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Just when you thought I was back!!!

30 Jan 2011 at 9:44pm

Forget the wheelie bins, Shopping trolleys are so now! Not only can you get your groceries to the car you can photograph it it in compromising positions.

What does this shot mean? If I can explain it then it is art and worthy of a million dollar price tag! here goes!

"The conviction is general that a compendious elementary treatise on the principles of design and the methods of execu- tion in the fine arts is a special desideratum in Australian photography. The general education of Australian youth, male and female, the aspiration of men in every pursuit to fit themselves for cultured society, the growing fondness for foreign travel, have awakened a desire for compendious information as to the great world of art. The limited time given to general education, and the brief leisure of business men, have created in Australia a demand for shopping trollies."

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  1. mervfench says:

    Those trollies have a mind of their own and wander off into the most unlikely places. Apparently they go to the bottom of rivers to breed every year then die and remain there until their remains are found.

    Glad to see you copied my notes word for word. 🙂

  2. Luke Austin says:

    Groundbreaking. Two incredible images within a stones throw away from each other.
    No need for the explanation, I knew as soon as I saw it. Brilliant

  3. matt saul says:

    i think i can see the famous bin in the background!

  4. Donna Fuller says:

    I really like what you’ve done with your place. Looking good.

  5. I only have one thing to say mate…..aaaaaand dennnnnnn! 🙂

  6. muzz says:

    Art addresses the mind through some one of the bodily organs. Its appeals, unlike mere corporeal impressions, affect the mind as well as the body with pleasurable emotions ; while too, inlike purely intellectual or spiritual impressions, such as the delight of Newton in mathematical calculations and the rapture of Descartes in metaphysical inquiries, or the titillation of Fletcher over bins and trollies, they are always accompanied by and are produced through a sensation on the bodily organs.

    In fact one of my organs is reacting now…..

  7. mervfench says:

    I wasn’t going to tell anyone but I guess you had all better have a look at this.


  8. Jasmin says:

    Oh I SO want a print of this on my wall so I can say I own a CF original, one of kind image!

  9. hazel says:

    Art has always been a desire to convey some sort of meaning, a creating of illusion, an exhibition of skill but at the end of the day it is just a self awarding activity that some people might buy into.
    Having said that, we are still left with a class of objects, ideas and activities that are held to be separate or special in some way…. a book, a painting, a photograph or indeed a dead cow in a class coffin.
    I say if someone is prepared to purchase a picture of a discarded shopping trolley for an obscene amount of money (and they do) I say BRING IT ON!
    If you sell this Christian point them in my direction I have a few discarded TV aerials in my collection.

  10. David Sobik says:

    I like how the front wheels are turned to the left. What does that mean?, where is the trolley going? Where has it been….could this be a turning point in fine art photography?

  11. I remember that trolley well. It certainly had some interesting stories to tell. You’re a poet and you don’t even know it. Awesomeness that cannot be seen, love it.

  12. Brett Morgan says:

    All I have to say is I like my bins post better CF 🙂

  13. Jamie Nicolaou says:

    Is this the new scientology of the photography world? If so, there are some who are already brainwashed!! Christian “Tom Cruise” Fletcher!! Haha!

  14. Not what I was thinking when I said … dudes you guys need to come outside and check these clouds out … but each to their own ….

  15. haha Jamie!

    Neal didn’t you say you should see the shopping trolly??

  16. mitchell burns says:

    i spy with my little eye a dust spot….i think lol.. above the first tree on the right

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