

    Ahh the old spa bath, great spot.

    Yep ….. gotta agree it’s a nice image.

    Give ya 2k for the worthless old P65, 🙂

  11. Luke Austin says:

    Hopefully you’re not getting too bored taking these types of images as we still all enjoy seeing them. Stunner

  12. Jasmin says:

    Stunning! Must find this place myself I think.

  13. hazel says:

    beautiful image

  14. Tom Gregorczyk says:

    Nice shot Christian,

    What software do you use for focus stacking? You mentioned it at your workshop a few weeks back, but can’t recall what its called.

    Thanks mate

  15. Love that spot, great for all sorts of photos.. although I was really expecting some sort of debris or junk in the photo.. lol

    – paul

  16. beautiful shot Christian, shows blues are amazing. love it! 🙂

  17. Nalda Hoskins says:

    Hey Christian, strange duck/rabbit rock just right of bottom centre. I like.

  18. Ryan Watts says:

    Awesome shot, love it. There were some great shots of Taj B and co from there on the weekend.

  19. Stef King says:

    Amazing image!!!!!!! like seriously amazing!! catch you at the IQ phase show!! 🙂

  20. Dan Scott says:

    Hey mate its good to see a classic fletch shot again. i really like this one. I get off work on feb 14th so i will prob try and head down and exercise my camera at some point, it has been too long since i have put it up too the test.

  21. shane says:

    looks very nice christian i have take some shot at this place once. just wonding how many focus points did you take.

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